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Other Institutions
[Technion, teaching assistant, Computer Sciences] Eyal Rosenberg Technion doctoral student censured for sitting through playing of anthem

Eyal Rosenberg, teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Computer Science  http://webcourse.cs.technion.ac.il/234114/Spring2009/hw/WCFiles/exercise1.pdf , eyalroz@technion.ac.il.



Technion doctoral student censured for sitting through playing of anthem


Ahiya Raved 05.24.09, 22:27 / Israel News

Far-left activist refuses to stand during playing of Hatikva, dean sends him letter of reprimand calling his behavior 'disgraceful'


 A doctoral student at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology – was censured for remaining seated during the playing of Israel's national anthem at a graduation ceremony for Ph.D. students held last Thursday.



On Sunday, Moshe Shpitalni, the dean of graduate studies at the Technion sent known anarchist and far-left activist Ayal Rosenberg a letter of reprimand, and also banned him from next month's graduation ceremony for Master's degree students.



"Your behavior during the graduation ceremony – when you refused to rise for the playing of 'Hatikva', was disgraceful. I am not interested in your personal opinions, but there are clear social codes as to how to act in such settings," the dean wrote in his letter to Rosenberg.



"If you cannot abide by these codes – you could have chosen not to attend. It is hard to understand how you dared to ignore the feelings of those around you," the letter read.



Rosenberg, a doctoral student in the Technion's Computer Sciences program, served in an IDF Intelligence unit but asked to be discharged for "conscientious" reasons.



Technion Student Union chairman Yanir Cohen told Ynet that Rosenberg "expressed his personal views, which do not coincide with the views of the Union. He does not hold any official position within the Union, despite what the Technion's management claimed."

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