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Ben-Gurion University
Feb 21 [Ben Gurion U] Ahmad Sadi, Ilan Pappe in After Gaza Continuing the Struggle on Campus conference, SOAS PalSoc & Nakba60, London

Dr. Ahmad H. Sa'di. Email: ahsaadi@bgu.ac.il  http://humweb1.bgu.ac.il/politics/content/people/faculty/dr-ahmad-h-sadi
Prof' Ilan Pappe, University of Exeter, U.K. Email: I.Pappe@exeter.ac.uk   http://huss.exeter.ac.uk/history/staff/pappe/



The recent Israeli massacres in Gaza show the need for a sustained and unified movement for Palestine.


Whilst the past three weeks have seen unprecedented action in support of Palestinians, our campaign needs to focus on providing long-tem solidarity, even when the cameras of the world’s media are focused elsewhere. This is most relevant on the student level where a strong student movement for Palestine holds the promise of bringing energy and vibrancy to the wider movement.


Over the past year, Palestine student groups in UK universities have cooperated to run successful nationwide campaigns, bringing the Palestinian cause to the forefront of campus politics. Many twinning links with Palestinian universities have been forged, making the plight of Palestinian students more real and relevant to UK students.


These campaigns and others and have flourished. Sharing of knowledge and expertise between Palestine student groups has been central to expanding our capabilities.


Our last two conferences in June 2008 in LSE and Nov 2007 in Manchester were attended by over 15 Palestine student groups. Since June, several more Palestine student groups have been set up in different universities and this conference is set to be the biggest and most crucial in terms of building a strong student movement for Palestine.


This conference will not be a talking shop; we aim to come away from this conference with a concrete vision and to a coordinated a plan to build a strong movement for Palestine.


If you need somewhere to stay in London on sat night, please get in touch.


The deadline to submit motion is 11.59pm Sat 14th of Feb.


Tickets are £10 per person. Limited availability please book early. Priority given to bookings through Palestine student groups. To book a place please email: info@actionpalestine.org

(If you are unable to make it to the conference due to the travel cost or the ticket cost, please get in touch we might be able to sort something out)

The Conference schedule is below:

(Please note that three of the items below (clearly marked) belong to “The Nakba: Sixty Years of Dispossession, Sixty Years of Resistance listed below” conference organised by SOAS PalSoc and Nakba60 and our delegates have access to these sessions.

Day One Saturday 21st Feb

11.00am-11.30am: Registration and refreshments


11.30 – 13.00: Introduction to Action Palestine & feed back on the work of Palestine student societies


13.30 – 15.00: Workshops 1 (2 at the same time):

1. Strategies for Effective campaigning

2. How to run your society; internal structure, membership retention and external coordination.


15.15 – 16.45: Workshops 2 (2 at the same time):

1. Strategies for Effective campaigning

2. How to run your society; internal structure, membership retention and external coordination.


5.00pm-6.45pm: History of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (organised by SOAS PalSoc and Nakba60)

Chair: Gilbert Achcar (School of Oriental and African Studies)

Bashir Abu Manneh (Barnard College, New York)
Fadle Naqib (University of Waterloo)

Roger Heacock (Birzeit University)

Khaled Hroub (University of Cambridge)

7.30 – 9.30: Evening social


Day Two Sunday 22nd Feb


10:45am-12:45pm: Social and Economic History of Palestinian Resistance (organised by SOAS PalSoc and Nakba60)
Chair: Roger Heacock (Birzeit University)

Musa Budeiri (Birzeit University) (tbc)

Penny Johnson (Birzeit University)
Ahmad Sa’di (Ben Gurion University)

Lori Allen (University of Cambridge)

Refreshments 12.45 – 13.15


13.15 – 14.00 (Role play debate) topic tbc, teams need to register in advance


14.15 – (until close) Elections & Motions

Discussion about future plans and campaigns, as well as the general direction for the student movement will take place in the form of motions. Any delegate can submit a motion. The motions deadline is Saturday 14th Feb. Amendments will be accepted up until the start of this session. A copy of all motions will be distributed to all delegates five days before conference. The election of the National Action Palestine Committee will also take place.

(end of previous session) – 6:00pm Roundtable discussion: The Meaning of Gaza: History Reconsidered in Times of Catastrophe
(organised by SOAS PalSoc and Nakba60)

Chair (tbc)

Karma Nabulsi, Saleh Abdel-Jawad, Gilbert Achcar, Norman Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe

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