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Articles by IAM Associates
[Hebrew U] Students active with Israel Academia Monitor distibuted leaflets to Dr. Amiel Vardi's class to tell his students who he is

Students active with Israel Academia Monitor distributed leaflets to Hebrew Universuty Classics lecturer, Dr. Amiel Vardi's class, just before his lesson started. This was just a few weeks after Dr. Vardi infiltrated Maon Village with fellow Taa'yush activists causing nuisance to the inhabitants.
http://www.israel-academia-monitor.com/index.php?type=large_advic&advice_id=6176&page_data%5Bid%5D=173&cookie_lang=en The reasons for our activity are twofold, to let Vardi know he is being watched and to show he is the bad guy in this story.

Here is David, a student at Hebrew University's report:
Well, today with another guy who participated in the Israel Academia Monitor's lecture, we did it. It passed quiet and without any conflict. At nearly 10.15 we came to Dr. Amiel Vardi's class. Almost no one was there, except for 2 girls. So we decided to put the leaflets on each table and asked those girls if they have any question. They hadn't and told that they don't care about it. My friend had to leave for a lesson he is taking, but I stayed.

The next moment I saw girls picking up all the leaflets. On the question why? they answered they do not want anybody distribute anything in the class and if I want, I should hand it over to the Dr., I shall do that I said, that was my intention anyhow. Several minutes later I asked one of them to talk to me and then asked what is it? I'm interested in the reasons and motives of such action. She argued that the problem of mitnahalim (Settlers) is creating a feeling of something wrong going on there, that even though this is a fact that they are exist, it causes inconvenience to the Arab population by surrounding their territory with fences, road blocks and around the territories of the hitnahluyot (Settlements). I asked her if they are really the cause to this and if their territory is dividing the local population's land etc., her answer was - yes. She also argued that as soon as the settlements exist it is necessarily for the army to protect them and by that it is also the intervention into the lives of the local population. I, in turn, I argued that there are certain security needs that if settlements have not existed at all, it would mean the army units dispatched there instead.

After agreeing it needs much more time to discuss she went to the class.

After Dr. Vardi came to the class I handed over one of the leaflets he was easy going. He said to me that he has already got something like this, we thanked each other and went each in his direction.



A few hours later, Dr. Amiel Vardi sent his fellow activists in Ta'ayush the following email:

Academia Monitor got a new idea

Since the attached flyer has been circulated to my students before class today, you might as well have a look at it too.
The young man circulating it was kind enough to wait till I arrive, approach me, call me by name and title, and give me a copy.



 Copyrights: Israel Academia Monitor

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