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Other Institutions
Report by ex-students of David Yellin Teacher Training College
Aáreport of a number of incidents gathered and brought to us by four students who studied at DavidáYellináTeacher Training Collegeábetween 2001 to 2010.á

Report by ex-students of David YellináTeacher TrainingáCollege

1. In 2003,áon Holocaust Memorial Day,áin the midst of all the suicide
bombings in Jerusalem, a delegation of Arab students approached the then 
head of theáCollege Dr. Itai (Itay) Zimran and asked to have a ceremony in
 memory of the shaheeds (Martyrs).áIt waságranted but at that moment 
showed up, out of the blue, a crew of Arutz 7ánews,áandáthey created 
turmoil when they heard about it, so it was cancelled and hushed up.

2. A Literature teacher, AviáMaapil, used to make theálife of students
from Kiryat Arba so miserable that they had to leave.

3. Theágym teacher, Ruth Bar Sinai, Head of the Physical EducationáDept.
is a well-known activist. She recently signed a petition in support of Arab 
MK Hanin Zuabi during the Flotilla incident http://www.atzuma.co.il/zoabi/0/12/á
She regularly sends out emails to her students asking to collect fundsá
in favor Arabs while she calls the Olim from the USA and France, 
religiousáfanatics, right-wingers, filthy rich. She livesáin Talbiyeh, 
Jerusalem in a "stolen" Arab house.
4. The Head of the Library, Dania Anzenberg, employs a hateful Arab woman, 
Fatina, who insults Jews. That same Dania incites Arab workers in the
College to vote for radical parties and take advantage of their rights.áShe says
her own son votes for a Jewish-Arab party.

5. In January 2008, in the midst of Cast Lead Operation,
a member of staff Edith Sher-Zimran (daughter of Itai Zimran,
and head of the Pedagogical Resources Center) posted ads signed by her and 
Hagit Ofran of Peace Now, collecting medicines and food for the people 
of Gaza.
6. In the computer room, there are two Arab workers, Amjad and Baha, who
shout at Jews go back to the lands you came from.

The authors wish to stay anonymous and guaranteed that what they 
wrote is correct.
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    3.  Her son votes for a Jewish Arab
     From Ofer Neiman, Sent in 23-11-2010
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