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General Articles
Double Standards of Radical Gay Academics: A Question of Credibility
Editorial Note
Gay,Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) have made impressive strides in Israeli society; the Israeli Defense Forcewas among the first militaries toallow openly gay and lesbian soldiers to serve in its ranks.Such attitude ofacceptancestands in stark contrast to the fate ofhomosexuals in manyMuslim societies;in Iranthey arehanged on trees in public parks and inTaliban- ruled areas ofAfghanistan the punishment is even more gruesome - theyare buried up the their waist against a brick wall that is then toppled on them by a bulldozer. Fearful for their lives, gays in Hamas- controlled Gaza have fled to Israel to seekasylum. The recent elections in Egyptraised the possibility of a stricter application of Sharia Lawthatdemands capitalpunishment for homosexuals.
One would assume that gay professorswould acknowledge the liberal treatment of the GLBTs.But Aeyal Gross(TAU), Roy Wagner(TAU)Orna Ben Naftali(Colman), Yishai Blank(TAU),Dalit Baum(Haifa U) Hannah Safran (Emek Yizrael College),Yuval Yonay(Haifa U) and others have nothing but condemnation for Israel. Indeed, in the convoluted logic of their neo-Marxist, critical studies paradigm, even sheltering of the Palestinian gays is a "sin", a public relations gimmick to coverthe"sins" of colonialism, imperialism, racism, and homophobia. As their articles indicate, they have used thousands of wordsto denounce Israel without as much as noting the egregious violations of human rightsin many Muslim countries.
But as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a question to Professor Yonay; wouldhe be able tohold an academic appointment inaMuslim countrywhenattiredinthis fashion?

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From:Roy Wagner
To:againstwall againstwall
Sent:Sunday, 20 November 2011, 1:02
Subject:[againstwall] This Friday in Bil'in

The threat of rain resulted in a smaller than usual demo in Bil'in. Only 5 internationals and about 15 Israelis joined the Bil'iners in their protest against being excluded from their own lands by the apartheid wall. The theme was Thawabet - the elementary demands of the Palestinians. By the time we got to the fence, the shabab had already been busy throwing stones, but only when the the peaceful procession approached did the army bother to shoot a few canisters to welcome us. The protesters gathered next to the fence, chanted, were threatened by the soldiers, and had gas shot over their heads in the direction of the shabab. A lively discussion developed across the wall between some shabab and some settler kids revolving mainly around their mothers. The settler kids swirled some stones in a makeshift sling, but didn't seem to know quite how to launch them.

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