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Ben-Gurion University
[Ben Gurion University professor of Chemistry] Eyal Nir arrested by the army for insulting a soldier with a racial slur during anti-Israel protest



by Alison Ramer

Other than the journalists, Ben Gurion University professor of Chemistry Eyal Nir was the only person who came from the villagers’ protest to speak with the army. After several minutes of shouting passionately at the army to leave the village, Nir was taken into an army jeep for insulting a soldier with a racial slur (see pictures below).














Photographs of the army arresting Ben Gurion University professor of Chemistry Eyal Nir


I was in Nebi Saleh, where the army arrested Ben Gurion University  professor of Chemistry Eyal Nir (pictures below), and shot tear gas at protesters. Nir was taken into an army jeep for insulting a soldier.

Nabi Saleh’s people marched today carrying flags of the countries whose citizens were on the flotilla’s ships. Before they started marching, they debated whether to carry the US flag or not, eventually deciding against it, as America is still perceived as Israel’s close ally. When the stone throwing and gas shooting began, they run for cover, abandoning all the flags. All, but one:



And finally, here is Eyal Nir being arrested:



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