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Other Institutions
Ramat Gan Academic Center of Law & Business employs Adv. Michael Sfard, amongst others, to teach legal methods to be used against Israel


The International Law of Human Rights: Practical and Comparative Aspects

Adv. Michael Sfard





Michael Sfard is an Israeli Jewish lawyer who represents seruvniks, Norman Finkelstein, and Palestinians in suits against the State of Israel,   




Since the academic year 2001-2, the Academic Center of Law & Business has maintained a Program specializing exclusively in the subject of human rights. The object of the Program is to train lawyers with the special knowledge and skills needed for the defence of human rights - civil, social and collective - reflecting the increasing need for lawyers committed to this field in today's complex Israeli society.

Academic Director of the Human Rights Program is Dr. Yossi Dahan.
Academic Director of the Human Rights Clinics is Adv. Neta Dagan.

The Program aspires to train its participants to take up key positions, both in the Israeli Civil Service and in non-government organizations (NGOs) that act to advance the issue in Israel.

For this purpose, the Program endeavours to give its participants advanced training in the field of human rights, both by providing a rich theoretical knowledge, delivered by the top experts in the field and by making available practical tools and increasing the sensitivity of those students in the Program to breaches of human rights, and especially with the treatment of these predicaments.

The final aim is achieved principally through participation in practical workshops and courses. So, for example, the students experience practical work in all types of human rights issues - from individual applications in "citizens' rights offices" in development towns and areas of distress, for giving emergency assistance in the area of domestic violence in the Family Division Court, in Ramat Gan, to the students' participation in struggles for policy change through petitions to the High Court and the development of legislation in the Knesset.

The practical workshops permit experience in teamwork and techniques of dealing with applicants whose rights have been infringed (empowerment techniques). In addition, the students participate in special conferences on the subject organized by the college and in special projects led by the college among people whose rights have been violated in distressed areas throughout the country.


International Conference: Demography and Human RightsThe Human Rights Program of the Ramat Gan Law School will hold its second international human rights conference on the subject of "Demography and Human Rights". The conference will be conducted as a researchers' workshop and will take place in Sheraton City-Tower Hotel, Ramat Gan, on January 12-14, 2007.

In the workshop we will examine the role of demographic considerations in internal public policy and in immigration policy. Can a state strive to maintain a certain ethnic balance? Is it legitimate for the state to encourage higher birth rates, and if it is, can it do so along ethnic lines? The morality of such considerations is rarely addressed by legal scholars and political theorists. The increasing use of demographic considerations in public policy debates in Israel, Europe and other parts of the world makes the discussion of the morality of the demographic discourse and its implications for human rights (especially ethnic minorities and women) highly important.

The workshop is closed for the public.
Researchers who are interested in participating please contact the workshop organizers: Gila Stopler (
gstopler@rg-law.ac.il) and Moshe Cohen-Eliya (mcohen@rg-law.ac.il).

Papers from this workshop will be published in Journal of law and ethics of human rights
Friday 12.1.07
Reception 9:00 – 9:45
Greetings: Prof. Yoseph Edrey, Dean, Ramat-Gan Law School  
First Session 9:45– 11:15
Dr. Yossi Dahan
Ramat Gan Law School
Prof. Seyla Benhabib
Yale University
Twilight of Sovereignty or the Emergence of Cosmopolitan Norms? Rethinking Citizenship in Volatile Times download paper
Prof.Yossi Yonah
Ben Gurion University
Commentator download comment
Dr. Na’ama Carmi
University of Haifa
Immigration Policy: Between Demographic Considerations and Preservation of Culture download paper
Hassan Jabareen
Commentator download comment
Coffee Break 11:15 – 11:30
Second Session 11:30 – 13:00
Prof. Seyla Benhabib
Yale University
Prof. Peter Schuck
Yale University
Demography, Human Rights, and Diversity Management, American-Style download paper
Tally Kritzman
Tel Aviv University
Commentator download comment
Dr. Gila Stopler
Ramat Gan Law School
Natality Policies in Ethnically Divided and Multicultural Societies download paper
Dr. Tzvia Greenfield Commentator download comment
Lunch 13:00 – 14:00
Sunday 14.1.07
Third session 9:30 – 11:00
Prof. Daphne Barak-Erez
Tel Aviv University
Prof. Jose Brunner
Tel Aviv University
Liberal Laws v. the Law of Large Numbers, or Why Demography Arouses Anxiety download paper
Dr. Shai Lavi
Tel Aviv University
Commentator download comment
Prof. Chaim Gans
Tel Aviv University
Nationality-Based Priorities and Nationality- Based Restrictions in Immigration download paper
Dr. Ilan Saban
University of Haifa
Commentator download comment
Coffee Break 11:00 – 11:35
Fourth Session 11:30– 13:00
Dr. Michael Karayanni
Hebrew University
Prof. Christian Joppke
American University of Paris
Comparative Citizenship: A Restrictive Turn in Europe? download paper
Prof. Sammy Smooha
University of Haifa
Commentator download comment
Dr. Yaacov Ben Shemesh
Ono Law School
Demography and the Supreme Court: The Return of the Repressed download paper
Dr. Moshe Cohen Eliya
Ramat Gan Law School
Commentator download comment
Lunch 13:0014:30
Fifth Session 14:30– 16:00
Prof. Eyal Benvenisti
Tel-Aviv University
Reaf Zreik
Harvard University
Notes on the Value of Theory: Readings in the Law of Return - A Polemic download paper
Prof. Claude Klein
Hebrew University
Commentator download comment
Prof. Timothy Waters
University of Indiana
The Blessing of Departure – Exchange of Populated Territories: The Lieberman Plan as an Abstract Exercise in Demographic Transformation download paper
Dr. Yuval Shany
Hebrew University
Commentator download comment


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