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Articles by IAM Associates


(NOTE – When I wrote this article under the present title, I did not know about Mr. Carlo Strenger's article "I Accuse", which appeared in 'Haaretz' of 28.9.2008. It was brought to my attention on 5.10.2008. After careful consideration, I decided not to change the title of my article. Under the given circumstances, I leave it to the reader to decide who the true voice of accusation is.)
*   *   *
When, a little more than 110 years ago, Emile Zola wrote his famous letter to the newspaper L'Aurore in defense of a Jewish French Army officer, captain Alfred Dreyfus, he didn't imagine, I'm sure, that his famous declarative and accusative expression will be used by a Jew against a fellow Jew. But here I am, doing exactly this: Accusing my conationalists, my compatriots, my Jewish brothers, Professor Zeev Sternhell et al., of blatant, blind double standard, double talk and utter, conspicuous discrimination. And against whom? Against other Jewish brothers.
I point my pen toward Zeev Sternhell and the clique that sur­rounds him and shares with him the actual act of discrimination, and, exactly as in Zola's times, of judicial wrongfulness and distortion, of premeditated and purposeful lies, all documented: The Israeli academicians that profess extreme anti-Zionist no­tions and stances - Zionists and anti-Zionists alike - such as Professor Ilan Pappe, Professor Yehuda Kupferman, Professor  Adi Ophir, Dr. Aim Duelle Luski and others; the turn­coats Dr. Uri Davis of old and Uri Avnery, the old Revisionist Zi­onist, member of the Irgun once, now the patriarch of the ex­treme anti-Zionist Israeli left, Jonathan Cook from the vitriolic anti-Semitic newsletter "Counterpunch", which published arti­cles defending Holocaust-deniers, the rabbinical educated American Jew Richard Silverstein, from the liberal anti-Zionist, pro-Palestinian group "Tikun Olam", and more, the Israeli and foreign Jews in this unholy alliance being a Fifth Column among us. Yes. Without mincing my words, without any inhibi­tions. A Fifth Column. Our very own, disgraceful Quislings. But, mainly, I shall point it towards Zeev Sternhell, the acade­mician who, with his stature, gives them the sophisticated aca­demic umbrella of extreme anti-Zionist, destructionist and revi­sionist ideology and theory. In this regard, all the others are ir­relevant. The fountainhead from which they drink is Zeev Sternhell's words and stance, and they couldn't be clearer. Why so? Because of a very simple, basic logical reason. Sadly, when an avowed Zionist like Sternhell opinionates that the settlers have to be uprooted by violent means (see below), the distance between him and the extreme Left anti-Zionists, Jews and gen­tiles alike, and certainly our mortal enemies, the Palestinian Ar­abs, the unlawful occupiers of this land of ours, is a stonethrow. Nothing and no one can eliminate this connection. One may say that there is a difference between pre-67 Israel and the Israel of post-67, the pre- one legitimate, while the later, not, but really there isn't. Not in Ilan Pappe's eyes, the one who calls us "enemy", and not in the most moderate Palestinian eyes. In this regard, what Sternhell says, gives legitimacy to our rivals and invigorates, energizing and reenergizing their aggres­sive enmity and stance. 
The Professor is one of the main personages to blame for this act of personal and collective injustice against the true, authentic patriots and pioneer Zionists, the settlers of our ancestral father- and motherland, the Land of Israel. And words are potent, very potent. Witness the totalitarian tool of media control or just plain, law-enacted censorship. If words were impotent, there would have been no need for such means against them. Witness the opera censored by the Austrians in occupied Italy or the stageplay censored by the Russians in occupied Poland, both acts enforced in the 19th century. Not to mention the Talmudic saying "Life and death, in the hands of the tongue are".
I accuse you, Zeev! I accuse you of two grave, extremely seri­ous acts.
I accuse you of naming the criminal before he was found, a grave judicial wrongdoing, a plain 'no-no' in any democratic, law abiding country. Until now, at the time of writing these words, no one knows who attacked you. Has it occurred to you that it was, maybe, an act of provocation? The interested parties are there in plain sight. The Palestinians could do it for the obvious reasons, and if they did it, they succeeded. You and your friends reacted exactly as planned. Arranging a field-trial for the Right wing, in the worst Fascist and Communist fashion, is a crime in itself. Of which you are guilty. You, before anyone else, should have been aware of this very real possibility and of the dire im­plications of jumping the gun on someone.
I accuse the clique that surrounds you, Zeev, and you as their mentor, of a typical attitude of "What's good for the goose is not good for the gander". This shameful tactical approach is char­acteristic of Internet chat forums and other dark corners, in which some preach mindlessly to others about things of which they themselves are guilty, but couldn't care less. Why would I care if I lie, as long as I can say that you lie, so they think and do. And to say, as you did just the other day, that the protests against your behavior are unworthy of attention? To dismiss the perfectly warranted protests with a nonchalant wave of your hand and a sarcastic, arrogant smile? You should have known better, but apparently all is fair in demonizing the enemy, in delegitimizing him; all and everything is permitted in the most Machiavellistic fashion. You position yourself squarely as the abstract and concrete enemy of the most patriotic and enthusias­tic section of the nation, the "ha-Shomer ha-Tzair" of yore, calling for their annihilation, pure and simple, naming the means with which to do it – to invade Ofra with tanks, and you dare call them violent and fascist? Apparently, you are of the opinion that this call of yours ("Davar", 5.4.1988) for their physical liq­uidation is legitimate. After all Ofra is a settler nest and your call is the voice of the self-crowned, "holier than thou" Left, so why wouldn't it be legitimate? But when they raise their voices and even, God forbid, dare defend themselves, you are all right­eousness and sainthood, preaching to them the "right" way of action, all the while denouncing them as the No. 1 enemy of the people. For all we know, the tanks on Ofra can be Palestinian. Now you tell me, how should this be perceived? As The Call for the preservation of democracy in Israel by its self-crowned gatekeeper or a naked instigation on the Right wing compatriots settlers? When "Israel Academia Monitor", a watchdog group focusing on the extreme anti-Zionist actions of the Leftist Israeli academia, exposes, in the most legitimate manner, the extreme Left's actions, thoughts and words, to your clique's mind this is an instigation call on the Left perpetrated by the Right, but when you or your ideological aliases call for the annihilation of the right by any means, this, this is all right.
No, Zeev. I will not denounce the act of violence against you be­fore you denounce, clearly and loudly, the terrorist act of the Palestinian woman who took advantage of humanistic consid­erations in a checkpoint and threw acid in the eyes of a soldier a few days ago. I will not denounce the act of violence against you before you denounce, clearly and loudly, the lies perpe­trated by the Israeli Left against the Jewish patriots. I will not denounce the act of violence against you before you apologize to the Right, clearly and loudly, for the unwarranted accusation that you expressed and pointed against it just now. I will not de­nounce the act of violence against you before you retract your call for naked violence against the true modern Zionist pioneers, clearly and loudly. Until then, I accuse you – Je t'accuse! I ac­cuse you, and the howling clique that surrounds you, of Left Fascism and back-stabbing. 


Dan Barkye, writer ("Spirituality and Meditation – The Quest for the Divine in Us"), poet (nominated twice for the "Best Poem of the Month" on "The Critical Poet" poetry online board) and partici­pant (occasional) in the right-wing Zionist website Israpundit.


Copyrights - Dan Barkye

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