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Other Institutions
Ariella Azoulay, Adi Ophir, Aim Duelle Luski in another conference which supports the Right of Return


Right of Return is the moral and political basis for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Recognition of the Right of Return is, therefore, the basis for this conference. The goal of this conference

is promoting public debate around questions concerning the return of Palestinian refugees, to open a

wide array of ideas and proposals about different possibilities of return. Central questions this conference

raises are how can the return occur in practice, and what shapes of shared life will be possible to develop

with the return of Palestinian refugees.

The conference is open to the general public. Entry is free of charge.

All activities will have translation to Hebrew, Arabic, and English (unless otherwise noted).


***JUNE 22nd, 2008 ****

Zochrot Gallery 61 Ibn Gvirol St. (enter at 13 Maneh

St.) Tel-Aviv


At Zochrot Gallery: Architecture of

destruction, fear, and subordination

Visual Essay: Ariella Azoulay

Photographers: Activestills, Dorit Hershkovitz,

Joseph Algazy, B’tselem, Sua Zid, Nir Kafri,

Yehetzkel Lein, Dafna Kaplan, Miki Kratsman,

Ian Sternthal

Schemes: Meira Kovlaski

Exhibit design: Michael Gordon

Publishing the third issue of Sedek,

A Journal on the Ongoing Nakba:

Toward the Return of Palestinian Refugees:

Practicalities, Strategies and Visions

***JUNE 23rd, 2008 ****

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) House, 26 Ibn

Gvirol St. (enter at 1 Danielle Frish St.) Tel-Aviv


Exhibition: Bridging Memory

Documentation of ensconcing pictures of

Palestinian refugees from the village Ras

Al-Akhmar at the village’s ruins, today the

Israeli village Kerem Ben Zamra. Since the

Nakba, the refugees have been living in the

refugee camp Ein Al-Hilwe in Lebanon.

A stand offering the third issue of Sedek and

back issues, videos, maps, and other publications.


11:00-11:30 > Gathering & Registration

11:30-11:45 > OPENING REMARKS:

Eitan Bronstein, Zochrot

11:45-13:30> 1st Panel: Practicalities

of Return - how will Return occur?

Host: Nada Matta, PhD candidate NYU

Norma Musih, Zochrot: Initial thoughts on

refugees’ return

Wakim Wakim, ADRID secretary, refugee

from Al-Basa: Thoughts on initial thoughts

on refugees’ return

Mohammad Jaradat, Badil: Review and

possibilities for future solution

Yael Lerer, political activist and publisher:

Shared language, shared vision, shared struggle

13:30-15:00 > Break lunch

15:00-16:45 > 2nd Panel: Planning

projects for Return

Host: Shlomit Bauman, Zochrot, artist,


Hannah Farrah, artist, architect from

Bir’im: A model for building Bir’im anew

Soliman Fahmawi, ADRID: Planning for

building anew of Al-Ghabsyye village

Buthaina Dabit, architect: Planning of

al-Ramla with the Return

Amnon Bar Or, architect: Principles of

restoration for building anew Palestinian


Responder: Liat Brix, architect, BLOCK


16:45-17:00 > Break refreshments

17:00-18:45 > 3rd Panel: After the Return

Host: Hulud Idris, Mahapach-Tagir

Yoni Eshpar, “One State” group: One state

as a framework for return

Sami Abu Shehadeh, Zochrot: The Return

is good for Jews

Ariella Azoulay, lecturer, curator, theorist:

would you agree to return?

Adi Ophir, lecturer, philosopher: Return as


Responder: Yana Knopova, Coalition of

Women for Peace

18:45-19:00 > Break refreshments

19:00-20:45 > 4th Panel: Spheres of

action - what can be done today?

Host: Tal Dor, Zochrot

Uri Gordon, activist and author: Anarchism

and Return – theory and practice

Einat Luzati, Bar’am Kibbutz member:

Thinking the village Bir’im re-established

Aim Duelle Luski, lecturer, curator and

philosopher: Critic of terms Return and

Occupation - deconstruction and reversed


Benny Zipper, Culture and Literature

editor for Ha’aretz: Writing the Return

20:45-21:15 > Last Word

Zochrot: Eitan Reich

Poetry reading: Mati Shmoelof & Yasmeen


Song: Raneen Geries & Uri Gopher

*** JUNE 24th, 2008 ****

9:00-11:00am > (recommended*)

Tiles and bytes interactive tour of Jaffa’s

cultural sites disappeared during the

* Map distributed at ZOA during conference

- independent tours.

13:00 – 15:00 > Workshop:

Interviewing refugees. Conducted by

Diana Allan, co-manager of the project The

Nakba Archive (conducted in English).

Zochrot Gallery 61 Ibn Gvirol St. Tel-Aviv.

17:00-18:30 > Tour between ruins of the village Sheikh Muwannis hosted by

Magdulin Beedess, a refugee of the village.

‘The Green House’, 24 George Weiss Street, Ramat Aviv.

20:00-22:00 > Closing event:

Zochrot videos – about and by Zochrot

The Nakba Archives, Diana Kowen Allan

presents the project and media from among

more than 500 interviews with refugees

living in Lebanon already collected.

System Ali Jaffa raps

Al-Manshyyah: (Charles Clore Park, across from the

train station)



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