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Israelis in Non-Israeli Universities
Israeli academics amongst other Jews: "We Jews Will Not Be Celebrating". (This organization is run also by Palestinians)

This site is sponsored by The Middle East Crisis Committee
We’re a group of activists that organized in 1982 in New Haven, CT during Israel's invasion of Lebanon.
Our Chairperson is Stanley Heller
Our Vice-Chairperson is Mazin Qumsiyeh
Our Vice-Chairperson for the Palestinian Right to Return is Gale
Our Treasurer is Patrick Kearney.
Our Secretary is Khalil Iskarous
Since 1984 we have published the journal, "The Struggle".
In 2003 we started “The Struggle” as a weekly TV news program
In 2006 we merged with Al-Awda-Ct, the Palestine Right to Return

   We Jews Will Not Be Celebrating
[This is a statement first crafted by Harold Pinter and other British Jews and recently endorsed by those listed below.
http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/apr/30/israelandthepalestinians?  TO ADD YOUR NAME CLICK HERE MAKE SUBJECT: ENDORSE JEWISH STATEMENT or send an email to mail@thestruggle.org

We Will Not Be Celebrating
In May, Jewish organizations will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel. This is understandable in the context of centuries of persecution culminating in the Holocaust. Nevertheless, we are Jews who will not be celebrating. Surely it is now time to acknowledge the narrative of the other, the price paid by another people for European anti-Semitism and Hitler's genocidal policies. As Edward Said emphasized, what the Holocaust is to the Jews, the Nakba is to the Palestinians.

In April 1948, the same month as the infamous massacre at Deir Yassin and the mortar attack on Palestinian civilians in Haifa's market square, Plan Dalet was put into operation. This authorized the destruction of
Palestinian villages and the expulsion of the indigenous population outside the borders of the state. We will not be celebrating.

In July 1948, 70,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes in Lydda and Ramleh in the heat of the summer with no food or water. Hundreds died. It was known as the Death March. We will not be celebrating.

In all, 750,000 Palestinians became refugees. Some 400 villages were wiped off the map. That did not end the ethnic cleansing. Many thousands more when Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza. Under international law and sanctioned by UN resolution 194, refugees from war have a right to return or compensation. Israel has never accepted that right. We will not be celebrating.

We cannot celebrate the birthday of a state founded on terrorism,
massacres and the dispossession of another people from their land. We cannot celebrate the birthday of a state that even now engages in ethnic cleansing, that violates international law, that is inflicting a monstrous collective punishment on the civilian population of Gaza and that continues to deny to Palestinians their human rights and national aspirations.

We will celebrate when Arab and Jew live as equals in a peaceful Middle East.

Paula Abrams-Hourani
Vienna, Austria

Miriam Adams
Albuquerque NM

Henry Ascher, MD, PhD, Assoc. Professor
The Sahlgrenska Academy
University of Gothenburg
G÷teborg, Sweden

Tsela Barr
Graphic Designer

Keren Batiyov
Jew of Conscience
Arlington, VA

Maya Beasley,
Professor, CT

Aja Beasley,
designer, Chevy Chase, MD

Gary Benenson
New York, NY

Murray & Marcia Bernstein
Brooklyn, New York

Dr Barbara Bloch
University of Technology Sydney

Elizabeth Block
Toronto, Canada

Professor Hagit Borer
University of Southern California

Prof. Daniel Boyarin,
UC Berkeley

Hanna Braun; teacher (retired)
London; UK

Lenni Brenner,
author, Manhattan

Ellen Brotsky
Cancer Resource Specialist
Berkeley, CA

Eleanor Brussel
Los Angeles, CA

Dan Burnstein,
lawyer, Boston, MA

Jorge Buzaglo

Paola Canarutto

Ellen Cantarow
writer, musician, teacher

Smadar Carmon
Not in Our Name

Ruth Clark

James Cohen
Dept. of Political Science
University of Paris-VIII

Ken Cornet
Washington CT USA
Justice of the Peace
co-producer: The Questioning Citizen TV

Judith Deutsch,
Toronto, Canada
Psychoanalyst, Vice-President Science for Peace

Peter Eglin

Shraga Elam
journalist, Zurich, Switzerland.

Hedy Epstein
St. Louis, MO, USA
Holocaust survivor, who visited the West Bank five times since 2003 & plans to sail to Gaza in 8/08 (see: www.freegaza,org);
St. Louis Women in Black

Stephen S. Farha
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dror Feiler

Pnina Feiler

Judith Fieldstone,
Chevy Chase, MD

Joel R Finkel
Jewish Voice for Peace-Chicago

Shana Frank

Ruth Fruchtman
Berlin, Germany

Cheryl Gaster
Mediator, Human Rights Activist
Toronto, Canada

Alisa Gayle-Deutsch

Ronnie Gilbert
Singer, Actor
Mendocino, California

Sherna Berger Gluck
California, Professor Emerita,
Member of SWANA (South and West Asia and North AFrica) Collective of KPFK/Pacifica

Angela Godfrey-Goldstein
Action Advocacy Officer
The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
ICAHD, Jerusalem

Sue Goldstein
artist and anti-zionist activist

Jepke Goudsmit
Coogee, Australia

Andy Griggs
California, teacher; union and human rights/social justice activist;

Francoise Gross

Freda Guttman
International Middle East Media Centre
Beit Sahour, West Bank, Occupied Palestine

Barbara Harvey
Detroit, Michigan

Iris Hefets
student, berlin, Germany

Batya Hecker

Adam M. Helfgott
Substitute Teacher, Middletown, CT

Stanley Heller
host "The Struggle" TV News

Dr. Tikva Honig-Parnass


Louis Hirsch
Chicago, IL

Philippe Jacob

Jake Javanshir
An ex Israeli. Now in Canada

Stephen Kamnitzer

Mark Kaswan
Doctoral Candidate in Political Science, Los Angeles, CA

Jenny Kastner
I am a grandmother, retired community organizer, and anti-zionist

Teddy Katz

Alisa Klein,
Israeli and U.S. Citizen, Public Policy Consultant, Northampton, MA

Judith Kolokoff
Seattle WA

Yael Korin,
UCLA Research Scientist, Los Angeles, Ca

Dennis Kortheuer S. Ph. D.
Lecturer, Department of History
California State University, Long Beach

Jason Kunin, teacher
Educators for Peace and Justice
Toronto, Canada

Fey Kurd

Carole LaFlamme, Women in Black-Los Angeles

Michael Letwin
Co-Convener, New York City Labor Against the War
Former President, Assn. of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW Local 2325

Howard Lenow
Vice Chair, Jewish Voice for Peace

Rebekah Levin
teacher/ researcher
Oak Park, IL

Joseph Levine
Dept. of Philosophy
Univ. of Mass

Lillian Laskin
L.A. Jews for Peace

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California

Micki Ezri Longum

Antony Loewenstein
author/journalist/co-founder of Independent Australian Jewish Voices Sydney, Australia

Jennifer Lowenstein

Henry N. Lowi

Barbara Lubin
Middle East Children's Alliance

Hilda Meers
peace activist and writer, Senior Citizen, member of Scottish Jewsfor a Just Peace

Peter Melvyn
Vienna, Austria

Hannah Mermelstein
Philadelphia, US

Hajo G. Meyer, Ph D (theor. Physics)
survivor of Auschwitz for 10 months,
former Director of Research, Philips Electronics Cy in the Netherlands,  Author of The End of Judaism and
Tragic Fate, The German Jews, Paragon and Victim of the Effects of Forces in History,

Roirand Michele

Linda Milazzo
Los Angeles, CA

Mark B. Miller

Rachella Mizrachi.

Dorinda Moreno,
fuerzamundial/we are the ones
sybersysters for peace in the mideast

Dorothy Naor
American-Israeli (residing in Herzliah, Israel)
activist against Israel's occupation of Palestinians and Palestine

Alex Nissen
Victoria, Australia

Dr. Marcy Newman,
Associate Professor of English, Boise State University

Henry Norr
Berkeley, California, USA

Prof. Bertell Ollman,

Norah Orlow,
political activist
Esther Ouray
Cultural activist and Hebrew school teacher

Jean Pauline
Oakland, California
Bay Area Women in Black,

Tamar Pelleg-Sryck
Tel Aviv, Human Rights lawyer.

Daniel Piper
Hartford, CT

Gabriel Piterberg

Lillian Pollak

Karin Pally
Santa Monica, CA

Karen Platt
member of Jewish Voice for Peace, Albany, CA

Vivienne Porzsolt
Sydney, Australia

Dr. Alice Powell, psychologist and peace activist

Rachel Roberts
Miami, FL

Stewart Robinson,
retired professor of Mathematics, Cleveland Ohio

Chengiah Rogers Ragaven
former political prisoner from South Africa
Visiting Professor
Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven

Dorothy Reik

Prof. Dr. Fanny-Michaela Reisin
TFH Berlin

Marta Romer
Sydney, Australia

Emma Rosenthal
Cafe Intifada
The Los Angeles Palestine Labor Solidarity Committee

Alice Rothchild
physician, cochair Jewish Voice for Peace, Boston
author and activist

Sandra Ruch
Toronto, ON, Canada

Lori Rudolph
Visiting Professor
New Mexico Highlands University

Carol Sanders
Activist with Jewish Voice for Peace
Bay Area, California

Margot Salom
Retired Social Worker, Writer
Brisbane Australia

Ellen L Shifrin

Rich Siegel
Advisory Board, Deir Yassin Remembered
Teaneck, NJ USA

John Sigler
Jewish Friends of Palestine
One State Bibliography Project

Phyllis Solomon, senior citizen and great-grandmother,
Seal Beach Leisure World in California.

Jakub Srebro
Stockholm, Sweden

Burton Steck

Vera Szoke
Pro-Palestinian activist (Jewish)

Ethel Tobach

Roger Tucker,
webmaster of www.one-state.net , Hillsborough, NC

Darlene Wallach, San Jose, California, substitute high school teacher, working with the Free Gaza Movement to break the siege of Gaza summer 2008.

Donna Wallach,
Anti-Zionist Activist, San Jose, CA

Bill Weinberg,
writer, radio producer, WBAI, New York City

Judith Weisman
member Not in Our Name (NION)
Toronto, Canada

Barry Weiss
Jewish Anti-Zionist
Los Angeles, CA

Eric Weissberg
Woodstock NY

Marcy Winograd
Los Angeles, CA

Saria Idana J. Young
Los Angeles CA


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