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Other Institutions
[Ono Academic College] Amir Paz-Fuchs helps funding legal representation for the Palestinian struggle against Israel
DR. AMIR PAZ-FUCHS Amir Paz-Fuchs amir@law-oxford.com

D. Phil. Oxford University, England, Graduate of the Hebrew University School of the Law (magna cum laude). Head of the Program in The Social Contract Revisited and the Modern Welfare State and project coordinator at Oxford University

Co-Academic Director (with Prof. Itzhak Galnoor) of the “The Limits of Privatization” project that is part of the Van Leer Institute’s Hazan Center for Social Justice. Chairperson and Board Member of Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights. Board member (volunteer) of the Commitment to Peace and Social Justice association.

According to Adalah, Amir Paz Fuchs represented HRDF in Brussels in May 2011.

The Human Rights Defenders Fund (HRDF) 

The HRDF is a non-profit company registered in Israel. 

"Aid we’ve provided"

Al Araqib, February 2011

On February 10 2011, residents of the unrecognized Bedouin village of Al Araqib gathered with Israeli activists to protest itsdestruction, for the 15th time, by Jewish National Fund bulldozers. Police violently dispersed the peaceful demonstration, making arresting three activists. The Beersheeba Magistrate accepted the prosecution’s demand that the detainees be released [...]

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Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem, March 2011

On Friday, March 4 2011, activist Sara Benninga, just back from the US where she received J Street’s Giving Voice to our Values award, returned to lead another of the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement’s non-violent protests against evictions of Palestinian families. For the first time, they were met by a special Border [...]

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a-Nabi Salih, February 2011

The unarmed protest movement in the tiny village of a-Nabi Salih against the settler expropriation of ancestral land and the community’s only spring has long been a target for suppression by the IDF. After realizing that lethal violence did not deter the community, focus shifted to incarceration of its leadership. Some 13 percent [...]

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The Human Rights Defenders Fund (HRDF) will protect human rights defenders advancing democracy, liberty and equality, in Israel and the territories it controls, through provision of legal and other aid.

The structure of the HRDF and its operational methodology are designed to ensure:

(a)     fiduciary  and legal responsibility through a system of checks and balances, frequent performance reviews, full transparency and the appointment of experienced officers;

(b)    fiscal efficiency (80% to 90% of funds raised in 2011 will be disbursed as aid) through reduction of administrative costs to the bare minimum;

(c)     disbursement of aid to those who need it most, through appointment of an advisory board comprised of leading experts, from a variety of professional disciplines, equipped with a wide range of activist experience and connections;

(d)    rapid and flexible response to the legal needs of human rights defenders, through a highly empowered, yet carefully monitored, executive body.


Dina Goor Chairman of the Board of Directors. Designer. Co-founder, Yesh Din.

Adv. Avner Harari Attorney. Deputy General Manager [Claims Department], Migdal Group. Former member of Board of Directors, Yesh Din. Volunteer, Kav LaOved.

Mooky Dagan Musician and International Art Consultant. Co-founder, Yesh Din. Chairman, The Noa Eshkol Foundation for Movement Notation.

Adv. Wiam Shabita Attorney specializing in politically-oriented cases and issues of land ownership. Activist, Taayush

Shai Carmeli-Pollak Filmmaker (Bil’in My Love, Refugees). Activist,Palestinian Struggle Coordination Committee.

Dr. Amir Paz-Fuchs

Attorney. Program Director, The Social Contract Revisited, The Foundation for Law, Justice and Society, Oxford University. Lecturer, Ono College of Law. Academic Co-Director, State Responsibility and the Limits of Privatization Project, Chazan Center for Social Justice and Democracy, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Researcher, The Israeli Democracy Institute. Board Member and former Chairperson, Bimkom.

Dr. Hanoch Elran, Senior Neurosurgeon, The Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.

Menucha Moravitz, Sociologist. Lecturer, The Open University of Israel. Co-founder Yesh Din.





A. Mandate

Definition of “human rights defender” falling under the Fund’s mandate

According to the Fund’s mission, a human rights defender is an individual or an entity that works for the promotion of the human rights of others by documenting, monitoring, and protecting them peacefully, on a regular basis or occasionally, for a fee or voluntarily, and while recognizing the universality of human rights as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948);

The fact that the activities of the individual or entity protecting and promoting the rights of others may lead to the promotion and protection of the individual’s or entity’s own rights does not diminish their status as human rights defenders;

In the above definition of human rights defender, “human rights” refer to the basic human rights that were recognized or will be recognized under the international legal documents that form International Human Rights Law, including collective rights;

The recognition of an individual or entity as a human rights defender will be conducted always within the context of his activities to protect and promote human rights.

Definition of “need for assistance” falling under the Fund’s mandate

For the purpose of the Fund’s activity, a human rights defender’s “need for assistance” relates to the financial resources needed in order to finance:

  1. Legal protection for the defense of a human rights defender based on the suspicion that the said legal actions have been taken against him because of his activity as human rights defender, especially if these actions are taken in order to deter him and/or others from continuing this activity (“direct assistance”);
  2. Professional activities for the protection or promotion of human rights carried out by a human rights defender recognized as such (“direct assistance”).
  3. Services facilitating activities mentioned above in A and B and other types of direct assistance to protect and promote human rights of others, when these services are designed to allow and/or protect these activities (“indirect assistance”).

B. Priorities

In the initial stage, prior to the adoption of the final full criteria, the Fund’s Board of Directors will act according to the following parameters in making decisions concerning the allocation of financial resources:

  1. Preference will be given in allocating resources to finance the criminal cases against community leaders who are human rights defenders and active in the struggle against human rights abuses towards the Palestinians in the West Bank, and when suspicion is aroused that the charges were filed based on their human rights defender activities, and especially when the suspicion is that the intention is to deter them and/or others from continuing these activities.
  2. Preference will be given to financing the professional legal activities of human rights defenders for representation of detainees arrested during demonstrations against human rights violations in the occupied territories.
  3. Preference will be given to direct assistance over indirect assistance.

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