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Hebrew University
Dr. Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian of Mada Al Carmel complains to Jewish Chronicle concerning Outrage over the rape poster that demonises Israel"



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51 Allenby St., P.O.Box 9132, Haifa 31090, Israel

The Jewish Chronicle

25 Furnival Street



United Kingdom

Email: letters@thejc.com

November 17, 2009

Dear Editor,

On November 12, 2009, an article by Robyn Rosen was published in your newspaper

entitled: “Outrage over the ‘rape’ poster that demonises Israel." The article contained

false information and inaccuracies. We request that you print a retraction. The false

information is as follows:

1. Ms. Rosen stated, “the New Israel Fund (NIF) has defended a conference

sponsored by three Palestinian groups it funds, which allegedly “demonized”

Israel,” and that there was a poster publicising the conference. We would like to

note that there was no conference, and that the NIF has not funded any activities

of Mada al-Carmel for the past three years.

2. The three mentioned organizations – Mada Al-Carmel, the Arab Forum for

Sexuality, and Women Against Violence – are part of an international coalition

for bodily and reproductive rights, and Women for Women Health and Human

Rights. The coalition conducts training courses, transnational research, and

advocacy in over 20 countries. The campaign One Day One Struggle was part of

the coalition’s activism. It was an international effort coordinated among over 20

NGO's around the world. However, each organization decided upon the topic,

manner and strategies of implementing the campaign. Women Against Violence

produced a poster (not the one published in your article), conducted various field

actions, and screened a movie. Mada al-Carmel, published an article in a local

newspaper, and sent a press release together with the Arab Forum for Sexuality.

The Arab Forum for Sexuality alone produced and disseminated the poster

depicted in the report.

We would like to clarify that Mada al-Carmel supports the right to free expression,

including the right of NGO's and other civil society organizations to produce posters

and other artistic devices on this and other topics.

We would appreciate it if you make the required retraction to your published article.


Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, Ph.D.

Director, Gender Studies Program

Mada Al-Carmel, Arab Center for Applied Social Research


Aida Touma-Sliman, Women Against Violence

Safa Tamish, The Arab Forum for Sexuality

New Israel Fund


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