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Anti-Israel Conferences
A joint struggle against Israel: Neve Gordon, Gadi Algazi, Abeer Baker "Before it’s too late: moving from protest to ongoing activity"

[Ben Gurion U, Politics] Neve Gordon
[Tel Aviv U, History] Gadi Algazi
[Haifa U, Law] Abeer Baker




Before it’s too late: moving from protest to ongoing activity

Thursday 22.07.2010 10:00 – 17:00

The conference calls on Jewish and Arab human rights, protest and peace organizations to make a clear joint appeal and work together to:

- Stop the siege on Gaza
- Stop incitement towards Palestinians in Israel, and the policy of racism towards them.
- Stop the persecution of critics and opponents of - - Government policy.
- Strive for the ending of the occupation in a persistent and effective way.

A joint struggle conducted by both Arab and Jewish organizations, on a basis of clear ideas, will awaken all those who want to act for change. There can be no change without a determined and prolonged struggle, yet with joint activity, the chances of success are great.

Part 1: Panels will deal with the topics:

1.The siege on Gaza after the Flotilla incident.
Among the speakers: Dr. Neve Gordon, Psychiatrist Sami Oweida from Gaza, MK Hanin Zoabi, Hadas Ziv from Physicians for Human Rights.

2.The assault on human rights and on Arab and Jewish activists opposing Government policy.
Among the speakers: Gideon Levi, Att. Abeer Baker from Adalah, Elisheva Milikovski, Prof. Gadi Algazi.

Part 2: Will open with “Open Space” for joint strategic thinking, towards organizing effective, persistent and prolonged activity under the facilitation of Ahmad Hijazi and Nava Sonnenschein



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