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Israelis in Non-Israeli Universities
Report of Amnesty Southampton and Southampton One State Group Panel Discussion on Justice and Peace: One State for Israel/Palestine

Southampton University
Jewish and Israel Society

Attended by Frederick Levy on 9th June, 1730 on Southampton University Campus
Southampton One State Group
Southampton University Amnesty Group
Southampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign (handing out flyers)

In Order of Appearance
Oren Ben-Dor, Southampton One State Group
Prof Ilan Pappe
Dr Ghada Karmi
Prof Smadar Lavie
Dr Nur Masalha

Transcript of Proceedings
The passages below are as close to verbatim as my pen allowed..
Each speaker had approximately 15-20 minutes of talking time

Oren Ben Dor
• In order for there to be peace in Palestine there must be justice for past and
present transgressions.
• Ilan Pappe has been called one of Israel’s bravest historians.
• In the introduction there was no mention, apart from the above, of Israel.
Rather “historic Palestine” or “Palestine” was used.

Dr Ghada Karmi
During the talk there was no mention of the term ‘Israelis’ rather the terms; ‘Jews’
or ‘Zionists’ were used. Also ‘Greater Israel’ was used instead of ‘Israel’
• “Whilst the world was celebrating Greater Israel’s 60th anniversary of
Independence the 60th memorial of the ‘Nakba’ was ignored. Nakba
meaning "day of the catastrophe" is an annual day of commemoration for
the Palestinian people of the "anniversary of the creation of Israel”
• Palestinians have a right to live in their homeland with their kith and kin
‘homeland’ not expanded upon
• If there is partition on side will pay the price, currently the Palestinians are
paying the price
• The Palestinians territories are rapidly diminishing due to Israeli
• The ‘two state solution’ does not allow for the return of the people to their
kith and kin so there can be no justice.
• A ‘one state solution’ with the right of return is the only form of justice.
• The current state of affairs is a result of the logical progression of a flawed
ideology of Zionism with the requirement to get rid of the already living on
the land.
• Ilan Pappe is an expert on the expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948.
• There were major expulsions of people in 1948, 1967 and ever since.
• This expulsion is the affirming of the Zionist Project to remove Palestinians.
The term ‘project’ is constantly coined throughout the speech to describe
the current situation. It seemed that Dr Karmi was giving the impression
that the current situation had been planned Zionists since the early 20th
• Although superficially it has changed, the core ethos of Zionism that “we
want this territory and we want it completely full stop” has never been able
to adapt.
• The Palestinians are living in ghettos and are invisible/ineffective which
was the next best solution to the expulsion of the populous.
It was the Dr’s opinion that expulsion on a mass scale could not occur in
the present day without a massive international outcry so Israel decided to
create ghettos in order to render the Palestinians impotent.
• The current peace process (two state solution) is based on the premise that
the Jewish state of Greater Israel remain in existence. This means that the
Palestinians will always have to concede. As a result there will never be
justice so the process is doomed.
• Israel is a supremacist state.
• The existence of Greater Israel is not good for the region or the Palestinians.
• Israel was created on the issues of exclusion and control of the land.
• Ehud Olmert supports the ‘one state solution’, albeit for the wrong reasons,
as he was interviewed stating that “...if the situation continues Israel will be
faced with a one state solution or be accused of apartheid.”
• The Zionist lobby dictates US policy in response to a question on Zionist

Ilan Pappe
• The Zionist Project of the late 19th Century was to create a way of
implementing a Jewish state based on demographic and geographic
boundaries. They needed to have land based on history (bible). There was
also the requirement of a pure ethnic Jewish state.
• In 1948 it was easy for foreign powers to accept Zionist action in Palestine
by linking Zionism with the Holocaust.
• Once Zionists had enough ammunition and the Palestinians were in disarray
they instigated their systematic expulsion. This was ethnic cleansing. Most
likely referring here to the 1948 War of Independence
• There was military occupation of the remaining Palestinians till 1966.
• There was a requirement to complete the Zionist Project from 1948-1967. In
1967 there was the opportunity to complete the geographic aspect.
Fooling the Peace process
• Gaza and the West Bank would never be given up even for peace.
• The Palestinians will not be expelled rather used as a tool for peace.
• The ‘two state solution’ will mean that the West Bank and Gaza will be an
annex of Israel.
• The situation on the ground does not correlate with the utopian ideals of the
‘two state solution’
• The Zionist Project will never allow the West Bank and Gaza to be
completely independent.
• 1967 created the problem of how to run 1.5million extra lives of
• The Zionists developed the concept of a mega prison.
• A method of controlling people under a regime derived from a prison
authority, wardens/jailers/governor etc.
• Either there was going to be an Open Prison where people would be allowed
to move and eventually have a state, or a High Security prison where people
would be beaten and tortured. High Security prison is in place with the
security barrier and military outposts.
• The West Bank is divided into 11 prisons with settlements and army
outposts acting as walls
• Palestinians are not allowed to open any businesses with having to
collaborate with the Israelis.
• Great Israel is worse than South Africa
• Call to boycott Israel
• People need to be liberated including the Israelis themselves.
• Students should adopt the notion of VIP
V – Visit Palestine and find out for themselves before Zionists shut it down
I – Inform People of the plight of the Palestinians
P – Protest, Boycott all companies endorsing/located in Israel, whenever
there is a speaker/sports team/anyone from Israel giving a talk you should

Smadar Lavie
It was a rather confusing and less explosive talk by Lavie. In essence she tried to
explain the desires of the Mizrahi (Jews from the Middle East) feminists, which she
implied took up a large proportion of the vote for Israeli policy. That the Mizrahi
feminists although disliking the occupation etc had to support the government or
they would lose all their rights and become second class citizens. She also
suggested that there was an Ashkenazi (Jews from Europe) hegemony within Israel
that the power rested in a few families.
• There must be global recognition of the Nakba
• Zionist colonisation must be stopped.
• If the Mizrahi do not conform to the governments whims then there will
forced sterilisation with radiation and kidnap, as currently used on the
Palestinians. Seems to comparing supposed Israel policies to those used by
Nazi Germany
• The ‘two state solution’ has to be maintained by cyclical bloodletting which
is always instigated by Israel.

Nur Masalha
He initially gave the impression that the notion of the celebration of Israel
Independence Day was odd and that the Nakba is not being remembered.
• There is ethnic cleansing occurring in Israel mention of apartheid wall.
• Zionism was a Protestant idea from the 16th Century and that it was only
adopted by Jews in the 19th Century
• Requirement of the destruction of “Old Palestine”
• The notion of a Jews as a race was invented by Protestants
• God is an estate agent
• Ben Gurion “I don’t believe in God but God gave me the land”
• The Zionist crusaders were secular Jews.
• There was and still is a large Zionist lobby within the UK (Balfour/Gordon
Brown) and US (George Bush/Obama/McCain) influencing policy.
• The story of Joshua is nonsensical Attacking Israel’s biblical right to exist
• Zionists are like the colonists of the New World/US Equivocating the kill of
Indians to the killing of Palestinians
• Nakba is still going on in the name of the bible.
Summation by Oren Ben Dor
• In-egalitarian paradigm of Israel
• Prison state of Gaza
• Ashkenazi hegemony within Israel
• Abuse of the bible by the Zionist movement.

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