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Hebrew University
Dr. Goldberg Amos in solidarity with Palestinians tours Hebron, covered by Arab media

Bnei Avraham Group
Dr. Goldberg Amos 02-588-2380
 [Holocaust Testimonies and Literature, The Avraham Harman Institute of
Contemporary Jewry, a division of the Faculty of Humanities at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem]

From: Maya Negev <maya.negev@gmail.com>
Date: 2008/4/28
Subject: Fwd: תודה ותביעות משפטיות בעקבות הסיור ביום ששי בחברון
To: Naomi Michaeli <naomi.michaeli@gmail.com>


To all the participants in the solidarity tour,

We first wish to thank you again for joining us in this tour which marked 40 years of violent Israeli settlement in Hebron.

This tour evolved into something we did not wish or plan for. We therefore apologize for those of you who found themselves in a situation they did not really expect to be. However, as a solidarity tour it succeeded beyond our expectations. It became the talk of the day in Hebron and was covered by some of the most important Palestinian newspapers as well as by Aljazeera. In addition this tour delivered a massage to the police, the army and the settlers that they are not the only ones to set the rules in Hebron . There are also Palestinians who wish to non-violently protest  and there are Israelis who are willing to join them in that.

 The police impotence and forgiving attitude toward the settlers violence had been bluntly exposed and so had the brutal and mastery violence of the settlers themselves. It would be a terrible mistake if we now fail to respond. We are therefore planning a to file complains against the police and the violent settlers and your help is most essential. So, whoever is willing to testify or has any pictures or videos that can help, is requested to contact me ASAP - amog@mscc.huji.ac.il

Such juridical actions could have no less impact and is not less important then the actual tour and the message of solidarity that it manifested. 

 Thank you again



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