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[Bar Ilan U, Math] Kobi Snitz in solidarity with a Palestinian suspect


"We are all Mousa Abu Maria" - A solidarity action in Um Salmuna by kobi snitz

10 arrested today in a solidarity action with Palestinian political prisoner Mousa Abu Maria.

Mousa is a well known nonviolent activist and a co-founder of the Palestinian Solidarity Project. He has been a lead organizer in peaceful protest involving hundreds of Israelis and internationals and has been committed to nonviolence for several years.

He has been arrested no April 11 and has since been placed in administrative detention. This is the Israeli term used for imprisonment without trial. His imprisonment is being appealed but since he had no trial it is nearly impossible to challenge the decision.

The weekly demonstration against the wall in Um Salamuna was also in solidarity with Mousa Abu Maria. Mousa was a key organizer for such demos and attended them regularly. The demonstrators who included Palestinians, Internationals and Israelis wore signs on their chests reading "I am Mousa Abu Maria" in several languages. When the demonstrators refused to be ordered around by occupying soldiers on Palestinian land the army considered that a 'provocation'. Ten demonstrators were arrested for this crime and stuffed into an army truck. As the truck drove the demonstrators away they passed a diplomatic delegation stopped by the side of the road. It later turned out that it was French Foreign minister Kouchner who was probably on his way from Bethlehem to Hebron (seen in the AP picture while in Bethlehem). It would be interesting to know if Kouchner had an idea of the struggle waged by the people of the villages he passed by.

After about an hour in detention the detained protectors were dumped in a settlement near Jerusalem.

Original and pictures at:

Link to video of this Friday demonstration in Um Salmuna



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