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Tel Aviv University
Omar Barghouti, Tel Aviv University student, on the university's refusal to expel him


May 09, 2009

Omar Barghouti, Tel Aviv student, on the university's refusal to expel him:


Dear all,
As widely expected, TAU has issued an official statement confirming that they "cannot and will not" expel me based on my political views and activism.
The anti-boycott lobby will now jump to use this as a weapon in their increasingly desperate attempts to fend off the growing threat of academic boycott of Israeli academic institutions, arguing that these institutions respect the academic freedom "even" of boycott advocates.
Other than the evident trivialization of academic freedom implied in such a claim (ignoring all the arguments about suppression of real academic freedom in doing academic work on "problematic" topics, as Oren Ben-Dor, Ilan Pappe, Tanya Reinhart and many others have argued), it misses the point completely on why PACBI, BRICUP, USACBI, among many other small academic boycott groups in France, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Australia, South Africa, etc., have called for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. The well documented complicity of Israel's academic institutions in the state's colonial and racist policies remains THE main factor standing behind the boycott call. Whether TAU expels me or not, this compelling factor remains true. Expelling me would have added just a bit more fuel to an already blazing fire!
For one of the earliest refutation of the "academic freedom" see: argument against the boycott 
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    1.  don't expel him, shoot him!
     From eli, Sent in 13-05-2009
    2.  bastard. he is proof that he and his
     From , Sent in 13-05-2009
    3.  This insulting, chutzpadik reply by
     From , Sent in 15-05-2009
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