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Israelis in Non-Israeli Universities
Yehuda Elkana, Central European University President and Rector, and co-founder of The Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel Aviv University (emeritus), advisor to a Palestinian organization which works against Israel.


Invitation to join the FFIPP Delegations/tours from Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, Prof. Yehuda Elkana

 Dear Colleague,

The Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace-International (FFIPP-I) is an
International network of faculty, with an affiliated international
student network, whose objectives are an end to the occupation and a
just peace between Israel and Palestine. The networks include faculty
and students from universities in America, Europe, Palestine and
Among the efforts to achieve its objectives, FFIPP-I has organized
seven fact-finding delegations of faculty and students to
Israel/Palestine. Almost unanimously, the participants’ experience was
‘‘extraordinary’’, ‘‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’’, ‘‘lifechanging’’.
All, including the experts among the participants, said they had
learned a tremendous amount from the trip.
The objectives of FFIPP’s delegations, however, are not only to educate
the educators and students, but also to encourage the participants to
become more involved in future activities, and to improve coordination
among existing academic groups. The critical situation in
Israel/Palestine and the region led us to call on faculty and students
worldwide to join the next delegation. We want a large delegation that
will attract attention to the increasingly difficult situation of the
Palestinians under occupation in Gaza and the West Bank, and facilitate
coordination for larger future campaigns.

We hope you will join the next delegation, and urge your colleagues to join too.

Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj, President FFIPP- International
Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, Co-chair Advisory Board FFIPPI
Prof. Yehuda Elkana, Co-chair Advisory Board FFIPPI


Invitation to join the delegation from Noam Chomsky

Dear Colleague,

FFIPP delegations to Israel/Palestine have helped educating many
educators about the real situation in Palestine/Israel and, perhaps
more importantly, they have served as a mobilizing vehicle for an
academia-centered international movement to end the occupation. I
strongly urge you to join the next delegation.’’
-Noam Chomsky


FFIPP Summer Educational Tour to Palestine/Israel, June 30 - July 9, 2008

The program will include:
Meetings with Palestinian and Israeli Peace activists, community leaders, local faculty and students, a tour of settlements around Jerusalem, a tour of Jafa, visits to Ramallah and Bilin, to the Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem, the Alternative Information Center, Dheisheh refugee camp and the Ibdaa center, a meeting with the Arab Association for Human Rights in Nazareth, visit to Kibbutz Lohamei HaGetaot and to the remains of the 48 village al-Ghabisiyya.
Price: $600, not including airfare, accommodations and food.
FFIPP will arrange transportation in Israel/Palestine, meetings for the program, and assist in making hotel reservations.
For more information, call FFIPP-USA, 413-256-0349 or email us at:ffippusa@comcast.net


Statement on Academia


Israeli Academia, Palestinian Higher Education and the International Community

FFIPPI is an international network of academics and students that support a complete end to the illegal Israeli occupation of lands seized in the 1967 war and removal of all the settlements and the separation wall built on occupied land.
We call on Israeli, Palestinian and international academics everywhere to take a stand in support of ending the occupation, as well as against the extreme violence to which it has subjected both Palestinians and Israelis. Academics worldwide must also stand firm in support of the basic human right for free education in both Palestine and Israel, a right that has been compromised, continually in Palestine, due to the continued occupation.

  1. We call upon international academics visiting Israeli institutions of higher education, and Israeli academics visiting foreign institutions, to make clear their support of ending the Israeli occupation and the removal of the separation wall built on occupied land.
  2. Academics invited to speak at Israeli educational institutions should try to visit and speak at equivalent Palestinian institutions.
  3. FFIPPI supports the call to sanction faculty and institutions, which clearly support the occupation.
  4. FFIPPI calls on professional associations of academics, in Israel and internationally, to take a stand against the occupation and to issue guidelines regarding the use of academic connections to promote the end of Israeli occupation.
  5. FFIPPI expresses its strong support for and encouragement of individuals in the Israeli and Palestinian academy whose actions against the occupation and in support of peace and justice have resulted in personal hardship. Notable cases include Israelis refusing IDF military service in the occupied territories; those publicly condemning the violation of civil and human rights in the occupied territories; and those Palestinians who have called for an end to suicide bombing and the use of arms against Civilian targets. FFIPPI will act to publicize their actions.
  6. FFIPPI views the College of Judea and Samaria in the West Bank as a part of the machinery of Israeli occupation and calls upon academics worldwide to refuse to collaborate with it in any way.
  7. FFIPPI calls for all possible assistance for Palestinian institution of higher education. It urges international academics:
    -to collaborate with and teach in Palestinian institutions of higher education;
    -to invite Palestinian staff to conferences abroad and to work to secure their invitation to conferences within Israel;
    -to sponsor the exchange of students from and to Palestinian campuses;
    -to maximize the sharing of research, and the exchange of books and other resources with such Palestinian institutions.
  8. FFIPPI will publicize infringements of academic freedom, urging action against Israeli violations of freedom of movement of academics and students at checkpoints, for example, and any related harassment that routinely obstructs the free functioning of Palestinian academic institutions.

This statement is appended to the FFIPP-International statement of purpose and is understood in its context.


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