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University of Haifa
Ron Kuzar complains about yesterday's publication by Israel Academia Monitor and IAM replys
Subject: Publication on IAMDate: Sun, 14 Sep 2008 17:45:36 +0300
From: kuzar@research.haifa.ac.il
To: Dana Barnett 
לכבוד דנה ברנט, מנהלת אתר מוניטור האקדמיה הישראלית,
הובא לתשומת לבי שמאמר שלי ותקציר הרצאה שאני עתיד לתת בקנדה בשבעה באוקטובר הוצגו
בראש הגרסה האנגלית של דף הבית שאת מנהלת, תחת הכותרת:
[Haifa U, English] Ron Kuzar's support of the Palestinian discourse on the
Right of Return. A lecture in Canada on October 7, and a new article
אני דורש ממך להסיר את הפרסום הזה מייד ולפרסם באותו המקום באתר התנצלות על הצגה
נטולת כל בסיס עובדתי של דעותיי.
אין בכל המאמר הזה וגם לא בתקציר המאמר שום שמץ של תמיכה בזכות השיבה.
אני מצפה שההתנצלות תישאר באתר במשך אותו הזמן שהתפרסמה ההודעה השקרית ותופץ באותה
רשימת תפוצת דוא"ל שבה הופצה ההודעה המקורית בציבור.
רון כוזר
Currently on sabbatical at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich,Department of English,
Till February 28, 2009.
Phones: Home: +49-89-7230-9032, Mobile: +49-175-885-6215
email unchanged
                       Dr. Ron Kuzar
Address:       Department of English Language and Literature
     University of Haifa 
IL-31905 Haifa, Israel
Office:           +972-4-824-9826, Fax: +972-4-824-9711
Home:           +972-77-94-00-876, Mobile: +972-54-481-9676
Email:            kuzar@research.haifa.ac.il
Homepage:  http://research.haifa.ac.il/~kuzar
Quick translation to English:
To Dana Barnett manager of Israel Academia Monitor website
It came to my knowledge that an article of mine and an abstract of a lecture 
I intend to give in Canada on 7 October were presented on your
 English version of the homepage you manage, under the caption of  
[Haifa U, English] Ron Kuzar's support of the Palestinian discourse on the
Right of Return. A lecture in Canada on October 7, and a new article.
I demand you take off this posting at once and post instead in the 
same place an apology for presenting baseless facts of my opinions. 
There is nothing in this article and not in the abstract of any support in the Right of Return. 
I expect this apology to stay on the website and to be circulated 
to the public in the same way as the original one was. 
Ron Kuzar 
Dear Professor Kuzar
If you do NOT wish to support the Palestinian's "Right to Return" it behooves 
you to say so, given the nature of the article that you published in 
Discourse and Soiciety that is patently in support of the specious doctrine. 
However one tries to conceal opinions behind linguistic strategies, 
your article arouses the question of why you think it fools anyone.  
Moreover, if indeed you do not believe that the Arab Palestinians should 
have the right to enter Israel than you did a good job of misleading your readers. 
In any case the responsibility is yours, not those who read your statements 
and react to its message, whether implicit or explicit. Communication is first 
and foremost the responsibility of the communicator. 
Under no circumstances would I, or any other reader with self respect, 
issue an apology, unless you convince the journal in which your article was 
published that you retract the article due to lack of adequate clarity regarding 
the article's message. 
Shlomo Sharan
Professor Emeritus
Psychology and EducationTel-Aviv University
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