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Israelis in Non-Israeli Universities
Hagit Borer

 On Mon, 02 Jun 2008 16:28:37 +0300, wrote:


 Date:         Tue, 23 Sep 2003

Linguists at the University of Arizona           
  Subject:      public lecture by linguist
Professor Hagit Borer

                         Public Lecture on Zionism                
Part of Linguistics Conference at U 

This talk is sponsored by The Department of Near Eastern Studies
                and The Department of Linguistics                    
  Friday, September 26                             8:00-10:00 PM     
                   Modern Languages 311A lecture by linguist, Hagit
Borer, head of the Department of Linguisticsat the University of
Southern California, will be part of the 2003 WesternConference on
Linguistics, held at the University of Arizona. Thepolitical talk is
entitled "Zionism: Myths and the Reality" and will beheld on Friday,
September 26 from 8  10 PM in Modern Languages room 311.The lecture is
free and open to the public.The Western Conference on Linguistics
(WECOL), held from September 26  28,is a prestigious linguistics
conference, which will bring prominentlinguists to Tucson. The first
day of the conference will honor linguistJoseph Emonds, who received
his Ph.D. from MIT in 1970 under thesupervision of Noam Chomsky.
Emonds has published three books and morethan 50 journal articles on
different aspects of syntactic theory. He isan internationally
acknowledged and highly respected linguist. A number ofEmonds'
colleagues and former Ph.D. students will present technicallinguistics
papers in his honor. The political lecture by Professor Hagitwill be
part of the events in honor of Emonds.Professor Hagit Borer will be
speaking on "Zionism: Myths and theReality." She will address the
varying claims one hears when the conflictbetween the Israelis and the
Palestinians is discussed, including:"Zionism is the national
liberation movement of the Jewish people! Zionismis Racism!
Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism!" In her talk, Borer will explorethe
following questions: What is true of Zionism? What is not true?
Whatare the historical roots of Zionism, and how has it pursued its
politicalgoals during the past century? What impact has Zionism had on
the Jewishpeople in and out of Israel, and on the non-Jewish
inhabitants ofHistorical Palestine?Hagit Borer was born in Israel,
where she became active in the early '70sin the struggle for Peace
with Justice in the Middle East. In 1977 shemoved to the United States
to enroll in graduate school at MIT, and iscurrently the chair of the
linguistics department at the University ofSouthern California. During
the past three decades she has been involvedwith a number of groups,
including Women in Black (Israel and London), theHamsin Collective,
the Committee in Solidarity with the Palestinian Peopleand the Deir
Yassin Committee. Most recently, she has produced and hosteda number
of radio programs devoted to Israeli Dissidents and thePalestinian
struggle. She regularly speaks to college audiences on theMiddle East
and has published on the topic.Contact:  Simin Karimi, associate
professor of linguistics, 520-621-5399   


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