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Ben-Gurion University
BGU is hitting the headlines today with Neve Gordon's upsetting remarks. Also see how BGU's is recruiting radical activists!

Maariv published in Hebrew an article today about a complaint that was issued by students who took the first year compulsory class of Prof. Neve Gordon at the Politics and Government department, where he said that the abduction of the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was not an act of Terrorism.
He said that the abduction of Gilad Shalit isn't an act of terror because according to his definition, Shalit is a soldier and attacking an army post is not an act of terrorism, as it is one military group against another. 
Gordon explained that keeping Shalit while not allowing visits of the Red Cross is illegal. "If I was abducted in a Kibbutz near Gaza, this is a terrorist act but it is not terrorism if the abducted person is wearing uniform".  
BGU students were very upset about Gordon’s comments and complained, so the University officials said they will check this incident.

In recent times, Ben-Gurion University has hired a new group of radical left wing academics in the Government and Politics department.   This group includes visiting lecturer Dahlia Scheindlin, Dr. Yulia Zemlinskaya, Dr. Gili Baruch, and Dr. Michal Givoni.   Each of these academics has solid anti-Israel activist records.   

Dr. Gili Baruch holds a BA in sociology and anthropology from Tel Aviv University, as well as an MA and PHD in sociology from Ben-Gurion University.   At present, she is the regional coordinator of Shatil’s Social and Economic Justice Initiative in Be’ersheva.   Evidently, Shatil has been active in supporting illegal construction in the Lod area. In addition, on facebook, Baruch is a fan of numerous extremist groups such as the New Israel Fund, the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement group, and Bimkom, and believes that her political views are “radical.”   She is also friends with Machsom Watch on facebook. 

Baruch helped to organize a Recognition Forum event that brought people over to encourage illegal construction in the Bedouin village of Um Ratam, which is part of her activities at the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality, where she serves on the board.    On December 10, 2010, according to facebook, Baruch attended a demonstration in Tel Aviv protesting supposed “racism” in Israel, as well as the “occupation,” and “threats to our freedom of speech.”   And on August 9, 2010, facebook claims that Baruch participated in a demonstration against the destruction of illegal Bedouin homes. 

At Ben-Gurion University, Baruch is currently teaching a course entitled “Engaging Civil Society in the Negev Region,” where she assigned anti-Israel readings such as “the counter-hegemonic role of civil society: Palestinian-Arab NGOs in Israel,” “state verses civil society? The Non-Binary model of domination through the example of Israel,” “Listening to the displaced narrative: Politics, Power, and Grassroots communication amongst Palestinians inside Israel,” “Suspended in space: Bedouins under the law in Israel,” “the invisible people come to light: internally displaced and unrecognized villages,” as well as readings by such prominent anti-Israel academics like Prof. Neve Gordon and Prof. Haim Yacobi.  The syllabus also included links to anti-Israel organizations like the UN Human Rights Council, the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality, Human Rights Watch, and Bimkom.   Evidently, Baruch’s anti-Israel activism at Ben-Gurion University is having a negative impact, for on facebook, she is friends with several Ben-Gurion University students as well as Rami Hod, a Ben-Gurion University teaching assistant in Sociology who in 2007 was charged by the University of Haifa together with a group of protesting students, both Jewish and Arab, with “provoking a commotion” and “wild behavior.” The Haifa Seven were put in front of a disciplinary committee.  Also, two years later Hod was arrested by the police in 2009 at the University of Haifa as a member of Hadash party again for demonstrating.   Now, Hod is a facebook friend of Dr. Ami Vatury, another radical activist from the Mizrahi Rainbow. 

Dr. Yulia Zemlinskaya is a Fellow in the Department of Government and Politics at Ben-Gurion University.   She is also the head of the Politics of Conflict International MA Program and was formerly employed at the University of Manchester, where she wrote her thesis on the “Politicization of Conscious: Conscientious Objection Movements in Israel.” Zemlinskaya is the author of Political Conscience in Israel: Draft, Resistance, and Conscientious Objection.  

In an article that she wrote entitled Between Militarism and Pacifism: Conscientious Objection and Draft Resistance in Israel, Zemlinskaya claimed that “post-Zionism, criticizing the discriminatory nature of the state in nationalistic terms, provides a vision of a more civil and liberal Israel.”   She also quotes late Baruch Kimmerling as stating that the Israeli social order is dominated by “Zionist hegemony” and claims that the “post-colonial theories applied to the Zionist movement have challenged the very core of Zionist ideology.”    

On September 15, 2009, Zemlinskaya organized a conference entitled “Social Movements, Participation, and Protest,” where she spoke on “Networks among Israeli NGOs.”   In June 2009, she spoke at the “25th Annual Association for Israel Studies Conference,” where she spoke about “Gendered Protest: Conscientious Objection Movements in Israel.”  And in 2006, Zemlinskaya gave this exact same lecture at a conference entitled “Return to Gender: Sex and Context across the Disciplines” at the University of Glasgow. 

Dahlia Scheindlin is a doctoral candidate at Tel Aviv University and is a visiting lecturer in the department of Government and Politics at Ben-Gurion University.  Her resume claims that her “social/political clients” includes the Meretz Party; Ir Amim, which promotes the Palestinian narrative on Jerusalem and minimizes Israeli security concerns;  the Palestinian Authority; Women against Violence, which according to NGO Monitor views Israel to be a “colonialist racist settler society” and supports BDS; and Gisha, which employs “apartheid” rhetoric, misrepresents international legal terminology, and accuses Israel of engaging in “collective punishment.”

On January 4, 2011, Scheindlin wrote an article entitled 101: How to make a martyr, from Al Durrah to Abu Rahmah.  In this article, she claimed that the deaths of Mohammed Al Durrah in 2000 and Jawaher Abu Rahmah in 2010 “came to symbolize the Palestinian struggle against occupation.”   After that, Scheindlin proceeded to discuss the demonstrations in Bil’in.  To Scheindlin, Bil’in is a symbol of the “non-violent, joint Israeli-Palestinian struggle against the occupation and the separation wall.”   As for Abu Rahmeh, according to Scheindlin, it no longer matters if Abu Rahmeh had a cold----what matters is that the IDF has already been “incriminated” and Abu Rahmeh has been “martyred.”   She claimed that IDF attempts to put the blame on other factors will not succeed to salvage Israel’s global image “after 43 years of indefensible occupation.”  On January 11, 2011, Scheindlin wrote an article about Israeli Democracy, where she argued that “the campaign against internal critics in 2010 makes this year the erosion of democracy.”  She compared the bad treatment of human rights organizations to “Holocaust deniers” that have “called for a different perspective on the Holocaust when they want to rewrite historical fact.” 

On February 22, 2011, Scheindlin wrote an article about J-Street where she referred to J-Streets critics as “obsessive, fanatical detractors.”   Scheindlin claimed that in Israel “the environment is increasingly unfriendly and yes, even threatening, to those who dare to speak what they consider the truth about Israel’s failed policies.”  For proof of this, she cited Israel Academia Monitor, whom she claimed was an “academic witch hunt group.”  Scheindlin continued by stating, “But the situation goes way beyond amateur bully-groups; there is a full-out legislative, media and civil society campaign to ignite and impose exclusive nationalism and stifle dissent.”   

Dr. Michal Givoni is working in Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University and Ben Gurion University. At BGU, she is teaching at the Politics and Government department. Her article "Witnessing / Testimony"  promotes 'Breaking the Silence' and questions the credibility of the IDF. "This testimony was made public by the Israeli group “Breaking the Silence,” in July 2009, a few months after Israel’s latest attack on Gaza, known as Operation Cast Lead. It was included in a compilation of soldiers’ testimonies released by this group of veterans in an attempt “to bring into question the credibility of the official IDF versions” of the war. This video testimony – one of several accompanying a booklet in which the bulk of the taped testimonies are reproduced – partakes in a particular economy of witnessing. The vast majority of the witnesses whose voices Breaking the Silence works to bring to the public discourse remain anonymous. In the group’s publication, their testimonies are broken down into thematic fragments, so that often several testimonies, though not explicitly related to one another, have actually been produced by one sole eyewitness. The witnesses, comprising both active duty and reserve soldiers, rarely voice any opposition to Israel’s actions during the attack on the Gaza strip or to the occupation at large." In general, this article speaks of such testimonies in the same line with testimonies of Holocaust survivors.



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