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Tel Aviv University
[TAU] Rachel Giora: Sign a letter to Barcelona Department for International Cooperation, about the inhuman, immoral, and unlawful Israeli actions
Prof. Rachel Giora, Ph.D. Department of Linguistics. Tel Aviv University. http://www.tau.ac.il/~giorar/

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Rachel Giora 
Date: Fri, May 29, 2009 at 7:26 PM
Subject: Please sign a letter to The Barcelona Department for
International Cooperation
To: david nir 

If you wish to sign the letter please notify:  d-nir@zahav.net.il

Please distribute widely.

Is Barcelona still cooperating with Tel Aviv? Even after the Gaza massacres?

Dear Mr. Manel Vila,

The Barcelona Department for International Cooperation:

As Jews, Palestinians, Israeli citizens who are horrified by the
inhuman, immoral, and unlawful actions of the Israeli government
towards the Palestinians, we urge you to cancel the twinning agreement
between Barcelona and Tel Aviv.

Keeping up the business as usual charade will only encourage Israel to
proceed with its illegal, atrocious, and unjust practices that have
been going on for the past 42 years without much interference from the
international community.

Let me remind you that over 200 Jews and tens of Palestinian Arabs
fought together against the fascists in 1936-39 in your country, and
about half of them sacrificed their lives for the ideal of making the
world a better place.

Israel had unleashed an extreme level of brutality in the recent Gaza
massacres. The silence of the international community to the Israeli
atrocities during the 22-day  "operation" only encouraged the Israeli
regime to intensify the butchery.

Mind you that the Spanish court system has gained our respect for
undertaking that responsibility to prosecute Israeli criminals that
had masterminded those atrocities.

Please cancel the Twinning farce now! It is not the right time!


Prof. Rachel Giora,Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr. David Nir, Tel Aviv, Israel

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    1.  I fervently hope that your position at
     From , Sent in 02-06-2009
    2.  I just wrote a letter to Mr. Manel
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