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Israelis in Non-Israeli Universities
[Australia, Monash U, Hebrew Dept] Keren Rubinstein: "Israelis are inhumane" (30 mins audio interview)


Academic Staff of the ACJC Monash University, Arts http://arts.monash.edu.au/jewish-civilisation/staff/teaching.php
Keren Rubinstein
Hebrew Language and Culture


From Michael Burd in Australia:  

I was sent this pod cast tonight from a concerned Jewish Student. It is an interview with a Israeli born Jewish academic  Keren Rubinstein from A.C.J.C at Monash .I have previously exposed  this academic as a supporter of Antony Loewenstein and  his dissident Jewish group IAJV [ no body seems to care ]. Academic  Keren  Rubenstein is interviewed on 3CR by a Palestinian Journalist and to the delight of her Palestinian host amongst other things reveals her hatred for  Zionists, Israel and dislike of Australian Jews ,she said she doesn’t relate to them and  considers she has more in common with Australian Lebanese.
 Keren who came to Australia from Israel when she was 15 ys told her Palestinian host she doesn’t relate to Zionists or Zionism , she believed Israel was a fear driven society that thrived on disinformation and Misinformation .  She said [ to the delight of her  Palestinian host and listeners  no doubt]   
Israelis are inhumane.
She told her host she was going to America to a Jewish Studies department  and that she was pleased that most of the people at the University  over there were anti- Israel.... Even her Palestinian host was surprised to hear that comment .
Although I am told Keren has now left Monash who knows how much damage she has done over her tenure at ACJC to Israel’s image and added more fuel to the Hot bed of anti- Zionism at our University. It is a worry that the Board and fellow academics  of ACJC considered Karen to be suitable  for our Largest Jewish Study Department knowing her extremist Political views on Israel and Jews . It is apparent  that academics are foisting their personal far left wing views at ACJC with out any balance.

This is just  yet another example how the Academics are indoctrinating our Kids to hate Israel.
Click to listen:


(30 mins long, make sure to listen to entire interview)


 Mark Baker is Director of Australias largest Jewish Study Department ACJC Monash Univeristy.

Mark Baker says:
‘’As for the Israeli flag and Hatikva, I am supportive of the idea of a Jewish state that gives full rights to a minority. I think there is a problem with an anthem that 20% of the population cannot sing. It’s not so much the Jewishness of it that concerns me, but that it is so exclusive. I think one day that the anthem and flag might be expanded to include other symbols that will make it more inclusive for all Israeli citizens while retaining its Jewish core. Where I have a real problem is more with the unfair allocation of resources by the state. eg, I think that the idea of Jewish national land has past its use-by date – it was essential for the establishment of the state but it is now discriminatory.’’

August 31, 2010 at 10:13 am


On 27/08/10 10:04 PM, "amber twines" wrote:

Samah Sabawi is an Australian-Palestinian writer and a former executive director of the National Council on Canada Arab Relations. She supports the BDS of israel, defines Israel as an apartheid State and advocates the Right of Return. We don't understand why she was given a forum to argue her case at limmud Oz and was interviewed by Mark Baker of the centre in jewish studies at Monash university. this is a poem samah wrote about israel-http://australiansforpalestine.com/8832

and why is mr baker taking part in a panel with Ghassan Hage, a man who circulated a petition to ban israeli academics in 2002 with John docker.

"6th Annual World Matters Festival:  Writers Disturbing the Peace"
Discussion: Gaza: Morality, Law and Politics
Participants: Mark Baker, Ghassan Hage, Raimond Gaita, Gerry Simpson
7.15pm The Barn, Montsalvat

Samah Sabawi

Let’s talk
Let’s negotiate
Let’s have a conference, a summit, a debate
A multifaith dialogue to eliminate hate
They’ll call us men of peace
And after our love fest
We can issue a joint release
Of how we talk

Let’s talk
But not about ethnic cleansing
Forget Deir Yassin
Don’t speak of apartheid
Or the destruction of Jenin
Be blind to the pain in Gaza
The hunger, the disease
The rubble, the fires
The uprooted trees
Sewage floods and darkness
Drones and the Siege
Most of all
When we talk

Let’s talk
Let our words float in the air
Devoid of meaning or clarity
We’ll establish our own facts on the ground
And you will be paid your salary
Never before has talking of peace
Caused so much damage and agony
Yet still we talk

So let’s talk
let’s negotiate
We can have a conference, a summit, a debate
A multifaith dialogue to eliminate hate
We’ll shake hands and smile
And make the six o’clock news
For supporting the peace process
Between Arabs and Jews
And we will only talk

Take action: Support the call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)

Samah Sabawi, from Gaza, is a writer/playwright and poet who advocates for Human Rights and Social Justice. Ms. Sabawi was former Executive Director of the National Council on Canada-Arab relations (NCCAR) and is now living in Australia

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