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University of Haifa
Palestinian CNI Radio with the University of Haifas Dr. Asad Ghanem, Feb. 25th. CNI goals: An elimination of unconditional U.S. military aid to Israel


CNI Radio with the University of Haifa’s Dr. Asa’d Ghanem, Feb. 25th

Posted February 22, 2010

On February 25th, Asa’d Ghanem will be our guest on “CNI: Jerusalem Calling,” the CNI Foundation’s internet-radio show. Ghanem will join CNI board member and host Alison Weir to discuss George Mitchell’s peace efforts in the Middle East, the idea of transferring land and population to a future Palestinian state in exchange for retaining the largest Jewish settlements, and the erosion of the rights of Israeli-Palestinians in comparison to the rights of Jewish-Israelis.

Dr. Asa’d Ghanem is a lecturer at the School of Political Sciences, University of Haifa. In the context of Israel/Palestine, Ghanem’s work has covered issues such as Palestinian political orientations, the establishment and political structure of the Palestinian Authority, and majority-minority politics in a comparative perspective. He has been the initiator and designer of several policy schemes and empowerment programs for Palestinian-Arabs in Israel.

Dr. Ghanem has authored and edited numerous articles and books, including the following: Palestinian Politics After Arafat: A Failed National Movement (Indiana University Press, 2009); Ethnic Politics in Israel – The Margins and the Ashkinasi Centre (Routledge Press, 2010); Palestinians in Israel – Indigenous group politics in the Jewish state (Madar, 2008, in Arabic).

The show will air live online from Noon to 1 pm EST (5 pm to 6pm GMT). To listen, go to the show’s home-page, www.wsradio.com/cni, and click on the “Listen Live” button for Studio A, at the top left.

To call your questions in during the second half of the show, call toll-free: 877-474-3302. International users can ask questions by Skype, by calling Skypename: WSRADIOSTUDIO.

Also, check out the archived versions of our show by clicking on this tab on the left-hand toolbar. Past shows archived there include conversations with Gideon Levy, Mustafa Barghouti, Stephen Walt, End the Occupation’s Josh Ruebner… and many more.



The Council for the National Interest


Our Goals

  • Our elected officials to vote their conscience
  • An American electorate that is unafraid to debate issues of Middle East Policy openly and frankly
  • Fair and objective media coverage of the Middle East without fear of retaliation
  • An elimination of unconditional U.S. military aid to Israel.
  • Normalized relations between Israel, its neighbors, and regional organizations such as the Arab League.
  • An end to all acts of aggression, provocation, and retaliation, and the end of attempts to solve these issues by military means. This includes terrorism committed against Israelis as well as militarily offensive measures taken by Israel against Palestinians.
  • American recognition of a totally independent and viable Palestinian state.



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