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Hebrew University
[HebrewU, Education] Nurit Peled-Elhanan: It was the same monstrous soldiers. [UHaifa] Zvia Shapira: I don't trust the IDF


Rami Elhanan (second from right)

Nurit Peled-Elhanan is the wife of Rami Elhanan, who was on the Jewish boat to Gaza. Peled-Elhanan passes along the following report:

Coming out of the police investigation, Yonatan [Shapira] looked like someone coming out of prisoners' camp: Long pale distorted face. It was the same monstrous soldiers who attacked the Marmara. They were all after him. They beat him up, kicked him and used a taser on him. The other passengers said he was palpitating and screaming like a wounded animal but the monster wouldn't stop. When Rami asked him for his name he said Gepeto.

Now Rami is accused of threatening a soldier because he said he would find out his name and press charges against him. Yonatan and Itamar [Shapira, Yonatan's brother], who were handcuffed and dragged and then thrown violently to another boat, are charged with assaulting the soldiers and resisting arrest. There were dozens fully armed comandos who attacked them on the boat, 4 navy war boats.

A very senior general, Amidror, head of research unit of the IDF said on the radio 2 days ago that Yonatan Shapira, an ex-pilot in the Air force is psychopath and should be locked away. I reacted to that so they interviewed me the day after. I told them this is the Russians did to Sakharov and that Yonatan is Israel's best son and an example to Young people of what they should be as well etc.

However it seems the media are very eager to interview us along with their complete faith in what the IDF says. We were interviewed all day long, while waiting for them to come out of the investigation, by everybody, all the time, but it looks like they see us as a curiosity rather than reliable sources of information.

The whole world should support Yonatan and Itamar Shapira now because the security forces are surely after them and there are no limits to what these soldiers would do if ordered.


Yonatan Shapira sprayed graffiti on Warsaw ghetto wall and hung the Palestinian flag http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3915181,00.html

Both of the Shapiras are activists with Combatants for Peace, an Israeli-Palestinian peace group.

Their mother is Dr.Tzvia Shapira, (U of Haifa and Oranim)


Navy stops Gaza-bound 'Jewish vessel'

YNET Aviel Magnezi and AP / 09.28.10

Some 20 left-wing activists staged a protest near the Ashdod Port as the vessel arrived. "We are here to voice our protest against the siege imposed by the State on millions of Palestinians in Gaza. The State won't even let prosthesis into Gaza, although the State is the one which caused their disability," said Zvia Shapira, the mother of two of the boat's passengers.

"How can the State decide who will be allowed in for medical treatment and who won't? We are here to end the occupation and give the Palestinians the right to move and study freely."

She admitted that she feared for her son, who was taken in for questioning. "I'm afraid something will happen to him. I don't trust the IDF. An army which throws phosphorus bombs cannot be trusted."

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