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University of Haifa
Dalit Baum [University of Haifa, women Studies]: "Israeli economy profits from the occupation"

Two radio interviews with Dalit Baum. Dr. Baum is Professor of feminist theory at Haifa University:

1) http://www.radio4all.net/responder.php/download/32658/37523/53830/?url=http://www.archive.org/download/Twip-090215-dalitBaum/TWIP-090215-DalitBaum_64kb.mp3

Program Information
 This Week In Palestine  Date Recorded: 2009-02-15
 Weekly Program
 Host Sherif Fam with guest Professor Dalit Baum
 Truth & Justice Radio (WZBC)
 For non-profit use only.
OUTLINE: (1) challenge to get involved; (2) coverage of, and comments on, Israel's murderous illegal siege of the population of Gaza; (3) interview with Professor Baum on the issue of corporations profiting from Israel's siege program; (4) closing remarks.
WZBC's Truth & Justice Radio
This Week In Palestine (a weekly part of Truth and Justice Radio) is a three-quarter-hour segment of news from Palestine and discussion of issues relevant to the Palestinians' struggle for freedom from Israel's brutal military occupation and colonization, and now bombing, of their homeland.
2) This program is taken from http://palcast.org/tag/dalit-baum

Activists with the Coalition of Women for Peace have set up a new database, Who Profits?, which tracks Israeli and international corporations that are directly involved in the construction of Israeli infrastructure in the occupied territories, in building walls and checkpoints, and in the supply of specific equipment used in the control and repression of the civilian population under occupation. Dalit Baum discusses the project.

This program was produced by Beyond the Pale for January 18, 2009.





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