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General Articles
IAM Friday Special: Letter to the TAU Dean of Humanities regarding TAU Prof. Moshe Zuckermann / Codes of Incitement



To the Dean of Humanities, Tel Aviv University


Dear Dr. Zisser,
 Congratulation to your new job at TAU! I know the Stephen Roth  
 Institute personally.

 I am a researcher on anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, and anti-Zionism  
 and Islamism.
 I was a Post-Doc at Yale University until 2009 (YIISA), holding a  
 PhD in political science from Innsbruck, Austria, from 2006.

 I am an expert on German anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, including  
 the work of Prof. Moshe Zuckermann.
 I published two books on German anti-Semitism so far, this year I  
 will publish my third book on that topic.

 Many journals around the world, including the Middle East Quarterly,  
 Jerusalem Post, Jewish Political Studiew Review,
 Die Welt, achgut, Tribuene, New Jersey Jewish News, Mentalities  
 among others have published my articles or reviews on anti-Semitism.

 I have seen your winter 2010/11 programme, including a lecture on  
 December 30, 2010, by Moshe Zuckermann.
 I am curious how this could happen. Zuckermann is a leading  
 anti-Israeli voice in Germany.
 Hardcore anti-Semites like the daily junge Welt or the Iranian news  
 quote Zuckermann regularly.
 Why did the Stephen Roth Center include such a person like  
 Zuckermann in its programme?
 What was the role of the two German foundations hereby?

 Zuckermann did very much support German style anti-Semitism by  
 writing for the daily junge Welt,
 formerly a daily of the GDR. They are known as enemies of the Jewish  
 state of Israel and friends
 of Jihad and any kind of anti-Western, anti-American ideology.

 Thank you very much for your response,

 Yours sincerely,

 Dr. Clemens Heni
 Research Fellow, Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of  
 Antisemitism (SICSA),
 Hebrew University, Jerusalem

 Clemens Heni, Ph.D.







Codes of Incitement

antisemitism, IAW, Israel Apartheid Week, IAW, CAIA : Dry Bones cartoon.
Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) is an annual event. Its purpose is to virally spread the demonization and the delegitimizationof the Jewish State. This year 40 festivals of hate will be celebrated simultaneously. It'll be in March, and they're already hard at work on preparations.

Last month the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA) announced the plan:

"This year, Apartheid Week will take place concurrently in over 40 cities worldwide, including Toronto, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Bay Area, Chicago, Washington, London, Oxford, and cities in South Africa. Complete with lectures, multimedia presentations, cultural performances, art showings film screenings and demonstrations, our understanding of apartheid Israel is developed throughout the Week, with every event and speaker adding insight into our analysis." more

Name:Yaakov Kirschen

I started Dry Bones in Jan 1973. Since then I've been known as "Bones" to friends and colleagues. This is the first time I've ever shared the "stories behind the cartoons." Enjoy.


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