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Ben-Gurion University
[BGU, Geography] Watch Oren Yiftachel speaks against Israel in the symposium "Palestine & the Palestinians Today".

Dr. Oren Yiftachel: “Bedouins in Southern Israel/Palestine: Apartheid in the Making?”

To view Oren Yiftachel [Ben Gurion U, Geography] click here http://ccas.georgetown.edu/popup-video.cfm?aid=323



Ever since its establishment in 1975, Georgetown University’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, both in its academic and public affairs programs, has had a particular interest in Palestine. In 1989 it devoted its annual symposium to “The Palestinians: New Directions” and it published a book of the proceedings the following year. Much has happened since then, and the Center’s faculty Executive Committee decided that it is time for another assessment of the Palestinian condition. In keeping with our multidisciplinary approach, we are not focusing narrowly on policy oriented issues such as the renewed interest in a “one-state” or “binational” solution, although we will take up this matter. Rather, we feel it is important to examine what has happened in recent years to Palestinian society, the economy, political institutions and processes, the trajectory of “resistance,” changing conceptions of nationalism, the rise of political Islam, the human rights situation, intellectual trends, and the Palestinian diaspora. The symposium will also analyze “alternative futures,” including the debate over the two-state and one-state solutions. And because the United States plays such a decisive role, critical attention will be devoted to US policy toward Israel and the Palestinians. Leading Palestinian, American, Israeli, and international specialists will attempt to throw new light on these issues.




Video from 2009 Symposium, "Palestine & the Palestinians Today," Now Available Online

By Mimi Kirk

Please see below the schedule for video of the individual presentations.


Panel 1: Changing Conceptions of Palestinian Nationalism

Dr. Loren Lybarger: “Other Worlds to Live In: Palestinian Retrievals of Religion and Tradition”

Dr. Rochelle Davis: “Palestinian Identity in the Diaspora”

Dr. Nadim Rouhana: “Palestinian Nationalism After the Demise of the Two States Option”

Dr. Beshara Doumani: “Palestine Versus the Palestinians? Beyond State-Centric Narratives”


Panel 2: Politics and Leadership: The Changing Trajectory of Governance and Resistance

Dr. Asad Ghanem: “The Critical Victory: The Rise of Hamas and the Collapse of the Palestinian National Movement”

Dr. Islah Jad: “The Debate on Secularism and Islamism in the OPT: The Case of Women’s Movements”

Mr. Mouin Rabbani: “Political Consequences of Israel’s Gaza War”

Dr. Tamim Al-Barghouti: “Peace and Civil War: A Pattern?”


Panel 3: Economics and Development in Palestine

Dr. Leila Farsakh: “Economic Development in Palestine: Present Realities and Future Challenges”

Dr. Glenn E. Robinson: “‘The Arc’ as Development Strategy for Palestine”


Panel 4: Human Rights and the Rule of Law

Dr. Lisa Hajjar: “Palestinians’ Human Rights: Under Occupation, In War”

Ms. Susan Akram: “The Legal Trajectory of the Palestinian Refugee Issue: From Exclusion to Ambiguity"

Ms. Noura Erakat: "International Law, Palestine and Congress"

Panel 5: Local Institutions and Issues: Health, Water and Culture

Dr. Rita Giacaman: “Health Status and Health Services in the Occupied Palestinian Territory”

Dr. Seif Da’na: “Israel’s Settler-Colonial Water Regime: The Land-Water Nexus”

Dr. Adila R. Laidi-Hanieh: “Contemporary Cultural Practices: Transformed Nationalist Representations”


Panel 6: Palestinians and Israeli Policies

Dr. Gabi Piterberg: “Settler Colonialism as an Underlying Structure”

Dr. Oren Yiftachel: “Bedouins in Southern Israel/Palestine: Apartheid in the Making?”

Dr. Sara Roy: “Before Gaza, After Gaza: Examining the New Reality in Israel/Palestine”


Panel 7: U.S. Policy Toward Palestine and Palestinians

Mr. Amjad Atallah: “U.S. and International Policy Toward Palestine and Palestinians”

Dr. Michael Hudson: “Palestine in the American Political Arena”

Mr. Ali Abunimah: “Can George Mitchell Turn Jerusalem into Belfast?”


Panel 8: Political Solutions for Palestine/Israel

Ms. Helena Cobban: “Shifting Constituencies, Shifting Visions”

Mr. Daniel Levy: “Political Solutions for Palestine/Israel”

Dr. Saree Makdisi: “From Realist Dream to Utopian Reality: Toward a Democratic and Secular State”


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