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Israelis in Non-Israeli Universities
Calling for Boycott - Dror Warschawski, The "Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique", Paris, France
Translation from French 

 http://tadamon.resist.ca/index.php/post/1394/lang-pref/en/ [1] 

 Have you changed your mind? 

 An Open Letter to Erri de Luca.Dear Erri de Luca 

 If we take the pen to write you is that we are first and
foremost readers of your books, which greatly appreciate your work and
your course, if we believe the stories we have read about you. We
understand that you are a man loving justice. We also know that you
are interested in the Bible and Judaism, and you've learned Hebrew.
This curiosity you honoured. However, the history of Judaism, which has
very beautiful pages exceeds by far that of the State of Israel, which
only includes pages stained with blood. It is because we are afraid
that you confondiez the two that we ask you to reconsider your
participation in the next International Festival of Writers of Jerusalem
in the monthof May. The boycott organized against this type of event is
not aboycott of theculture nor the Israeli writers and even fewer
Jews. It is an institutional boycott not to legitimize the State of
Israel and its propaganda as he celebrated with joy 60 years of illegal
occupation of  land, which also correspond to 60 years of dispossession
of the people Palestinian and living in exile under military occupation
or assecond-class citizens inIsrael, discrimination, hampered in
their movements and so on…This boycott answered the call of
desperate Palestinians who hope to put pressure on a non-violent on the
State of Israel, to respect the minimumre solutions passed at the UN by
the international community. Inspired by the example of South Africa is
the only way for us, citizens of the world,to express our solidarity
with the people who fights for his survival during the celebrations
immoral and noisy.We can not believe that a humanist like you to
place alongside the executioners, ignoring the tears but also cries of
the Palestinians, a situation of apartheid in their own land,
including Jerusalem, where the festival takes place writers. We can not
believe that your love of literature makes you forget that behind every
writer there is a human being and a conscience. We are writing on behalf
of the association Tadamon (which stands for Solidarity in Arabic),
which brings together people of good will to advance international
justice, particularly in Israel / Palestine. Otheri ndependent
associations share our point of view but they often lack access to
mainstream media. Thus, the committee BRICUP wrote a letter to
Nadine Gordimer, also asking not to participate in this festival. The
road will belong before the end of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,
but you can now make a small step in the right direction by your
decision. We sincerely hope that you change opinions, We are of course at
your disposal if you want more details on the boycott campaign or
the Israeli policy of apartheid. 

 Very sincerely, 

 Dror Warschawski Paris, France. 

 For Tadamon!

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