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Tel Aviv University
[TAU, Anthropology, assistants to Prof' Haim Hazan] Eyal (Niv) Clyne & Matan Kaminer, anarchists and radical activists

[TAU, Anthropology, teaching assistants to Prof' Haim Hazan] Eyal Niv & Matan Kaminer, anarchists and radical activists


Matan Kaminer

Matan Kaminer is a teaching assistant to Prof' Haim Hazan of Anthropologyat Tel Aviv University.He is a radical activist andconscientious objectorwho was among the5 IDF conscripts convicted for refusal to serve, together with Haggai Matar, son of TAU Dr. Anat Matar. He is also the grandson of the leading radical activistReuven Kaminer,member ofHadash party,was Vice-Provost of the School for Overseas Students, Hebrew University . In the words of anti-Israel Jewish Prof'Joel BeninofStanford University, Reuven Kaminer "was a powerful influence during a turbulent period in which I reevaluated much of what I thought I knew" when Benin took graduate studies at Hebrew University. Reuven Kaminer believes that critics of Israeli leftists should not have a right to express their opinions, and that Israel is engaging in politicide against the Palestinians. Matan kamineris also the grandson ofDafna Kaminer, who is the founder of Women in Black and holds vigils weekly against the occupation and settlements.

In 2010, Matan Kaminer signed ontoa letter to the German political party Die Linke, where a group of anti-Israel Israeli activists accused Israel of violating international law and committing war crimes, of being an occupying power, and of being racist.They went on to call upon Germany to stop selling weapons to Israel, to stop upgrading relations with Israel, to bar Israeli goods made in settlements in the EU, to support trying Israelis for war crimes, and to support anti-Israel activists.In 2009, Matan Kaminer alsosigned onto a letterstating that it is not anti-Semitic to boycott Israel and that it is a dishonor to the victims of the Holocaust to use its memory as a bludgeon to silence principled critics of Israels unconscionable treatment of Palestinians.In 2007, Matan Kaminer waspublished as statingthe Israeli-Palestinian struggle must be seen as a colonial conflict with a strong anomaly, that anomaly being that the Jewish-Israeli colonialists [] differ in many respects from other populations of colonists.In 2005, Matan Kaminer waspublished as statingin response to accusations that he was a traitor for refusing to serve in the IDF, If they consider me a traitor to the racist Israeli state that commits war crimes against the occupied Palestinians and one that oppresses its own people as well, then yes, I am a traitor to these causes.[.]I do not recognize the state of Israel as a moral authority.In January 2004, Matan Kaminer wassentencedto 12 months in prison for refusing to serve in the IDF.


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Course description

The course introduces areas of knowledge within anthropology, while examining their interfaces with other academic fields. The main axes of the course revolve around key disciplinary debates such as the construction of "nature" versus "culture", the essential versus the social, the universal versus the cultural and the global versus local. This follows a comparative and critical discussion of some of the main trends and theories underpinning the development of the discipline with special emphasis on methodological and ethical implications.



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Eyal (Niv) Clyne

Eyal (Niv) Clyne was last year a teaching assistant to Prof' Haim Hazan at Tel Aviv Universityand is anindependent researcherwho runs his own blog.He has been active inanti-Israelorganizations such as Physicians for Human Rights---Israel, the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions, and Breaking the Silence.According toNGO Monitor, PHR-I claims that they work to uncover Israels mechanisms of bureaucratic violence which is hidden from the public eye.They have referred to the IDF as the Israeli occupation forces and allege that Israeli physicians do not report on Palestinian prisoners being tortured.PHR-I provides first aid training to violent protesters at the security barrier near Bilin.As for the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions,NGO Monitorreports that Jeff Halper, who heads this NGO, routinely accuses Israel of engaging in apartheid, and his organization routinely accuses Israel of engaging in ethnic cleansing and state terrorism.ICAHD supports BDS and the Durban Strategy, and during the 2007 UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, ICAHDs representative referred to Israeli crimes, including its bloody and sadistic actions in Gaza and its atrocities.According to NGO Monitor,Breaking the Silenceis not much better than the other two organizations that Eyal Clyne was involved in, for Breaking the Silence is active in accusing Israel of committing war crimes, had members who sought to break Israels siege on Gaza with the Jews for Justice for Palestinians boat Irene, and Breaking the Silence actively collects testimonies from former IDF soldiers with the objective of painting Israel in a negative light.

On December 16, 2010, Eyal Clyne spoke at an event sponsored by the University College Londons Friends of Palestine group.The event was entitled why I am an activist?Eyal Clyneclaimedthat he grew up in a situation where the occupation exists and can imagine Palestinians who dont know what freedom means for they are born into this situation like him.He claimed that Israel justifies every thing with security but that this is problematic for there are cracks in this story.He claimed that house demolitions are a crack, for over 20,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished and ninety percent of them are not demolished for security reasons but because they lack a permit.He did not site a source for this statistic nor did he explain why these people were denied permits.Then, there is the fence, whose name was changed according to Clyne so that Israel would not be accused of engaging in apartheid.He claimed that Israel is trying to explain this fence with security explanations, but if one looks into the fence project, it is three times as long as green line and 80 percent of the fence is located inside the West Bank, implying in his view that security has nothing to do with the fence.Clyne did not mention how the fence has saved countless Israeli lives and how Israelis living in Judea and Samaria or East Jerusalem would not have received security protection if the fence was built along the green line.He mentioned how checkpoints separate Palestinian lands, how settlements in his view have nothing to do with security, and how confiscating lands has no security logic.By stating this, he ignored numerous IDF studies which show that the settlements combined with holding onto Judea and Samaria has enhanced Israeli security.According to Clyne, the main issue is a story of exclusivity.He claimed that he grew up in an illusion that he is living in a democracy.Of course, he did not mention how Palestinian terrorism led Israelis to wanting to be separated from Palestinians.Nevertheless, these things caused Clyne to reach three conclusions.The first is that he cant trust Israel as an Israeli.Saying this in the UK of course enhances anti-Israel sentiment there, for if an Israeli cant trust Israel, then how can a British person trust Israel?The second one is that certain things are beyond politics and that Israels actions put Israelis in danger for Israel ignores issues of justice, human rights, and freedom.He did not provide evidence regarding how Israels actions put Israelis in danger nor did he mention how Palestinians have ignored Jewish human rights and how Arab nations have ignored issues of justice for Jewish refugees from Arab lands.Nor did he mention how Israel offered the Palestinians the opportunity to be a state in the past but how the Palestinians rejected it.The third one is that he doesnt want people to get away with things.Clyne claimed that he saw perpetrators in Hebron do horrific things.For example, he claimed that a settler smashed the teeth of a four-year-old Palestinian child and that no one bothered to investigate it.He also claimed that he was working 24-7 helping out Palestinians during the Gaza War, where he claimed that Israel shot at children.Of course, he never mentioned how Palestinians who sent rockets to kindergartens and synagogues have never been prosecuted and provided zero evidence that Israel deliberately targeted children during Operation Cast Lead.Eyal Clyne concluded the youtube video by stating that it is important not to give the situation a title and that it is more important to focus on details, like how many people support ethnic cleansing.Based on his video, one would never know that the primary actors who are calling for ethnic cleansing are the Hamas organization, who publicly state that unless a Jew lived in Israel before WWI that Jew did not have a right to live in Israel.

Also in December 2010, Eyal Clyne claimed onhis blogthat a Hebron settler physically assaulted a Breaking the Silence activist and that Hebron settlers repeatedly and violently targeted Breaking the Silence tour guides.He claimed that the Hebron settlers were terrified that human rights activists might gain an understanding of what they are doing to innocent Palestinians.He claimed that most of the Hebron settlers Arab neighbors are subjected to cruel, continuous violence to the point where their everyday lives become unbearable that many eventually decide to leave their homes.Clyne referred to the settlers as terrorists and claimed that the police took zero action against such violence.Thus, Eyal Clyne is in denial about how Palestinians and Breaking the Silence often provoke settlers.

But as if that is not bad enough, in October 2010, Eyal ClynediscouragedJewish parents from sending their children on the Birthright Israel program supposedly because Israel indoctrinates them to be pro-Israel activists and does not show the Arab narrative.He ignores the fact that there areBirthright Israel groupsthat have visited Bedouin encampments before.Clyne also claims that Israel indoctrinates Jewish Diaspora kids for militaristic purposes, yet does not note that many of the events that Birthright does are apolitical, such as going on hikes or swimming or doing community service projects that benefit every one such as working in a hospital or going camel-back riding, and that Birthright kids dont always meet IDF officials.The author of this article that quoted Eyal Clynes blog in full went on to call upon Jewish parents to send their children on the Birthright Unplugged program instead, despite the factthat Birthright Unpluggedhas a clear political agenda of having participants develop an understanding of daily life under occupation and apartheid, actively encourages their participants to support boycotting Israel, and except for a meeting with the Ibdaa Cultural Center, which has a clear political agenda as demonstrated by theirparticipationin the Durban Conference, does not have a single cultural event or trip to see natural beauty on theiritinerary.Also, in 2009, Eyal Clyneparticipatedin a protest that declared that Yisrael Beiteinu was racist and blamed Ariel Sharon for the Second Intifada, despite the fact that Palestinian officials have admitted to the fact that the whole Second Intifada was planned by them ahead of time.


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Clyne: "besides the fact that Tel-Aviv University is already entangled with the army, the arms industry, and all the Arab Specialists it choose to further strengthen its ties with the movement for justifying the colonialization industry in its backyard; and besides that its xenophobia studies institutionis a leading partnerin the industry of the mystification of anti-semitism (and of courseplacesall criticism of Israel under this banner); this is also a real case of academic disgrace."


Thursday, December 23 2010|+972blog

byEyal Clyne|Translation: Hava Oz

Earlier this year, Harvards Professor Alan Dershowitz receivedan honorory doctorate from Tel-Aviv University.

Dershowitz, who is a staunch defender of civil rights in the US, shows a bit more flexibility when it comes to Palestinian rights. In his book, The Case for Israel, he recycles the claims that the world is against us, that criticism of Israel is based on false myths, that antisemitism is the root of such criticism, rather than Israeli state policy. He describes Israel as an exemplary democracy, and a safe-haven for the Jews. What about the occupation? The siege? Lebanon? The Nakba? These simply do not exist. Its all just persecution and discrimination.

Dershowitz and Israel is a love affair. He loves Israel, and Israel loves him back. Love, it is well known, is blind. In this affair Dershowitz gives Israel a national prerogative. Israel, in his eyes is the only country for the persecuted Jews (and therefore any attack on her is anti-semitic). In his book The Case for Peace he does not see such a need for the Palestinians. In his opinion, they can make do with enclaves (Bantustans) under complete Israeli control, completly disinherited of land, water, contiguity, borders, etc. He even has the audacity to call this a two state solution, that is acceptable to the Palestinians. However, mainstream Israel, which is in love with such drivel, is also in love with Dershowitz. So this political courtship continues under academic pretenses. Dershowitz even went so far as to launch a direct and personal attack on Goldstones lies, which delighted the ears of the recent war supporters. Even though the world raises a questioning eyebrow in his direction, Israelis, permanent victims in our own eyes, embrace him and raise him on a dais Ben-Dror-Yemini-style.

Although Dershowitz teaches at Bar-Ilan University, and at the Interdisciplinary Centre, it is not clear what academic or humanitarian accomplishment he has furthered, that enduced the board of governers to decide that he is the most suitable person for this title. His work, is open to much disagreement, and a number of books have been written that refute his claims (for example The Case against Israel, Counter Rhetoric, Beyond Chutzpah, all written by Jews). So besides the fact that Tel-Aviv University is already entangled with the army, the arms industry, and all the Arab Specialists it choose to further strengthen its ties with the movement for justifying the colonialization industry in its backyard; and besides that its xenophobia studies institutionis a leading partnerin the industry of the mystification of anti-semitism (and of courseplacesall criticism of Israel under this banner); this is also a real case of academic disgrace. His book was shown to contain many distortions, alterations of facts, and plagiarism (long quotes without reference to the source). A well known example is his reference to Benny Morriss book in order to prove thatonly2000-3000 Palestinians were expelled by order, when Morris actually writes of 200, 000-300, 000

The granting of an honorary degree by a leading Israeli academic institution is a badge of shame for the entire Israeli academia (in the past he also received such an honorary degree from Bar-Ilan University). It is a reminder that academic knowledge is not separable from the current historical, social and political atmosphere. Israelis dangerous sense of victimhood, resembling Germany after World War One, allows Israelis to continue and close their eyes.



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Proposal by: Mr. Eyal Niv, Tel Aviv University

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