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Readers Forum
Thank you for what you are doing!

Subject: Thank you for what you are doing!
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 11:47:49 -0700
From: Carl and Roberta <carlandroberta@gmail.com>
To: e-mail@israel-academia-monitor.com

Your organization and its efforts could not be more timely.

My husband and I have been concerned about the marked rise in antisemitism since the mid 90s. Much of this creeping antipathy to Jews in general, has been politely normalized under cover of "the right to criticize the nation of Israel". In this seething bucket lie a variety of allies, all willing to skew the facts based on moral relativism and an inherent dislike of the striving individual. These include politically-correct socialists and politicians; revisionist academics, and today's gullible students who (bereft of real history, philosophical reasoning, and the hard-won achievements of free societies) naturally team up with the Palestinian/Muslim cause on campuses as part of their obligatory devotion to the "cult of the victim".  

Thank you for outing those professors who defame their own, deny their nation's goodness, and devalue its generosity, integrity and righteous efforts in an imperfect world. 

Whether these defamers are looking for personal gain, popularity, or the thrill of agitating for a cause, matters not. Their views spread nothing but nihilism. They need to wake up, and face the damage their rationalizations and lies have created in the hard light of day.

Roberta Hodges
Port Moody, BC Canada
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