So as not to overload your social calenders this week (remember your Interior Design Society is launching this Thursday evening at the Loft across the road), we’ve moved the lecture series to next week.

I’m very happy to announce for this special lecture we’ll be merging with the School of Architecture for the talk by Eyal Weizman next Monday 13 September. Eyal is a friend from Goldsmiths University London who has written certain key texts in the last decade relating spatial politics, philosophy and war.  I first became interested in his work when reading his description of Isreali military warfare – where the battlefield is moved from the street into the interior, and the violent reprecussions of this on domesticity.

His writing urgently reminds us how fundamental the politics of space is to how we live, and while you might not see that a talk on the Occupied Territories and Architecture bares much relevance to your own studies, let me assure you that spatial politics defines what is important about what we do. I urge you all to attend it’s a great opportunity to have him in Australia. He’ll also be talking at the MCA on Tuesday 14th September and AIA on Wednesday (see poster)


Eyal Weizman is an architect and director of the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, University of London. He studied architecture at the Architectural Association in London and completed his PhD at the London Consortium/Birkbeck College. Since 2007 he is a member of the architectural collective “decolonizing architecture” in Beit Sahour/Palestine. Since 2008 he is a member of B’Tselem board of directors. Weizman has taught, lectured, curated and organised conferences in many institutions worldwide.

His books include The Lesser Evil [Nottetempo, 2009], Hollow Land [Verso Books, 2007], A Civilian Occupation [Verso Books, 2003], the series Territories 1,2 and 3, Yellow Rhythms and many articles in journals, magazines and edited books. Weizman is a regular contributor and an editorial board member for several journals and magazines including Humanity, Cabinet and Inflexions. Weizman is the recipient of the James Stirling Memorial Lecture Prize for 2006-2007 and was chosen to deliver the Edward Said Memorial Lecture at Warwick 2010.

Political Plastic poster