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University of Haifa
[U of Haifa, Gender] Dalit Baum & Merav Amir [TAU, Cohn] serve Iranian propaganda: "Britain assists Israelis in war crimes" & "Firm sold Israel torture instruments"

Dalit Baum Gender Studies University of Haifa. Merav Amir, Cohn Institute Tel Aviv University. (Their bio follow the articles)

Press TV is a 24-hour English language global news network owned by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). Its headquarters are located in Tehran, Iran. 


Britain assists Israelis in war crimes

Russell Tribunal on Palestine (RTP) has lashed out at British arms companies for giving assistance, and encouraging war crimes and rights abuses by Israeli authorities.

Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:20PM

The three-day international tribunal in London was held to investigate corporate complicity in Israeli regime's violations of international laws and regulations and human rights abuses as far as the Palestinian people are concerned, according to news agencies. 

The London tribunal heard evidence about deals major UK-based multinational companies, including British-Danish security firm G4S, have clinched with Tel Aviv to help Israeli authorities to commit war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories. 

The tribunal heard that Israeli army has widely used Hermes 450 drones manufactured by the arms company Elbit during its last year's brutal attacks on Gaza, yet the British Army awarded the Israeli firm and its partner, Thales UK, a deal worth more than $1 billion to develop the Watchkeeper, the next generation of drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) aircrafts. 

John Hilary, executive director of War on Want charity urged the British government to launch a two-way arms embargo on Israel. 

He told the jury at the Russell that Israeli company Verint has supplied CCTV cameras for the London Underground. 

Hilary went on to say that the British government has conceded that components licensed for export from Britain have “almost certainly” been used by the Israeli army in Gaza last year during its so-called “Operation Cast Lead.” 

The tribunal, which was the second round of such an event held in Barcelona in March this year, kicked off its work on Saturday. 

The Barcelona Tribunal exposed both passive and proactive EU complicity in supporting Israel, particularly by broadening its trade deals with the occupying regime. 

Israeli academic, Dalit Baum from the “Who Profits?” research project presented testimony at the London Tribunal on Sunday. He said that the complicity of British-Danish firm involved human rights abuses at the notorious Ofer prison in the occupied West Bank. 

Another witness, Saskia Müller testified that the Dutch company PFZW has invested in two Israeli companies complicit in the occupation of the West Bank. 

Other evidence came from Josh Reubener, national advocacy director for the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, who told the jury that the Obama administration was shortly due to request a record budget of $3.75 billion from the US congress to be allocated to Tel Aviv. 

The jury, which was due to give its verdict on corporate complicity, consists of UK barristers Lord Anthony Gifford, Michael Mansfield QC and John Dugard, former special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories. 



'Firm sold Israel torture instruments'

A protester flashes the "V" for victory sign during a demonstration against Israel's imprisonment of ‎Palestinians.
A Danish-British security company has sold torture instruments to the Israeli prisons, holding Palestinians inmates, a Danish newspaper has written.

Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:51PM

The firm, named G4s, sells the devices to the detention facilities in the occupied West Bank, which provide the necessary means for torture of the Palestinian prisoners, Berlingske Tidende reported on Nov. 23. 

Merav Amir, from Who Profits?, an Israeli organization which is dedicated to expose those who stand to benefit from the occupation, said it knew that the firm did not directly engage itself in torture, has created the circumstances required for the abuse. 

There are around 9,000 Palestinians in Israeli detention. The families have for long been calling on human rights organizations and groups to intervene in order to secure the release of their loved ones, many of whom have been incarcerated without charge, trial and sentence. 

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees, nearly 200 Palestinian inmates have so far died in Israeli confinement, either due to medical negligence or under torture. 

The daily also exposed that the company also cooperates with armed Jewish settlers in Israel and sells tools and devices to the Israeli checkpoints. 

The revelation came despite the human rights organizations' insistence that the checkpoints -- which dot the occupied lands -- breach the Palestinians freedom of movement. It also defied the firm's 2002 announcement that it would leave the West Bank in order not to cooperate with armed Israeli guards. 


Bio Of Dalit Baum


Dr. Dalit Baum


Dr. Dalit Baum is a professor of gender studies and world economy at Haifa University and Beit Berl College.   Dr. Dalit Baum has also taught at the University of California at San Diegothe University of California at Santa Cruz, and at the University of California at Berkeley.    Although she is trained in the field of mathematics, she usually teaches in the field of women’s studies, the global economy, and activism.   We could not find any evidence for the existence of academic books by Dr. Dalit Baum.       


Dr. Dalit Baum is active in a series of radical anti-Israel groups.   For starters, she is active in the International Solidarity Movement.   According to NGO Monitor, the International Solidarity Movement’s co-founders support both violent and non-violent acts of “Palestinian resistance” and believe that it is “noble” to carry out suicide bombings.    ISM played a prominent role in the Free Gaza flotilla, which attempted to break the Israeli naval blockade on Gaza and engaged in violent confrontation with Israel.   ISM has been responsible for endangering the lives of many foreign nationals, amongst them Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall, who were both killed while participating in ISM activities. ISM has been active in violent demonstrations against the Security Barrier in the West Bank and attempted to help terrorists take refuge in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2002.   In 2003, it was founded that the terrorists who attacked the Mike’s Place Bar in Tel Aviv had connections with ISM and utilized links with ISM activists to cover their treks.   In March 2003, a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist was arrested while hiding in ISM’s Jenin Office and being aided by two ISM activists. 


But unfortunately, ISM is not the only extremist group that Dr. Dalit Baum is active in.  In fact, Dr. Baum helped create the group Black Laundry, which calls for “Israeli apartheid” to be eliminated.   Black Laundry describes itself as “a direct action group of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, and others against the occupation.”   Its slogan is “transgender, not transfer.”  Interestingly, CLAF, the main lesbian feminist organization in Israel, refuses to have any thing to do with them.   Black Laundry, while constantly condemning Israel for mistreating homosexuals and protesting Israel’s supposed mistreatment of Palestinians, has never bothered to go to the PA to protest the mistreatment of homosexuals there, where the oppression of homosexuals is far more severe than any thing that happens inside Israel or thanks to Israel.         


Black Laundry’s main contributor is Coalition of Women for Peace, where Dr. Baum is the project coordinator of “who profits from the occupation.”    According to NGO Monitor, Coalition of Women for Peace is committed to the “struggle to end the occupation,” refers to the Security Barrier as an “apartheid wall,” celebrated Nakba Day on Israel’s Independence Day, supports the BDS movement, supports Refusniks, and has lobbied the British government to “prosecute Israeli war criminals.”   As part of her work with Coalition of Women for Peace, Dr. Baum spoke at the London School of Economics at a seminar entitled “the occupation of Palestine: who profits and who doesn’t” in 2009.   The talk was hosted by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.  


Dr. Baum is also active in Anarchists against the Wall, “a direct action group” that was established in response to Israel’s construction of the security barrier on “Palestinian land occupied in the West Bank.”    The Anarchists “works in cooperation with Palestinians in a joint popular struggle against the occupation.”   Since its formation, Anarchists against the Wall has “participated in hundreds of demonstrations and direct actions against the wall specifically, and the occupation generally, all over the West Bank.”            


In November 2010, Dr. Dalit Baum presented to the Russell Tribunal on Palestine that G4S is aiding her country in “war crimes” by providing equipment for “checkpoints, prisons, and illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.”   Also in November 2010, she gave a lecture that promoted flotillas, boycotts, demonstrations, and other direct actions to support the Palestinian “struggle.”   On February 11, 2010, Dr. Baum gave a lecture at the University of California at Berkeley entitled “who profits from the occupation?   Holding cooperation’s accountable.”   And right in the middle of the Gaza War, Dr. Dalit Baum tried to illegally enter Gaza to show solidarity to the people there with a group from Physicians for Human Rights-Israel.                  





Schools where she works, who profits from the occupation, Black Laundry, Coalition of Women for Peace


Mentions Women in Black and Anarchists against Fences, which is another name for Anarchists against the Wall


Co-founder of Black Laundry


Taught at the University of California at Berkeley and University of California at Santa Cruz




Russell Tribunal


Teaches women’s studies


Taught at the University of California at San Diego in math


Dalit Baum trained in the field of math


Dalit Baum teaches women’s studies, the global economy, and activism


Articles by Dalit Baum, but no books


Black Laundry calls for Israeli apartheid to be destroyed


Black Laundry calls for transgender, not transfer


CLAF refuses to have any thing to do with Black Laundry


Black Laundry connected with Coalition of Women for Peace


Dalit Baum at London School of Economics for Coalition of Women for Peace


Dalit Baum and ISM


Anarchists against the Wall


Dalit Baum on flotillas, boycotts, demonstrations, and other actions to support the Palestinian struggle


Dalit Baum at the University of California at Berkeley


Dalit Baum trying to illegally enter Gaza




Merav Amir is a PhD candidate at Tel Aviv University, a fellow at the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, and the research coordinator of “who profits from the occupation,” which is a project run by the Coalition of Women for Peace.   According to NGO Monitor, Coalition of Women for Peace is committed to the “struggle to end the occupation,” refers to the Security Barrier as an “apartheid wall,” celebrated Nakba Day on Israel’s Independence Day, supports the BDS movement, supports Refusniks, and has lobbied the British government to “prosecute Israeli war criminals.”  


However, the leadership position held by Merav Amir with the Coalition of Women for Peace is not our only issue with her.   In October 2010, Merav Amir wrote a report claiming that Israeli banks finance criminal activities in the Palestinian territories.   In July 2010, Merav Amir co-authored an article in Jewish Peace News with Dr. Dalit Baum where BDS was promoted, Israel was referred to as an apartheid state, Israel was accused of economically exploiting and repressing the Palestinians via military control, etc.   In June 2010, Merav Amir told the EU that even if they fund civilian projects in Israel, it would still result in the oppression of Palestinians, hoping that such a statement would stop the EU from funding Israel through the “framework program” for scientific research, which is the largest allocation of money that the EU invests in Israel.   In August 2009, Merav Amir was interviewed for an article entitled “who profits from the Israeli occupation” that advocated boycotting Ahava Dead Sea products and she reinforced the interviewer in supporting BDS.   And in November 2008, Merav Amir was quoted in an article as referring to Israel’s presence in the Palestinian territories as an “illegal occupation” and called upon companies to have “nothing to do with the occupation.”  






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