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[Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College] Ofer Kassif: We have always opposed Western imperialism
Editorial Note:
Dr. Ofer Cassif, a professor of history and a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party,  is very quick to demonstrate his leftist credentials by supporting the "masses of citizens" in Israel in their struggle against their "exploitation by wealthy capitalists"  and their "allies in Benjamin Netanyahu's government.  When it comes to speak out against the brutal crackdown on Syrian protestors, his language gets convoluted.  He condemns the Assad regime, but at the same time notes "we oppose Western imperialism which tries to join forces with Arab reactionism in order to advance its own interests."  Does he mean to say that the Syrian people who protest and die every day are "Arab reactionaries?"  His own solution: "setting the nations free from any subjugation, by themselves and for themselves" is also in the realm of Orwellian Newspeak, as this is exactly what the Syrian masses have been trying to do. 
Cassif's tortured explanations are not only an insult to simple logic but reflect his moral bankruptcy.

Name Cassif Ofer
School Government and Society
Phone 052-3877433
Email ofercass@mta.ac.il
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  • Published 01:25 15.08.11
  • Latest update 01:25 15.08.11

Letters to the Editor (August 15, 2011)

Yes, there is a left

In response to "You call this a left," July 26

Salman Masalha attacked Maki, the Israeli Communist Party, and Hadash, charging that they have become populist nationalist bodies that supposedly support dictatorial regimes such as that of President Bashar Assad in Syria. He hints that the two parties represent one point of view in Hebrew for our Jewish supporters and a different point of view in Arabic for our Arab members.

The Israeli Communist Party and Hadash have always condemned repressive and exploitative regimes in the Arab countries. In this respect, nothing substantial has changed. For many years, we have condemned the Assad regime (as well as the regime of Muammar Gadhafi in Libya and other regimes in the Arab world ). At the same time, we have always opposed Western imperialism which tries to join forces with Arab reactionism in order to advance its own interests.

As members of the left, we refuse to choose between two alternatives that the agents of world capitalism pose - support for reactionary local regimes or external imperialist control - and we point to the real alternative: setting the nations free from any subjugation, by themselves and for themselves.

These positions have appeared in our official publications in Arabic and Hebrew, and with the same wording. The Israeli Communist Party and Hadash wholeheartedly support the protest by the masses of citizens in Israel against their exploitation by wealthy capitalists and their allies in Benjamin Netanyahu's government. That is as left as it gets.

Dr. Ofer Kasif,

Member, Israeli Communist Party central committee

Advocate Aiman Odeh,

Hadash secretary general.

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     From Sandi, Sent in 07-09-2011
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