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Hebrew University
[Hebrew U, Jewish Studies] Book by Hannan Hever: A collection of Hebrew poetry, news & Palestinian testimonies mentioning the Palestinian Nakba

Prof. Hannan Hever, The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies, Faculty of Humanities, The Hebrew University.  http://jewish.huji.ac.il/faculty/literature_faculty/hever.html . Email: hever26@mscc.huji.ac.il, Hannan.Hever@huji.ac.il, hever26@huji.ac.il

Taken from Yisrael Medad blog on Hannan Hever  


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Love The Choice of Venue

From a notice I received:

Tell it not in Gath:

The Palestinian Nakba in the Hebrew Poetery, 1948-1958, is a collection of Hebrew poetry written between the months of January 1948 and December 1958 in which traces of the Palestinian Nakba are present.

Tell not in Gath is an outcome of a long and extensive archival research in which book of Hebrew poetry as well as Hebrew newspaper and periodicals have been searched. The collection also includes testimonies of Palestinians who had lived in Palestine prior to 1948, who tell, in first person, of their lives in Palestine, their deportation from the land, and their lives after it. All testimonies are taken from the Zochrot booklets on the erased Palestinian towns and villages. The book starts with an essay by Prof. Hannan Hever, who also edited the collection.

Tell it not in Gath is a book published by Zochrot, Parrhesia and the Pardes Publishing House, and is the first book published by Sedek: A Journal on the Ongoing Nakba.

The book will be presented to the public in a public evening at

the Zionists Of America House in Tel-Aviv, Ibn-Gavirol St. 26, January 12, 20:00.


The official book launch invitation: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ITWI9nTWaek/S0Q-3Gr_itI/AAAAAAAAK8E/CfZHqGu_ySA/s1600-h/hashaka5.jpg

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