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General Articles
Israeli academics of Machsom Watch filmed "Palestine: The World's Largest Open Air Prison"

Dalia Kaveh, Biology teacher.
Dr. Elat Benda The Department of Philosophy Tel Aviv University.
Meged Gozani lectured on Political Art during the Hebrew University's 2007 The statewide seminar for student activists of the Academy-Community Partnership for Social Change and Mahapach-Taghir.
Merav Amir, Cohn Institute of History and Philosophy of science and Ideas, Tel Aviv University. 
Dr. Mika Ginsburg, Department of Cell and Animal Biology, The Silverman Institute of Life Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Naama Morag, The Center for Rationality and the Institute for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University. 
Dr. Nurit Wagner, Department of Social Medicine, Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem.
Ofra Ben Porat, teaching assistant, Social Work, Ben Gurion University.
"This is the first of 5 short episodes showing the actual situation of Palestine. The purpose of those videos is to arise international awareness about the prison like closure of Palestine. Palestine need the internationals action and help to break the inhuman and illegal siege imposed by Israel.

Please help us divulgating. thank you

Pictures from MachsomWatch, an organization of peace activist Israeli women, that every morning and afternoon, go out to some 30 checkpoints within the West Bank and on the seam-line between Israel and Palestine, to monitor and document IDF and Border Police conduct, and safeguard Palestinian human rights.

The shoot inside the video has been filmed by Daphne Banai and Milat Shamir at the Huwwara checkpoint on 10thSeptember 2007 - Machsom Watch activists observed that a particular checkpoint commander has a habit of beating up Palestinians in the detention cell. After one of the activists insisted on filming the checkpoint commander as he was entering the detention cell, the soldiers turned their violence towards her.

Images by : Dalia Kaveh, Elat Benda, Judith Spitzer, Magdalena Hefetz, Meged Gozani, Merav Amir, Micky Fisher, Mika Ginsburg, Naama Morag, Nava Elyashar, Neta Efroni, Noa Perelson, Noam Dan, Nurit Wagner, Ofra Ben Porat, Raya Zenter, Ruti Tuval, Shula Bar, Tamar Fleishman, Yudit Levine.

Third episode : In West Bank checkpoints manned by Israeli military : why? In a few slides reasons why are shown. Its not true that theres nothing to do about it and peace is not possible there. There are identified reasons that stand in the way of peace.

Pictures from International Solidarity Movement (ISM), NadPLO, Free Gaza Movement, MachsomWatch
The film in the video : Arson in the Fields of Burin Village by Machsom Watch
Filmed by Yehudith Levin.
Edited by Hadass Shuve
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