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BGU's solicitation for donations sent to me in the mail
BGU's solicitation for donations sent to me in the mail Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 nch To the director of the American Associates of BGU: I note that in your solicitation packet you highlight the work done by BGU's scientists to make the desert bloom. Very nice indeed. But what about your social science and humanities departments-- you know, the ones which are infamous and notorious in their hateful post-Zionist and anti-Zionist super-leftist ideology? Why don't you mention their wonderful work? In this connection I think of that BGU celebrity Neve Gordon (among others) who traipses all over the world denouncing Israel as a vile apartheid state. And I think of your weak, spineless president Madam Rachel Carmeli who says, oh no, we can't restrict freedom of speech, it's a holy and absolute right, and it would be (shudder) McCarthyite to do so. And I personally think of the sniveling little Israeli creep whom you sent to be BGU's rep in Boston who, several years ago said to my face, here in Brookline, that I am "the scum of the earth." Why? Because I said to him, with good will, that BGU is shooting itself in the foot by harboring so many anti-Zionist academics and expecting American Jews to donate, in effect to pay the salaries of these barking dogs, and not to say a word in protest. So all in all, I am not at all interested in supporting BGU, not in the least. If and when the State of Israel is delegitmized, undermined and then effectively destroyed with the full assistance of your toxic anti-Zionist cadres, and that day may be coming sooner than you think, all BGU's fancy hi-tech science and desert research will be pointless and in vain. Israel and BGU will be a thing of the past. Go Palestine! Isn't that the loud, repeated message of BGU's social science and humanities departments? But of course. Yours truly, Pinchas Baram, Ph.D., Brookline, Mass.
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