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Boycott Calls Against Israel
Swedish call for academic boycott of Israel: Demands that Royal Inst. of Technology cancels agreement with Technion

218 signed the call for a Swedish academic boycott of Israel

Swedish universities must not participate in research or any other type of cooperation with Israeli academic institutions. The Swedish government should act for the cessation of EU’s research support to Israel, which will inevitably strengthen the continued occupation of Palestine. This is what 218 Swedish persons demand in a Call for academic boycott of Israel. Twelve of the signato­ries are professors, while 14 are associate professors, 23 senior lecturers or researchers and 70 are students. 

The boycott is not aimed at individuals but against institutions. So far no Israeli academic institution has dissociated itself from Israel’s apartheid policy or the discrimination of Palestinians in Israel. Therefore all collaboration with Israeli academic institutions should be stopped, the signatories say.

Press release 2 October 2011

218 signed Call for a Swedish academic boycott of Israel

Swedish universities must not participate in research or any other type of cooperation with Israeli academic institutions. The Swedish government should act for the cessation of EU’s research support to Israel, which will inevitably strengthen the continued occupation of Palestine. This is what 218 Swedish persons demand in a Call for academic boycott of Israel. Twelve of the signatories are professors, while 14 are associate professors, 23 senior lecturers or researchers and 70 are students. 

The boycott is not aimed at individuals but against institutions. So far no Israeli academic institution has dissociated itself from Israel’s apartheid policy or the discrimination of Palestinians in Israel. Therefore all collaboration with Israeli academic institutions should be stopped, the signatories say.

The initiative to the Call was taken by the Action group for boycott of Israel at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. The group demands that KTH shall cancel its ongoing agreement with Technion, the leading Israeli technical university. Technion has close collaboration with the Israeli military forces. As an example it may be mentioned that Technion is developing new types of drones for the destruction of Palestinian houses (used to kill thousands of people). Researchers of Technion act as advisors to Israel’s military and the university collaborates closely with Israel’s biggest weapons producer Elbit. 

The demand for academic boycott is getting worldwide support. The biggest student union in Europe – the united union of London’s 20 universities and colleges, comprising 120,000 students –has decided to support boycott. In Norway 100 prominent persons have signed an appeal to the same end. Other examples are the staff association of McGill University in Montreal, the student union in Uppsala and the student union of Berkeley. The University of Johannesburg has broken its 
cooperation with the Ben Gurion University.

Within European Union countries a network for academic and cultural boycott was formed last year. See its website www.epacbi.eu. 

For further information you may visit the website of the KTH action group http://www.psabi.net/ or contact the persons below.

Dick Urban Vestbro, Professor Emeritus, +46706559483
Lina Suleiman, PhD, researcher, +46704231157
Jan-Erik Gustafsson, Assoc Prof, +4687907359

The Call with signatories is attached. It is sent to Swedish academic institutions, the National Swedish Agency for Higher Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, media and to international solidarity organization.

Call for a Swedish academic boycott of Israel

The state of Israel occupies the Palestinian territories, denies basic human rights to Palestinians and refuses to comply with UN resolutions, including the ones stating that Palestinian refugees have the right to return. 

Israel subjects the Palestinian population to daily harassment and forces them to abandon more and more areas. The situation has rightly been compared to apartheid South Africa.

Israeli academic institutions are deeply complicit in Israel's occupation of Palestine. They cooperate closely with the security-military establishment. They offer advice to military intelligence and assist in developing weapon technologies for the Occupation forces. So far, none of the Israeli academic institutions have dissociated themselves from the occupation regime, or condemned the entrenched system of discrimination of Palestinians. 

Despite Israel’s refusal to comply with international law it is not met with sanctions. It is therefore imperative that ordinary people take up the challenge and put pressure on Israel. Palestinian academics have repeatedly called upon their colleagues abroad to boycott Israeli academic institutions in order to end the occupation and the oppression. We, the signatory of this call, want to respond positively to their call. 

We do not want to end dialogue, but we want to show that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is unacceptable. 
The future for both Palestinians and Israelis depends on ending the occupation and on securing justice and equality. We believe that this will not happen without external pressure. Moreover, teachers, scientists and students in Israel oppose the occupation. These groups are in need of international support.

The academic boycott is aimed at the isolation of Israeli universities and other teaching and research institutions in order to challenge their complicity in maintaining the Israeli occupation and other violations of international law. An academic boycott targets institutional links between Israeli universities and Swedish partners in the form of university pairing, exchanges, joint programs and research initiatives. It is not a ban on individual Israeli academics, regardless of their opinions.

We ask employees and students at Swedish universities and research institutions to join our call. At the same time, we call for cooperation with and support for organizations and individuals in Israel, including research workers and students who are working to end the occupation and the denial of human rights for the Palestinians. 

• Refuse participation in academic cooperation, collaboration or joint projects with Israeli universities;
• Refrain from attending or co-sponsoring conferences and other academic activities held at Israeli universities;
• Suspend all forms of funding, subsidies and scholarships to Israeli universities;
• Promote divestment from Israel by academic institutions;
• The Swedish government must act to stop European Union research collaboration with Israel;
• Foster initiatives that directly support Palestinian educational institutions and ensure opportunities for Palestinian students and faculty.

Name City/place Affiliation/institution Academic title

1. Dick Urban Vestbro stockholm Urban & regional studies, KTH Prof Emeritus
2. Jonatan Stanczak Stockholm/Jenin The Freedom Theatre drama and theatre school in Jenin Master Student
3. Feras Hammami Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology PhD Student
4. Per Gahrton Täby Swedish Green think tank Cogito PhD of Sociology, director of Cogito
5. Lina Suleiman Solna, Stockholm Urban & Regional studies, KTH PhD, Researcher
6. Singoalla Tiroler Uppsala Uppsala Universitet Medicine studerande
7. Lars Drake Uppsala Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet Adjungerad professor
8. Gunilla Priebe Stockholm Karolinska Institutet PhD
9. Enar Nordvik Skellefteå City of Skellefteå/Luleå Univ of Tech PhD
10. Roland Anrup Härnösand Humaniora Professor
11. Edda Manga Uppsala Dept of History of Ideas Uppsala univ Researcher
12. AnaLuisa Escobar Sverige grafic screen tryckare av konst
13. Susanna Lundberg Malmö Malmö högskola doktorand i sociologi
14. Kerstin Johansson Staffanstorp Arabiska fil mag, pol mag
15. Kerstin Edquist Stockholm JMK, Stockholms universitet Journalist
16. Hans Abrahamsson Gothenburg School of Global Studies, Gothenburg University Associate professor
17. Nina Jakku Stockholm Södertörn Högskola Master Student
18. Hans Arvidsson Stockholm Retired Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts
19. Leif Törnqvist Ronneby Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn Adjunkt
20. Ann Mari Engel Stockholm City of Stockholm Ph D
21. Olof Holmgren Malmö Lunds universitet Pol kand
22. Roya Asadpour Stockholm Social University Socialworker
23. Arvid Pein Nyköping Nyköpings Gymnasium Student
24. Josef Bjursell Malmö Malmö högskola fil. kand student
25. Anders Johansson Ronneby x x
26. Lisa Nordling Stockholm Stockholms Läns Landsting sjuksköterska
27. Mohammad Chaaban Helsingborg Sas University
28. Miriam Acuna Stockholm Filosofi Uppsala Univ, Estetik Södertörns högskola student kandidat examensarbete
29. Sara Wahlström Stockholm Uppsala university undergraduate student
30. Amjad Assadi Göteborg Medical university of Gdansk Medical student
31. Susanne Lundgren Stockholm Palestinagruppen Stockholm Genusvetare
32. Niklas Byström BOLLNÄS PRV Trademark & industrial design examiner
33. Mikael Lovlund Göteborg Medical School Medical Doctor
34. Sara Massoud Landskrona Malmö Högskola English & Human rights teaching
35. Anette Johansson Stockholm Vårdförbundet Reg. Nurse B.Sc
36. Sigyn Meder Järfälla lärare adjunkt
37. Ingemar Norrlid Karlskrona Blekinge Tekniska Högskola Docent, retired
38. Patricia Lorenzoni Gothenburg University of Gothenburg Ph.D.
39. Erik Edquist Gävle Uppsala universitet Master student
40. Joakim Bülow Lund Elektro- och Informationsteknik Master Student
41. Luma Kalaji Lund Lund University MA Student
42. Jan-Erik Gustafsson Stockholm Land and Water Resources, KTH Associate professor
43. Karl-Magnus Melin kristianstad x archaeologist44. Lars Forsberg Stockholm Karolinska institutet senior lecturer
45. Per Torlöf Lund LTH Engineer
46. Christer Hogstedt Stockholm Hälsa och Samhälle Professor emeritus
47. Snorre Lindquist Stockholm SAR Retired Architect
48. Erik Göthe Bandhagen practising lawyer jur kand
49. Lasse Wilhelmson Täby x Fil kand
50. Henrik Linde Stängnäs Folket i Bild/Kulturfront Teknologie licenciat
51. Sara Hallström malmö LTH Arkitektskolan arkitekt
52. Åsa Lindquist Bush Lund Vipeholms gymnasieskola retired teacher
53. Gerda Wissler Lund x x
54. Elsa Grip Lund Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences phd-student
55. Lars Asklund Malmö LTH Architect
56. Marcus Regnander Göteborg sahlgrenska akademien bachelor 
57. Gunnel Hemmel Malmö-Sweden x x
58. Jan Grevstad Geneva, Switzerland Independant; also Treasurer of "Assoc.Enfants de Gaza" Sivilökonom
59. Fereshteh Ahmadi Uppsala Department of psychology and Social Work, University of Gävle Full Professor
60. Bertil Egerö Lund Lund university, Sociology Associate professor
61. Britt Louise Tillbom Stockholm Freelance Actrice Actrice, Teacher. Director
62. Erik Engelbrektsson Göteborg Högskolan Karlstad f.k.
63. Miray Boyacioglu Stockholm Litt.vet./UU Ma-stud.
64. Håkan Larsson Löberöd retired Ph.D., culture historian
65. Roger Karlsson Getinge Gbg University Gender science, History of ideas Bachelor of sience
66. Carl Frick Katrineholm KTH Engineer
67. Lisa Nordlund Umeå Psychology Student
68. Arvid Lindgren Göteborg Civil Engineering Student
69. Iyad Zikra Stockholm DSV/Stockholms Universitetet Doktorand
70. Claes Theliander Visby Gotlands museum Phd
71. Viktor Arnell Linköping Linköpings universitet Student
72. Suleman Kukka Salam Stockholm Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) SSE BSc in Business and Economics
73. Mohammed Issa Göteborg Blekinge Tekniska högskola Master student
74. Sally Issa Lund Solid mechanics LTH PHD Student
75. Hans Johansson Göteborg Pedagogiska institutionen Grundskollärare SO
76. Hussein Agha London, UK University College London Master of Science
77. Manar Bawaqneh Linköping Linköpingsuniversitet Student - socionom
78. Elias Andersson Umeå SLU Doktorand
79. Henry Ascher Göteborg Gothenburg University and Nordic School of Public Health Assoc. professor
80. Rebecca Weisberg Uppsala Pharmaceutic faculty, Uppsala University Student
81. Dror Feiler Stockholm EJJP --
82. Juan Grafeuille Stockholm KTH Urban Studies Economist
83. Lars Orrskog Stockholm KTH Associated Professor
84. Johanna Westberg Sockholm economic history student
85. Rula Shadeed Uppsala Uppsala universistet Human rights MA student
86. Yngve Hansson Sundsvall Sundsvalls Gymnasium Master of Dev Studies87. Annelie Schlaug Lund, Malmö - PhD student
88. Edme Dominguez Göteborg Göteborgs Universitet Associated Professor
89. Ulf Bjerén Karlskrona X Leg. sjukskötare
90. Lena Eile Lund Languages and Literature, Lund Univ PhD, Senior Lecturer
91. Andreas Malm Lund Lund University PhD candidate
92. Jonas Svensson Solna KTH Student
93. Mamoun Muhammed Stockholm KTH Professor
94. Karolina Isaksson Stockholm VTI Associate professor
95. Kent Lundqvist Stockholm Karolinska Institutet M.Sci.
96. Mojgan Ebarhimi Stockholm Karolinska sjukhuset, Karolinska Institutet PhD Student, researchers
97. Lars Lannfelt Uppsala Uppsala University Professor, MD
98. Filip Söderberg Stockholm Stockholms Universitet Grundskolelärare
99. Gunnar Olofsson Borås Hospital of Borås (SÄS) M.D, Ph.D.
100. Alvaro Fraygola Stockholm Vårdförbundet / Swedish Association of Health Professionals Reg. Radiographer
101. Jorge Buzaglo Sundbyberg Independent researcher Honorary Assoc Prof in Economics, Univ of Stockholm
102. Andeas Hallberg Lund Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University Phd student
103. Dalya Samara Stockholm KTH MSc student
104. Cindrella Mizher Malmo Lund University MA student
105. Laila K Lund Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University Student
106. Showayb Zahda Lund Blekinge Tekniska Högskola Master Student
107. Michel Saremi Humlebaek University of Copenhagen Student
108. Anja Skoglund Halmstad Lunds universitet ?
109. Karim Khalil Lund LTH Master Student
110. Bosse Bergman Stockholm Urban studies and Built Environment tech. doc.
111. Mohannad Yoisif Malmö Alnarps universitet. stadsarkitekt
112. Nabil Kassem Stockholm Energy Technology, KTH Prof. Em
113. Karin Ekström Stockholm School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg PhD Student
114. Ann Schlyter Lund Global Studies. Gothenburg University Associate Professor
115. Gunnar Jacks Stockholm Land and Water Resources Eng, KTH Prof. Emeritus
116. Fabian Hägglund Wennergren Uppsala Law Student
117. Göran Tannerfeldt Stockholm Retired Architect
118. Michael Walls Gothenburg, School of Global Studies/Centre for Ed Science and Teacher Research Phd Ed Science in Social Science
119. Beniamin Knutsson Gothenburg Dept of Education and Special Educ. Ph D student
120. Madeleine Prutzer Gothenburg School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg PhD student
121. Ki Nilson Karnerud Stockholm Kriminalvården Psykoterapeut
122. Helena Gynne Umeå Umeå Universitet läkarstudent
123. Wil Burghoorn Gothenburg School of Global Studies Dr.
124. Karl-Gunnar Norén Stockholm N&N Författare
125. Björn Elinder Stockholm Retired Architect
126. Jan Strömdahl Stockholm Free Architect
127. Marita Eastmond Gothenburg  School of Global Studies Professor
128. Agneta Tannerfeldt Stockholm Retired M. Sci.129. David Karlsson Umeå Umeå universitet Former student
130. Karin Thorborg Västerås Member of local government MA
131. Rosa Lundmark Stockholm Socialhögskolan i Stockholm Magister i socialt arbete
132. Björn Melander Stockholm Teater regissör
133. Ingela Söder Borås Södra Älvsborgs Sjukhus Läkarsekreterare
134. Margareta Creutzer Stockholm Stockholms universitet Socionom
135. Madi Gray Stockholm KTH - konsult Ms
136. Josephine Rubia Johansson Göteborg Global Studies University of Gothenburg Bachelor degree
137. Britt Edwall Stockholm independent writer
138. Helen Hjorth Gothenburg School of global studies, University of Gothenburg PhD student
139. Karin Yttergren-Sahli Örebro pensionär socionom
140. Shizuka Tajima-Fäger Lidköping HV fil mag
141. Bitte Engzell Stockholm Botkyrka kommun, socialtjänstförvaltningen socionom
142. Ingemar Sävfors Lidingö Sveriges Arkitekter architect
143. Maj-Lis Follér Göteborg University of Gothenburg Ph. D
145. Shora Esmailian Stockholm - -
146. Catherine Holt Göteborg Göteborgs Universitet student, vice ordförande Vänsterns Studentförb.
147. Olga Nielsen Stockholm nielsen och norén förlag Teacher
148. Joakim Pettersson Lund - Fil. Kand. Genusvet, Fil. mag. Teor filosofi, Folkhögskolärarexamen
149. Tjatte Hedlund Arlöv LHS = Livets hårda skola Människa och kosmopolit
150. Ahmed El-Ali Lund LTH Master Student
151. Cecilia Arvidsson Malmö Sjukgymnastinst Physiotherapist
152. Kerstin Påvall Ragab Helsingborg sv soc o kom, helsingfors pensionerad journalist
153. Anna Barsotti Stockholm Reggio Emilia Institutet fil kand, project leader
154. Anders Neergaard Malmö Sociologist Associate Professor
155. Maria Halla Stockholm Praktiserande arkitekt Arkitekt
156. Laura Björck Lund Språk- och Litteraturcentrum Student
157. Ghedir Alhasseni Malmö Lunds Universitet Studerande
158. Zeinab El-saneh Göteborg Global studies Magister i mänskliga rättigheter
159. Louise Thorn Göteborg Emmaus Björkå Programme officer
160. Gert Andersson Lund Clinical neurophysiology Associate professor
161. Paula Björck Lund Språk- och litteraturcentrum Student
162. Josefine Burman Lund Språk och Litteratur centrum Lunds universitet kandidat arabiska
163. Daniel Wolski Malmo Watch it PACS graduate
164. Karl Fors Göteborg Faculty of law Lawyer
165. Rolf Björnson Malmö Lunds universitet fil. kand.
166. Christopher Elmgren Halmstad Gothenburg University Student
167. Staffan Lundén Göteborg School of Global Studies Ph D student
168. Caroline Runesdotter Gothenburg Dept of Education and Special Edu. Senior Lecturer
169. Håkan Engler Stockholm TBWA Fil mag.
170. Mats Lindström Söderhamn PRV Trademark examiner
171. Ernfors Eva Stockholm Stockholm university Ph.D
172. Emile Badarin Stockholm N/A DPhil cand; MSc Spat Plan, Pol Science, IR
173. Lisa Nilsson Stockholm Stockholm hbf consult
174. Joakim Andersson Malmö Lunds University student
175. Celie Eklund Malmö malmö art academy master in fine art
176. Björn Hasselgren stockholm göteborg university ass. prof.
177. Maria Hägglund Stockholm Ersta Sköndal högskola Student
178. Rita Shakhtour Malmö Primary health care in Skåne MD
179. Niclas Klang Västerås Ersta Sköndal Högskola Student
180. Patrik Ekelund Umeå Umeå univeritetet Lärarstudent
181. Jihad El-Hajj Göteborg Jobb Ingen
182. Tove Karnerud Malmö Lund universitet student
183. Camilla Puskaric Malmö Lund samtalsterapeut
184. Hanin Assali Eskilstuna Akad för Hälsa Vård och Välfärd Socionom
185. Linda Sternö Göteborg school of film directing lecturer
186. Zena Assali Södertälje . .
187. Maximilian Tetch Borås . .
188. Laila Shakhtour Kristianstad CSK Läkare
189. Maria Stenström Uppsala Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet phD-student
190. Gunilla Granath Stockholm Mälardalens högskola lecturer
191. Karin Nylén Göteborg Pedagogen Gymnasielärare
192. Tomas Wikström Malmö Malmö högskola, Urbana studier professor
193. Lars Ernholm Stockholm Konstfack lecturer
194. Lisa Lindström Falun ? ?
195. Gustav Hillbom Stockholm Konstfack student
196. Bisan Khalil Göteborg palestinian x
197. Malin Frisk Uppsala Tecnological Institution Student
198. Ib Lundgren Malmö Malmö högskola Librarian
199. Anton Höjer Falun Högskolan Dalarna Student
200. Johanna Pettersson Västerås, Sweden Social work, Mälardalens University Socionom
201. Samer Sawalha Stockholm Teacher/KTH PhD
202. Björn Rönnblad Göteborg Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset läkare
203. Roya Hakimnia Uppsala Dept of Public Health and Caring Sciences PhD Student
204. Ida Linander Umeå Medical institution Student
205. Stellan Vinthagen Henån Global Studies, Univ of Gothenburg Associate professor
206. Hussein Khalili Stockholm Stockholm university Teacher/ student
207. Elvisa Omerovic Stockholm Academic Ekonom
208. Kjell Fransson Stockholm SU Docent
209 Per Möller Linköping Dep. of Culture Studies, Linköping University Phd student
210 Thomas Karlsson Göteborg Göteborgs Universitet Statistician
211 Lars Jonsson Norrrköping ISAK, Linköpings Universitet Adjunkt
212 Olle Josephson Stockholm Nordiska språk, Stockholms univ Professor
213 Therese Lundin Gothenburg School of Global Studies Master Student
214 Annika Aronsson Kalmar Linnaeus University Student
215 Alaa Kullab Stockholm KTH PhD student
216 Kerstin Forsberg Stockholm Centre for Psychiatry research MSW
217 Ylva Granström Lund Lund Institute of Technology Bachelor student
218 Hannah El Hamalawy Lund Eco-philosophy Student

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