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Israelis in Non-Israeli Universities
[Al-Quds University, Israel Studies] Dr. Uri Davis, a Fatah member, is nominated for party's Revolutionary Council


Editor's comment

In August 2008 IAM received the following note from Dr. Uri Davis:

On 6.11.2007 Dr Davis officially assumed the religion of Islam by citing the two required SHAHADAs (La Illah Illa Allah wa-Muhammad Rasul Allah) before the  SHARI'A Court in the city of Baqa al-Gharbiyya, as a measure of defence of his relationship with the FATH activist who was to become his wife. Sincerely, Uri Davis (Dr), P O Box 99, Sakhnin 20173, Israel.


 Uri Davis is a professor in the Institute of Area Studies, Israel Studies Programme of Al-Quds University, Abu Dis.


Last update - 21:03 08/08/2009    
Report: Jewish Fatah member nominated for party's Revolutionary Council 
By Haaretz Service 

A Jewish member of Fatah was nominated for a spot on the party's
Revolutionary Council on Saturday, the Palestinian news agency Ma'an

Dr. Uri Davis told Ma'an that one of Fatah's weakest attributes has been
its failure to establish ties with international parties, movements and
human rights organizations, and promised to step up efforts, if elected.

Born to Jewish parents in Jerusalem, Davis describes himself as a
Palestinian Hebrew.

Davis has written a series of books and articles that classify the State of
Israel as an apartheid state, alleging that Israel's policies towards
Palestinians, including Palestinian citizens of Israel, are comparable to
South Africa's apartheid policies.

According to Ma'an, Davis explained that every Fatah member can run for a
post on the party's 120-member Revolutionary Council regardless of
religion, race or color.

While it is common for Palestinian Christians to support Fatah and hold
positions within the organization, Davis would likely be the first Jewish
member of its Revolutionary Council if elected, the news agency said. He
already serves as a Fatah-affiliated observer member (non-Palestinian) of
the Palestinian National Council, to which he was appointed by the late
Yasser Arafat in 1984.

Davis was recruited to Fatah in the 1980s by Palestine Liberation
Organization leader and founder Khalil Al-Wazir, also known as Abu Jihad,
who was assassinated in 1988 by an Israeli commando unit led by current
Defense Minister Ehud Barak in Tunisia, the Palestinian news agency

"I wasn't convinced that the Israeli left-wing parties were satisfactory
because all of them are Zionist parties," Davis explained. "Thus, I
examined Palestinian left-wing parties but discovered that most of them
adopted Marxism," such as the secular Popular and Democratic Fronts for the
Liberation of Palestine.

"However I was pro-socialism rather than Marxism, so I joined Fatah because
it contained a liberal framework that encompasses contradictory yet
harmonious ideologies," he added. "The movement has struggled to liberate
land and people from occupation." 


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