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Hebrew University
Israel? The mother of all evil - by The Hebrew University's N.Zoagada
In an attempt "to out-shine" the senior post-Zionist lecturers in their campus, a group of young academics from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem established a new left-wing organization that put the onus on Israel for all the ills in the region and see almost nothing wrong on the other side.

Israel? The mother of all evil 

To say that the Palestinians are not peace-loving people is a "hypocrisy" and "Self-righteousness" according to "N.Zoagada" crowd. In its forthcoming newsletter they express astonishment: "And the Jews, in their struggle for independence, did not adopt a strategy of violence? Is the occupation not violent? If we ignore our preferences, the international law recognizes the right of a nation to oppose oppression, occupation and colonialism in an armed struggle, as long as civilians are not targeted".  

So what about the recent bulldozer terrorism in the streets of Jerusalem? Well, those who think that the act was "crazy" or "distorted" do not see the way under which the Palestinians live – "the hundreds of attacks and murders that they are subjected to between the settlers' roads, in the own lands, every day, during entire years…". These people live in denial in their inability to understand the reality on the ground. That reality, according to the groups, consists of "life without water, without minimal infrastructure, with the destruction of the existing infrastructures, continuous land annexation, house demolition, house searches, routine midnight arrests without trails, and confiscation of resources, water and food from starving people". In other words, even though the bulldozers targeted defenseless citizens, one can understand why the perpetuators resort to such a desperate measure in Jaffa and King David streets. No, they do not justify it, but they certainly adamant that one can not isolate these deeds from the acceptable norms in which the ''radical right'' demand "more and more blood". 

According to the same logic the ''N.Zoagada'' ("it is no legend", a phrase borrowed from Theodore Herzl, prophet of the Jewish state) group, in its leading article, mocks the Israeli media for branding the Arab who shot soldiers in the Old City of Jerusalem as a "terrorist". For the young academics on Mount Scopus a "soldier in the army that is defined by the international law as an occupation army, is facing Palestinian fighters  that fight for the liberation of their people from his rule''.. The writers go on to clarify the issue by stating that choosing the word ''terrorist'' stems from our lack of recognizing the Palestinian right to fight for their freedom. In fact, the argument continues, what Israel is doing is the real terror, which is in short "the use of violence against civilians for achieving political aims". Conclusion? "The key to end the conflict is a full and real equality in the attitude towards violence as well as the rights of individuals and collectives in the country''. 

Does that mean that these academics such as Ofer Neiman from Computer Sciences and Eyal Niv from Psychology, advocate a state without is Jewish majority and character? Well, they answer the question themselves and admit that some members support a "bi-national state'' and some prefer a ''two state solution''. Others support federation or co-federation, as long as Israel "accepts responsibility for creating the refugee problem" and ensures full equality to the Palestinians who reside in the country. Above all, as thing stand now, "Israel creates the reality, more than reacting to it".  

Black and white narrative 

Founding members of the group keep accusing the Israeli mainstream of ''hypocrisy''. They repeat the question that many good people who regard themselves as "decent and moral" ask themselves in the aftermath of the Gaza pullout "why don't they leave us in peace", and the provide the answer: " Because we did not really left them: the land borders, the sea borders, the air space, even the radio waves – all are still in Israel's control". They also accuse Israel of adopting a "scourge earth policy" by destroying the settlements and greenhouses in the Strip instead of leaving them to the local Palestinians.

Interestingly, the ''N.Zoagada'' bunch has a way of explaining the conduct of Hamas government in Gaza by writing that ''it cannot ensure the existence of the residents and therefore adopts bellicose policy against Israel''. Their equation of the situation in this part of the Middle East is very simple: "a culture of poverty, coupled with political helplessness, create fury, the fury creates Assam rockets and mortar launchers, from the walls of Gaza prison into the territory of Israel…".   

And the true face of the Hebrew University future academic generation is exposed by referring to the massacre at Merkaz Harav seminary in Jerusalem last March. Of course they condemn the murder, but they observe how a big part of the Jewish public was influenced by "radical right wing groups" that carry the morality "flag", but make a meal out of the attack. "They do not denounce the murder, but celebrate the blood"; ''N.Zoagada" members assert and accuse their adversaries of "double standards". And why? Because, they failed to condemn the killing of 13 Arab citizens in October 2000…" Instead they were just happy to pounce on the "festival of blood" in order to encourage murderous and racist nationalism against the other side. These words alone can speak for themselves. 

N.Zoagada was established to oppose the activities of another new Zionist organization called “Im Tirtzu” http://www.imti.org.il/ which promotes bringing Zionism back to the front and works in every university in Israel.

N.Zoagada intends to print dozens of their paper and distribute in amongst students hoping to fight against Zionist trends.

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