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Ben-Gurion University
BGU lecturer Idan Landau was sentenced to 7 days in military prison for refusing to perform reserves duty

Notice followed by bio


 Idan Landau, 44, a university lecturer and political blogger, was sentenced on Sunday, 8 May, to 7 days in military prison for refusing to perform reserves duty in the Israeli military. He is held in Military Prison no. 6 in the north of Israel. This is (to the best of my knowledge) the third time Idan Landau is sent to prison for his refusal to serve in an occupying force. He has also served prison terms in 2001 and 2003. Idan Landau is due to be released this Friday, May 13th, and possibly even a day earlier. As the release date is so near, there is little point in campaigning for his release at this point, and the update is mostly for your information.

עידן לנדו, בן 44, מרצה לבלשנות ובעל בלוג פוליטי, נידון ביום א' האחרון (8/5) ל-7 ימי מחבוש על סירובו לשרת במילואים בצבא הישראלי. הוא מוחזק בכלא 6 הסמוך לעתלית. זוהי הפעם השלישית (למיטב ידיעתי) שבה עידן לנדו נכלא בגין סירובו לשרת בצבא כובש. בעבר הוא ריצה תקופות מחבוש ב-2001 וב-2003. עידן לנדו אמור להשתחרר מהכלא ביום ו' הקרוב, ה-13/5, וייתכן ששחרורו אף יוקדם ביום. מכיוון שתאריך השחרור קרוב מאוד, אין טעם לנקוט כרגע בצעדים מעשיים בקריאה לשחרורו.

עידן לנדו, 44, פרופסור לבלשנות באונ' בן-גוריון, נכנס היום לשבוע בכלא 6 על סירוב לשרת במילואים במחאה על הכיבוש

לבלוג של עידן

לרגל גיחה לחו"ל והתרגעות בין הסורגים הבלוג יוצא לחופש. פרטים בהמשך.

May 9, 2011, the Independence Day which Idan Landau, professor of linguistics at Ben Gurion University of the Negev and a political activist, spent behind bars in the Military Prison 6 at Atlit. Idan Landau was born in July 1967, a month after the birth of the occupation, and he informed the military authorities of his refusal to perform reserve service in an army whose main task and mission is to maintain the occupation. At the alternative torch-lighting ceremony, organized by the Yesh Gvul Movement for those who don't feel at home in the official Independence Day ceremonies, Idan Landau was honored in his absence with lighting one of the twelve torches.


Prof. Idan Landau

Prof. Idan Landau teaches linguistics at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.   For his MA, he studied at Tel Aviv University under the late Prof. Tanya Reinhart, while for his PHD; he studied at MIT under Prof. Noam Chomsky.  Both Chomsky and Reinhart are/were well-known anti-Israel activists that oppose(d) the existence of Israel in its current form, support(ed) BDS, and are (were) ardent supporters of the Palestinians against their own people.   Evidently, both Chomsky and Reinhart influenced the political opinions of Landau.  


Landau has served time in prison for refusing to serve in the Palestinian territories, in addition to signing onto a petition that expressed support for students and faculty that have refused to serve in the Palestinian areas.   Landau signed onto a petition saying that Israel should be barred from joining the OECD until she supposedly abides by international law.   In March 2009, Landau signed onto a petition saying that it is no more anti-Semitic to boycott Israel than it was anti-South African to boycott apartheid in South Africa and that international pressure should be put upon Israel to change her policies, whether it is through a selective or comprehensive boycott.  Right in the middle of the Gaza War, Landau signed unto a petition calling for the UN to impose sanctions on Israel, for Israelis to be prosecuted for war crimes, and for the EU to impose sanctions on Israel and to cease upgrading bilateral relations with Israel.   In 2007, Landau wrote an article in YNET where he asserted moral equivalency between IDF operations and Palestinian terrorist operations.   In 2003, Landau signed onto a petition that urged the international community to intervene on behalf of the Palestinians against Israel.   

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