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Ben-Gurion University
[Ben Gurion University, Politics] Neve Gordon, the lecturer that called to boycott Israel, is justifying the draft 'refuseniks'. In Seattle Sabeel, February

Dr. Neve Gordon head of Politics & Government Dept. webpage: http://web2.bgu.ac.il/politics/new_pages/segel_details_eng.asp?flag=segel_bachir&lecture=22  

Israel Academia Monitor weekend special translated from Hebrew by Dan Barkye


The lecturer that called to boycott Israel, is justifying the draft 'refuseniks'

By Yosi Madrisovich, Walla News, Tue., 6 Oct., 2009

In the opinion of Dr. Neve Gordon from Ben-Gurion University, three draft 'refuseniks' who are active in South Africa against draft to IDF, are "fighting for the morality of the state. They are the true heroes of Israel".

"Until there will not be a price for this occupation, it won't end", says he.

"Those three guys there , in Capetown, are the true heroes of Israel", said yesterday Dr. Neve Gordon, a lecturer at  Ben-Gurion University, to Walla News, regarding the anti-IDF campaign that three Israeli draft refuseniks are waging in South Africa. During last August, Dr. Gordon published an article in Los Angeles Times, in which he wrote, among other things, that the accurate way to define Israel today, is as “apartheid state”. Gordon argued in the article that the world needs to boycott Israel because this is the only way to save it”.

Earlier, it was reported that three Israeli draft refuseniks, Yuval Ofir, 20, Omer Goldman, 20, and Sahar Vardi, 19, the last two, women, held a special event in the University of Capetown (UCT), considered the most respectable academic institute in the continent, and in front of hundreds of students, among them Jewish ones, they called to boycott Israel. A Jewish student, present in the audience, related that “at the end, one of the refuseniks asked to take active part in the struggle for an end to the occupation, and called all to boycott Israel”.

"Until there will not be a price for this occupation, it won't end.

“I, at their age, was in the peace camp; then there were 15 thousand settlers, today there are half a million of them”.

Dr. Neve Gordon referred yesterday to the meeting of the South African students with the refuseniks and said that "Until there will not be a price for this occupation, it won't end. I think that the solution will not come from the inside. We need the help of the international community, in particular the international citizenry, which will act to help us to end the apartheid situation. Between the sea and the Jordan River, live 5.6 Jews and 5.1 Palestinians. By any international definition, 3.5 million of the Palestinians live under another law, this is apartheid.

Dr. Neve Gordon said also that “I paid a small price compared to what the average Palestinian is paying. I live in Be’er Sheva and 30 minutes away from here Palestinians live without water and electricity for forty two years. I think, that these three guys in Capetown are the true heroes of Israel. They come and fight for the morality of the state. You can say that they are the true patriots. I, at their age, was in the peace camp; then there were 15 thousand settlers, today there are half a million of them. I say it again, that the solution will not come from the inside, therefore we need the help of the international citizenry, to end it once and for all”.




Neve Gordon to speak at Seattle Sabeel Conference on Feb. 19-20, 2010

Sabeel is an ecumenical grassroots liberation theology movement among Palestinian Christians.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The United States, Israel and Palestine: What Does Justice Require of US? - Sabeel Conference in Seattle

Seattle Sabeel Conference Feb. 19-20: The United States, Israel and Palestine: What Does Justice Require of US?

Sabeel Conferences around the country are bringing awareness of Palestine and the Israeli occupation to new participants and encouragement to seasoned activists.

This February Seattle will host the premiere event of Sabeel - Puget Sound, "The United States, Israel and Palestine: What Does Justice Require of US?"

Sabeel - Puget Sound works with and on behalf of Palestinian Christians to promote justice through nonviolence in the Holy Land. The conference will explore the situation in Israel and Palestine today, the experience of occupation, the role of U.S. policy, and nonviolent strategies for peace.

The Sabeel conference will be Feb. 19-20 at St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle (1245 Tenth Avenue East).

The keynote speaker will be the founder and leader of Sabeel, the Rev. Naim Ateek. Speaking from his own perspective as an Arab-Israeli citizen, Ateek is the respected author of books and articles including Justice and Only Justice: A Palestinian Theology of Liberation and A Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconciliation.

Kathy Christison, a former CIA political analyst, is a featured presentor. Christison has worked on Middle East issues for 35 years and is the author of Perceptions of Palestine and The Wound of Dispossession as well as Palestine in Pieces: Graphic Perspectives on the Israeli Occupation, which she co-authored with her husband, Bill. The couple will make a presentation, "The U.S.-Israeli Partnership and the Impact on Palestine: Palestine Fragmented, Justice Denied."

Kathy Christon's 2008 article, "One State or Two? The Debate Over Israel and Palestine, " is available at Counterpunch:

Other speakers include Ben Gurion University's Neve Gordon, Evergreen State College's Steve Niva, and war crimes investigator Tom Nelson.

Mark Braverman, Jewish-American author of Fatal Embrace: Christians, Jews, and the Search for Peace in the Holy Land, will focus on the future of interfaith relations and the role of religious beliefs and theology in current discourse on Israel/Palestine. Jeff Halper, coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), is also slated to speak.

Co-sponsors of the event include the Palestine Concerns Task Force of the Church Council of Greater Seattle, the Middle East Focus Group of Saint Mark's Cathedral, the Episcopal Bishop's Committee for Israel/Palestine, American Jews for a Just Peace, the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice, Jewish Voice for Peace, American Muslims of Puget Sound, Middle East Peace Builders, and the Rauschenbusch Center for Spirit and Action.

For reservations call Brown Paper Tickets, 800-838-3006, or online:

For more information, find us on Facebook or see the Friends of Sabeel website:

Friends of Sabeel--North America, PO Box 9186, Portland, OR 97207, email friends@fosna.org

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