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Articles by IAM Associates
Israeli Communists and Anarchists against Israel

Special for IAM

November 27, 2009

Opinion by Dan Barkye*:

Israeli Communists and Anarchists against Israel


Israeli and Jewish Patriotism, Israeli Anarchist and Communists, and Brest-Litovsk – a condensed anti-Israeli academia Fascist Left tirade.


Yes, there is such a thing as patriotism, yes, there is such a thing as Israeli and Jewish Patriotism, and there is such a thing as patriotism without Oppressive Nationalistic Despotism.


All this in Israel of today.


All this as witnessed in its all-inclusive participatory democracy, which accepts parliament members from among its avowed enemies, as witnessed by its basic democratic freedoms of speech, thought and gathering, and witnessed as well in its high living standards enjoyed by all of its minorities together with its main ethnic group, the Jewish majority, for which the country had been erected. And a country to envy it is already, in spite of its short modern history and of its beleaguered state of affairs. Not for nothing you see hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in its midst, even from Muslim countries from far and near, and not for nothing you don’t see hundreds of thousands of legal emigrants from among its Arab minority to their sister countries, which still live in dust and squalor. Certainly not to the Palestinian Authority, and absolutely not to the Gazan Hamastan.


But for a few but noisy to an extreme, highly indoctrinated 200 plus persons in Israel that claim the unsavory appellation of Anarchists, and but for a few thousands of hardened Jewish Communists and another few thousands of Arab Extreme National-Communists, which can be compared only to the Hitlerian National-Socialists of Nazi Germany in their depth of hatred for the Jews that provide them with such envied amenities of modern life as described above, all Israelis are patriots, and all jump to attention when “tsav 8” lands in their hands,  calling them to army service as reservists in times of need. Add to this their international collaborators screaming at the top of their lungs their hatred for Israel, who are Palestinians in their majority and a handful of self-hating West Coast US Jews, and you have a collection of insanely blind to truth and decency extreme camp that is dead set to wipe Israel from atlas books, for more than that they cannot do.     


You’ll have to trust me on all that I say here about Anarchism and Communism, otherwise you’ll have to read volumes of chatterbox babble, of rant and empty vent, full of irresponsible naiveté about the inherent human good nature to be trusted in a lawless, ungoverned world, full of hatred for anything that is civilized, beautiful, good and considerate, decent and honorable by basic, commonsensical, intuitive human norms, in the case of the Anarchists, and full of a determined will to hate with a passion all that is not of the proletariat class and of a proved determined will to annihilate such individuals, in the case of the Communists.


Let us start, with a determined and vigorous move, to unveil the shroud of illogical contradiction encasing the Anarchist, Israeli and International, world view, regarding the unsolvable, life and death, Jewish-Muslim/Arab, Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Just the other day I perused some anarchistic literature. Now, I’m confused. Which is not my usual state of mind, I attest to myself with modesty.


Why peddling for a Palestinian state, when all they are against is STATE, all and any State? Why clamoring against the alleged theft of Palestinian property by the returning Jews, when all they are against is, you guessed right, property? Didn’t Prudhon, Bakunin, Nechayev and the Russian Prince Kropotkin et al, the anarchist infamous fathers, maintained that ALL property is theft? You read right, they hold it that all property is theft.


If to follow the modern Israeli Anarchists, helped by their no less violent international collaborators, if Palestinian property is to be sanctified, then will not The Land of Israel, claimed by its lawful owner, the Jewish Nation, be an identical case of sanctified property? Why what is good for the goose is not good for the gander? On the other hand, if all property, including Jewish, is theft, shouldn’t we include Palestinian property in it? Equality for all, I say, goose and gander included.


If the anarchists Kobi Snitz, and Uri Gordon, both academicians preaching their hatred here and abroad, are able to say with a straight face that their anti-West Bank Separation Wall demonstrations are non-violent, whereas policemen are seriously wounded by stones hurled at them in these demonstrations, then you understand with whom you deal. And I mean STONES, not gravel, ok? More like boulders. In the US, and probably not only, stones are considered a lethal weapon. But what are for them, the local and foreign anarchists, 1,130 Israeli lives, slaughtered, murdered barbarously and untimely by the Palestinian terrorists BEFORE the Wall? Nothing, if to judge from their pooh-poohing dismissal of the Defense Wall logic. What do they care that this appalling number in itself and its grim meaning was reduced to 30 in 2006? Not that 30 murdered lives count to naught, but less dead are just that, less deaths, and this is good, very good, and no one will dare tell me how to defend myself after years of attacks on my body and property, separation or not, proportionately or not. You’ll have to read Gordon’s article “Right of Reply: Anarchy in the Holy Land!” (http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1181570256861&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull) to understand the depth of naked, unabashed hypocrisy, make-believe innocence, condoned sabotage, and utter disrespect for anything decent that this man of academy writes in response to the scathing article on Israeli Anarchism “Power and Politics: Anarchy has its place” (http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?apage=2&cid=1178708666164&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull). In effect, what he writes there comes to saying to you: “Let me shit on your porch, you’ll clean it anyway, but before that let me slap you in the face and spit you between the eyes”. And all this, mind you, in the name of his hatred for you, the Israeli Jewish Patriot.


In all of this, he and the other anarchists walk in the footsteps of their mentors, the above mentioned fathers of Anarchy, the wild offspring of Rousseau’s and Weishaupt’s philosophies of the fateful 18th century, both radical monster parents of anti-civilization, anti-State, anti-family and anti-property detailed ideology (and, yes, I stand firmly behind what I say), the bastard child of Socialism initiated by these two; they walk in the footsteps of the above mentioned fathers of Anarchy, who were followers with murderous fury in their eyes of Robespierre and Marat of the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution the First, and of the other two, no less violent, French Revolutions.


Now I ask, if the STATE as such is to be forfeited, why start with the Jewish one? Why not start with the Palestinian, which is nonexistent anyway – and will forever be so, because they show themselves incapable for it to a pathetic extreme, so let us not erect one in order to eliminate it later on the wake of a fulfilled anarchic world. And no pitiful, made-up explanations from Gordon’s mouth will do away with his self-contradictory illogic. Let such men of academia not poison our children’s minds with their naively misconstrued, fanatically inhuman philosophies.


They, Gordon and Snitz, won’t tell you, but they will implement, if it were in their power, the fanatic murderous philosophies of same Rousseau’s and Weishaupt’s militant Socialism.


What this criminal ideology brought ultimately on its subjugated population where it was implemented, will be monstrously clear immediately below.


After being done with them Anarchists, let us tack to the bureaucratic, governing, Statist and militant form of Socialism, the ultra-violent one, the Communist form.


On this, Prof. Anat Biletski, the B’Tselem organization’s ideological life and soul and the main influence in it, attesting to herself, says: “I see myself both as a leftist – a communist, a Marxist – and as a humanist.”


Let me make it clear. Not for nothing does she say “I see myself both as a leftist … and as a humanist.”: If being a Marxist would imply being a humanist, and if being a humanist would imply being a Marxist, she would have no need whatsoever to say so.


But, for all I know, and soon enough you will know this too, the two terms, “Marxist” and “humanist” are mutually exclusive. This is a maxim on which I stand equally firm.


No achievement of Communism anywhere in its realm can be justified by the systematic, ideological, institutional murder that ensued in its places of rule worldwide, because:


Between 85 million and 100 million deaths in the 20th century were caused directly, and justified, by its one-class rule, the proletariat class-based ideology. This class-genocide was rivaled only by the Nazi race-genocide, and even then, the numbers are infamously on the Communist side, this inhuman class-based conflict ideology death factory.


The cobbled streets of Paris of the three French Revolutions were covered in blood, Russia in particular, and its satellite subjugated Eastern Europe colonies, and the other countries following it, were equally drenched in blood and sufferings, extreme sufferings, among which Cambodia is The ultimate fearful example of the militant Socialist extreme hatred for the human race civilization: During his four years in power, Pol Pot, the leader of the Cambodian communist movement, known as the Khmer Rouge [“Red (as in ‘red’ of the Communist flag) Cambodian”, the name given to the followers of the Communist Party of Cambodia], imposed a social engineering version of agrarian collectivization, forcing city dwellers to relocate to the countryside to work in collective farms and forced labor projects, toward a goal of "restarting civilization" in "Year Zero", in which the intelligentsia per-se was to be exterminated. The combined effects of slave labor, malnutrition, poor medical care, and executions, the systematic murder of members of various groups, the complete destruction of individual rights, forced labor, disease, and starvation in Cambodia's “killing fields”, the transformation of a developing country into a xenophobic agrarian society, and other horrors that can be ascribed to the cruelty or ineptitude of the totalitarian dictator Pol Pot, resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1.7 to 2.5 million people, approximately 21% of the Cambodian population, a fifth of it!! (Wikipedia, and other sources).


All these widespread crimes were done in the name of a fanatic, blind attempt to re-civilize the world on the ruins of the existing civilization, on the ruins of basic human decency, on the ruins of culture, family and peaceful government however flawed it is or can be.


All this frightful “human” systematic, ideologist philosophies, both Anarchist and Communist, are based on a certain analysis of the human praxis, in the words of Marx, based in its turn on the philosophies of Rousseau and Weishaupt as their ultimate source.


Those two are The Fountainhead of an extremely rationalized attempt to analyze the human situation, in the wake of which certain conclusions were drawn, which, to be turned into action, demanded an equally extreme kind of (revolutionary) action, one which justified any and all means to be taken in order to implement the said conclusions.


For it is found written black on paper in countless books and pamphlets and expressed countless times by the leaders and proponents of these two camps of the Extreme Left for more than two hundred years, starting with the the First French Revolution in 1789, and continuing to this day in Cuba and North Korea, that the revolution justifies all and any means toward its full implementation. Machiavelli mentioned this dictum in his book, “The Prince”. They, adopted it verbatim, lying and deceiving, killing and imprisoning, wrapped it in blood and buried in human suffering wherever and whenever it was tried.


No, I don’t have the slightest respect or consideration for the Israeli Anarchists and Communists. Certainly not for the Arab members of these camps, who are of the most nationalistic brand and who use the militant Socialist ideology for their ulterior ends, to deprive The Jewish Nation of its lawful property, The Land of Israel.


As Lenin betrayed and sold Russia to Germany in the WWI in the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk for the opportunity and money that they gave him to return to Russia and start his longed for revolution, something which he admitted in his trial at the time, before his coming to power, and which took Russia out of the war, a prize for the Germans and a blow to the Allies, so the Extreme, Fascist Left in Israel is willing to sell their motherland for their lunatic ideology, no matter what the price will be.


The Fascist Left Anarchist and Communist exponents in the academia, who pose the gravest threat to the Israeli society because it is they who teach and influence our children, are to be expulsed forever from any and all academia posts that they hold in Israel and hopefully abroad too.


May the higher education committee in Israel see this before it’s too late, and may the donors see it too, before they open their wallets. Amen! 



 * Dan Barkye is a writer and a poet.

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