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Ben-Gurion University
[Ben Gurion U Department of Sociology and Anthropology] Anti-Israel prof. Uri Ram awarded a Prize by the Association for Israel Studies

Taken from Ben Gurion University's website:

  Prof. Uri Ram awarded Yonathan Shapiro Prize 

Prof. Uri Ram, a member of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, has been awarded the Yonathan Shapiro prize for the best book in Israel Studies for the year 2008, for his book "The Globalization of Israel: McWorld in Tel Aviv, Jihad in Jerusalem".


Ram is a sociologist who researches globalization and its impact on Israeli economics, society, politics and culture, with an emphasis on the transformation from a relatively homogeneous nation-state project into a more heterogeneous post-modern civil society. His recent studies address the dialectics of the globalization of Israeli society, and especially the encounter between the "global" and the "local". He analyzes the growing hiatus between two tendencies that struggle over the definition of Israeli identity: ethno-nationalism (neo-Zionism) and civic-liberalism (post-Zionism) and relates this political-cultural transformation, amongst others things to the transformation in Israeli socio-economic structure, from a Fordist to a Post-Fordist regime of accumulation.


The annual award by the Association for Israel Studies honors the memory of Shapiro (1929-1997), one of Israel’s most distinguished and influential sociologists, by recognizing outstanding scholarship in the history, politics, society and culture of Israel and pre-1948 Jewish Palestine.


Formed in 1985, the Association for Israel Studies is an international, interdisciplinary scholarly society devoted to the academic and professional study of modern Israel.  The AIS is open to all individuals who are engaged in, or share an interest in, scholarly inquiry about Israel, the Zionist movement, or the pre-state Jewish community in Palestine. The Association's membership is composed of scholars from all disciplines in the social sciences and many in the humanities.
Publish date: 06/04/2008 


 Excerpts concerning Uri Ram's anti-Israel publications:


[Ben Gurion U] Uri Ram reviews Ilan Pappe's book Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine 
The book ends up with the "Green House" . the faculty club building of Tel Aviv University, which is the reconstructed house of Shaykh Muwannis, the only remaining house from a village with this name that is buried under the university. Pappe rebuffs Israeli academia for disregarding and concealing the ethnic cleansing of 1948 and its continuous consequences, poking fun at the economists for failing to assess the extent of
Palestinian properties lost in the 1948 destruction; of the geographers for failing to chart the amount of refugee land Israel confiscated; the philosophers for failing to contemplate the moral implications of the Nakba that Israel perpetrated; and the historians for failing to supply the fullest picture of the war and the ethnic cleansing. He omits the sociologists whom he could have blamed for failing to provide an account of the 40 years occupation of the Palestinian territories from 1967. On the background of the campaigns to boycott Israeli academia, Pappe counterbalances here the argument against the boycott that upholds Israeli academia as a (the last?) bulwark against the occupation. In sum, Ilan Pappe provides here a most important and daring book that challenges head-on Israeli historiography and collective memory and even more importantly Israeli conscience. 


BGU's Sociologist Uri Ram is told off - It’s not about Israel, stupid 
David Hirsh runs the pro-Israel Engage Online web site in the UK and is a leftwing Zionist:
'Uri Ram’s mistake is to assume that the boycott campaign is really about Israel. But it’s not about Israel, stupid, nor is it about Palestine; it’s about Britain. Nationalism can be an insidious temptation and it can narrow our perspective; it has narrowed Ram’s perspective. He is not considering the effect or the symbolism of a campaign to exclude a significant proportion of the world’s Jewish scholars from European universities; he is not thinking about how the argument to exclude is made in British public life. Ram seems only concerned with fighting an Israeli battle against the Israeli government'

Sociologist Uri Ram promotes 'Post-Zionism' and denounces Israel as an Apartheid Regime
Post–Zionism is a counter–hegemonic political culture that emerged in Israel during the 1990s. It exposed the inherent tension between the Jewish domination over the state and the latter’s democratic pretensions. While since the beginning of the current decade post-Zionism was declared to have exhausted itself with no tangible achievements, it turns out that in 2007 a second wave of post-Zionism is unfolding, albeit with noticeable changes from the first wave, yet with an even more invigorated impetus.

Sociology Lecturer Uri Ram: Boycott Good, Israel BAD
Do the universities somehow serve the occupation and in so doing take part in violating international law, and whether they are part of an overall state apparatus headed by the Defense Ministry and army, and followed by the Yesha Council and "hilltop youths" in the West Bank, who are all dedicated to the maintenance of the occupation, or whether Israel is home to academic freedom and institutional distinction that allows for a critical discussion of the occupation and oppression. 


Sociologist Uri Ram wants an "academic alternative" to Israeli 'Apartheid'

The state of Israel is witnessing the rise of an apartheid regime the likes of which has not been seen since the fall of apartheid in South Africa . More than 3.5 million Palestinians have been living for the past four decades under an oppressive occupation, in the best case living a life behind fences, wires, and concrete. The torture and murder of Palestinians has become regular news, and the shameful exploitation —under the protection of the law —of foreign workers and trafficked women has become a new tradition. The new liberal social order and the new
colonialist political order in Israel are living side by side as part of the new world order which has been crystallizing since September 11, 2001





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