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Tel Aviv University
Professors at Tel-Aviv U, Dan Jacobson and Izhak Schnell speak in al-Quds Conference which aims to undermine Israel, under the guise of "Peace"

Dan Jacobson, Associate Professor Tel Aviv University Department of Labor Studies

Izhak Schnell a social geographer in the Department of Geography


Bringing Peace Together Program of The Center for Democracy and Community Development (CDCD),
AlQuds  University,

Invite you to a conference on: Toward a Lasting Solution: Evaluation of the Peace Process, One Year  After

 A Conference of Regional and International Experts
 Wednesday November 26th, and  Thursday, November 27th,  2008
Al Quds University

Bringing Peace Together program of CDCD(BPT) and AlQuds University,
cordially invites you to participate in an upcoming conference, to be held
on November 26th and27th, 2008, marking the one-year anniversary of the
Annapolis Conference in Washington DC.
 One year after Annapolis, 15 years since the signing of the Oslo Accords,
20 years of the Palestinian Declaration of Independence of 1988,   Israel
and Palestine have not reached a lasting peace agreement.  This meeting of
both regional and international Israeli-Palestinian experts aims to:
evaluate the  existing progress made in the peace process; explore the
barriers that stand in the way of reaching a final peace agreement; explore
different alternatives for peace-building; and, develop and launch a new
strategic plan for future peace-making, including options for 2009 and

The conference will bring together political decision-makers, international
academics, and civil society leaders.  Participants will discuss existing
policy proposals (to be distributed in advance), and draft a collective
policy paper, to be presented to Israeli and Palestinian political leaders,
the new US administration, the European Union, United Nations, Russia, and
the Quartet representatives.

 If you wish to present or distribute any papers for discussion, please
provide all documents before September 30, 2008, to;
Please also distribute this invitation to your contacts, and mailing lists.


By the Middle of October we will provide you with the conference program.

The Center will pay for the conference costs including lunch and coffee
breaks, but will not be able to cover accommodation and travel expenses.
For more information, please contact Walid Salem, Director of the Center
for Democracy and Community Development, at walid@cd-cd.org, or Izhak
Schnell and Dan Jacobson, Professors at Tel-Aviv University, at
schnell@post.tau.ac.il, and jacobson@post.tau.ac.il.

Looking forward having you with us in order to help getting the best
results that are badly needed to move the peace process ahead.

Best regards

Walid Salem

Director/ The Center for Democracy and Community Development.




Meretz-Yachad - Voice of the Palestinian Israelis Civil Society to the
International Meeting on the Middle Easter Conflict


The preparation of the statement took 40 days of back and forth drafts
between 16 representatives of Palestinian and Israeli organizations
including Ziad Abu Zayyad, Gershon Baskin, Izhak Schnell, Saman Khoury, Dan
Jacobson, Hanna Sinoria, Walid Salem, Sharon Dolev, Shadi Habaib, Yael
Patir, Elad Donagevsky, Eli Cohen Gewerc. Certainly some of them still have
their own reservations, but from the kind that they now can live with.


Today we are beginning the process of collecting signatures from the civil
society and the Parliamentarian and ex- Parliamentarian. Then we plan to
hold a meeting of 200 people at least in 25/10/2007 in order to announce
the statement. Followed by delivering it to the decision makers in Israel,
Palestine, and the Quartet. Therefore your signatures is badly needed in
order to support our joint work for peace.

Please send your signatures to any of the initiators (emails above), in a
week time the utmost in order to help us begin to prepare effectively for
the next steep.
Looking forward to hear from you
Best Regards
Walid Salem
Director//The Society of Democracy and Community Development
Tel: 02-6281151
Fax: 02-6283351
E.mail: Walid@panoramacenter.org

Message from Palestinian and Israeli Civil Society to the International
Conference on the Middle Eastern Conflict:
The people of Palestine and Israel call upon President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu
Mazen) and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to begin immediately intensified
negotiations to conclude, by the end of 2008, a genuine peace agreement
based upon: the Arab Peace Initiative and the previous agreements signed
between the two sides; the implementation of UN Security Council
Resolutions 242, 338 and 1397; a fair agreed-upon solution to the
Palestinian refugees problem in consideration of General Assembly
Resolution 194; the end of the Israeli occupation; the evacuation of all
Jewish settlements from within the final borders of the State of Palestine;
and a solution for Jerusalem based upon keeping it as one city but
establishing it as the capital of the two states: Palestine and Israel.
Such an agreement should have a timetable and a mechanism for
implementation, and be conducive to the establishment of an Independent,
sovereign Palestinian state within the borders of the 4th of June 1967,
with limited mutually agreed-upon 1:1 swaps to meet the vital needs of the
two states.

This agreement should be implemented immediately and completed by the
establishment of the Palestinian state no later than the end of 2009.
And with its implementation, both sides will declare an end to the
conflict, opening the door to a comprehensive peace settlement to the
Arab-Israeli conflict. In setting out to achieve this goal, we call upon
the two leaders to work out a results-based implementation plan with clear
benchmarks that will concretely reflect positive changes in the life of the
Palestinian and Israeli people, and to provide peace, respect for human
rights and security to the two peoples.

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