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[Bar Ilan U, Math] Kobi Snitz promotes Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel


----- Original Message ----
From: Kobi Snitz <ksnitz@gmail.com>
To: againstwall againstwall <againstwall@lists.riseup.net>
Sent: Tuesday, 13 May, 2008 12:05:54 AM
Subject: [againstwall] Fwd: Second Haifa BDS meeting Saturday May 17

Dear all,

   A first meeting was held in April in Haifa to discuss forming a BDS
(boycott divestment sanctions) support group. Below is a short summary of that meeting. The agenda for the follow up meeting is still pretty open but there are already two things on it. The first is a forum at a right of return and one state conference in June and the second is organizing a special public forum just to discuss BDS. As I said the agenda is still pretty open, please come with ideas.

The meeting will take place at Saturday May 17 at 7 PM at 37 nordau st, haifa.
If you would like to come or have ideas about this issue please get in touch with
roee: 0528204581

summary of last meeting

about 10 of us showed up to the meeting in Haifa and agreed on the following:
1) We felt that the most effective thing we could do was provide
political support for BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) initiatives abroad.
2) We are still looking for activities we could do other than writing and signing petitions. Such as street actions demonstrations, or some
brilliant idea we did no think of.
3) we will approach the people involved in the working group which created the web site
(the web site was never promoted) and see if anyone objects to us
taking it over. The purpose of the site should be changed a bit and Hebrew translation is needed.
4) We will work on a forum to discuss the issue to BDS. It will be an substantial discussion not just a promotional event or gimmick.
5) the Nakba events are an opportunity to get more people to this
working group and the next meeting is May 17 in Haifa.




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    1.  rethink your actions here as this
     From Samjyl, Sent in 16-05-2008
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