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Articles by IAM Associates
Editor's note on two different issues: 1) Ran Baratz. 2) Palestinian quest for academic cooperation with Israel
Editor's note:
  1. On our Friday Special we publish articles on various issues, unlike our daily postings where we concentrate only on Israeli academics working against Israel. The last Friday Specialincluded an article taken from the Israeli media on the case of a Hebrew University Philosophy lecturer, Dr. Ran Baratz,who was turned down from a teaching position due to his right-wing views. Shortly after we received andpublishedtwo letters of explanation in Hebrew, one byProf' Elhanan Yakira, of the Philosophy Dept., member of the appointment committee and the other is by Prof' Israel Bar-Tal, the Dean.Both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Prof' Yakira wrote that Dr. Baratz was not the only candidate for the teaching position and another candidate with better qualifications won the position. Dr. Baratz did not have scientific articles published anywhere yet.Prof' Bar-Tal wrote thatalready two weeks prior to the "scandal" in the media, Dr. Baratz has a contract waitingathis desk,toteach in the second term of the year.This means that the story of political biasis untrue.
  2. We have seen an email sent by Dr. Udi Adiv, a lecturer at the Open University of Israel (See below in Hebrew). The email tells of meetings he had with Palestinian academics who requested mutual academic research with Israeli academics, in various fields, such as Education andCulture,Urbanization, Health, Nutrition, Marketing, Agriculture, Transportation, Water and Sewage. This comes as good news. While the Palestinians are the ones who initiated a world-wide call for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions against Israel, it is good stepto see Palestinian academics seeking source for cooperation with the Israeli academia.

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