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Boycott Calls Against Israel
"Pluralistic" International Panel on Academic Boycotts, all panelists in favor academic boycott of Israel (Wits U, South Africa)

In favor of boycott of Israel: Judith Butler,Farid Esack,David Goldberg,Premesh LaluandRan Greenstein


Academic Boycott: Denormalisation and the Ordinary State

Date:14th July 2011 Venue:WISER Seminar Room, 6th Floor, Richard Ward Building, Wits East CampusTime:6 - 8pm

The Sawyer Seminar Series invites you to a public lecture:

Academic Boycott: Denormalisation and the Ordinary State

Judith Butler, Farid Esack, David Goldberg, Premesh Lalu and Ran Greenstein

Thursday 14 July

18h00 - 20h00

WISER Seminar Room, Richard Ward Building, 6th Floor, Wits East Campus

Refreshments will be served


The Sawyer Seminar Series at the Faculty of the Humanities, Wits
University, is coordinated by the Johannesburg Workshop in Theory
and Criticism (JWTC) and the School of Social Sciences with a
generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.



International panel debates academic boycotts

ByBuhle Zuma

12 July 2011

Opinions vary on whether academic boycotts are ethically justified and appropriate. Institutional

decisions often pit the interests of individuals, colleagues against each other and are often criticized

for going against the values of academic freedom. South African academics will have the opportunity

to discuss academic boycotts with their international counterparts this week in a seminar hosted by

Wits University.

Over 50 critical social analysts and scholars are congregating at Wits until 20 July 2011 to interrogate

various issues with the aim of overcoming fractures within the world of global scholarship as part of the

annual Johannesburg Workshop in Theory and Criticism, hosted by the Wits Faculty of Humanities.

Esteemed scholars including Judith Butler, Farid Esack a South African scholar, David Goldberg from

the University of California, Premesh Lalu Professor of History at the University of the Western Cape

and Ran Greenstein and Trustee of the District Six Museum will debate Academic Boycott:

Denormalisation and the Ordinary State this Thursday 14 July at 18:00 in the Wiser Seminar

Room. Butler will also deliver a lecture titled Is Judaism Zionism? on Tuesday,19 July.

For details on the Workshop founded by Wits professors Achille Mbembe, Kelly Gillespie and Julia

Hornberger, visit www.jwtc.org.za and select The Workshop.

For interviews please contact: Leigh-Ann Naidoo, Faculty of Humanities, on 072 023 7271.



Farid Esack|UJ PETITION|July 9, 2011

Press release from UJ Senate member - UJ's "boycott" of Israel stands

Misleading reports in the Israeli media have suggested that South Africa's University of Johannesburg (UJ) has reinstated its partnership agreement with Israel's Ben-Gurion University (BGU). As a representative on the University of Johannesburg's Senate, its highest decision-making body, and a member of its Senate Academic Freedom Committee responsible for international partnerships, I confirm that UJ's decision to terminate its institutional relationship with BGU remains.

On 23 March this year, in a widely publicized decision, UJ's Senate resolved to terminate its institutional agreement with BGU. The termination of the agreement was the result of BGU's failure to comply with conditions set by the university - including BGU's refusal to end its links with the Israeli military. This decision, based on the "principle of solidarity with the oppressed", was the result of a twelve month democratic, transparent, and consultative process. The campaign for UJ to sever its Israeli links included the support of Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and over 400 prominent South African academics.

In line with the principle of academic freedom, UJ's Senate affirmed that individual researchers may continue research relations in their individual capacity, without institutional partnering. Thus Bhekie Mamba, an individual scientist from UJ, was allowed to enter into an individual agreement to participate in a water research study with researchers from several universities, including one from BGU.

The claims in the Israeli media that an institutional contract has been revived is false and reflects a desperate attempt to counter Israel's increasing isolation. There has been no revival of institutional ties between UJ and BGU. In fact, the decision to terminate UJ's agreement with BGU was reaffirmed in a recent Senate meeting (22 June 2011) when it unanimously adopted the minutes of its earlier Senate meeting.

In addition, this morning UJ's Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation, Professor Adam Habib, confirmed that Bhekie Mamba's agreement is not an institutional one but "is an agreement where two researchers have decided to continue their research. UJ, as part of its commitment to Academic Freedom, has opted not to oppose Mamba's project".

In the course of this very public debate at UJ, which resulted in the termination of its relationship with Israel's BGU, the university specifically and academic freedom in general faced immense pressure and threats from exceptionally wealthy individuals in the South African hospitality and banking industries. The affirmation of the rights of individual academics to pursue their research must be accompanied by a fierce denunciation of the very private assault by capital on academic freedom and democratic processes at the academy.


*Farid Esack is a member on the University of Johannesburg's Senate and a member of the Senate Academic Freedom Committee. The Senate Academic Freedom Committee is the official university body mandated to assess all UJ's international agreements. He writes in his personal capacity.


Posted on 09-07-2011

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