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Tel Aviv University
[TAU & BGU, Latin American studies] Efraim Davidi's Marxist Nostalgia in the Academy: Beyond the Palestinian Issue

מעמד העובדים בעידן הגלובליזציה
Dr. Efraim Davidi
Email: davidief@netvision.net.il

Editorial Note:

For decades now, the radical leftist academics has concentrated their main effort on advocating a one state solution to the Palestinian problem and warning about fascism in Israel. However, the recent economic upheaval in Europe and the United States has revived its dream of a socialist world. The Left Bank, an Alternative Cultural Center has been particularly active; it sponsored the fourth annual Marxist conference and a number of meeting on "Left Perspectives on the International Crisis of Capitalism."
The lectures in Tel Aviv featuring Professor Avishai Ehrlich (HUJ) and Dr. Efraim Davidi (BGU & TAU), a member of the Israeli Communist Party, is billed as a review of the anti-capitalist protest movement around the world and in Israel. Those familiar with the somewhat opaque Marxist lingo would notice the particular elation of the organizers. They are confident that the 1975 prediction by Jurgen Habermas, the iconic German neo-Marxist philosopher, about the "Coming Crisis of Capitalism" is just around the corner. These true believers are willing to overlook the fact that it was the Soviet Union and not the capitalist West that had collapsed since Habermas published his opus.
They also seem to defy reality today. With the resounding defeat of the socialist party in the Spanish elections, only three percent of the EU still has a left-leaning government; Greece and Italy were forced into a painful restructuring of their economy to reduce national debt accumulated by generous welfare benefits and other socialist perks. The United States, where the Occupy Wall Street protests has disintegrated into a chaotic social scene, is facing its own debt crisis moment, with plans to cut social benefits and entitlements afoot. Conversely, Israel has won high marks for its prudent economic policies that staved off a similar debt crisis.
Fealty to party dogma rather than reality has always characterized communist events. Ehrlich and Davidi, who had shown their ideological bent in the past, are not expected to break this mold.

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Efraim Davidi 
Sent: Saturday, 19 November 2011, 16:25
Subject: [ActLeft] הרצאה בתל-אביב: המחאה נגד הקפיטליזם בעולם ובישראל

הרצאה בתל-אביב: המחאה נגד הקפיטליזם בעולם ובישראל
מקהיר ועד אתונה, מאתונה לתל-אביב ומתל-אביב לניו יורק: בחודשים האחרונים גוברת המחאה נגד הקפיטליזם ברחבי העולם. מכללת הגדה השמאלית עורכת סדרת הרצאות על המחאה האנטי-קפיטליסטית בישראל ובעולם, על ההבדלים ועל המשותף בין המדינות השונות. זהו מבט מרקסיסטי על גל מחאות הצעירים ההולך ומתפשט בכל היבשות.
סדרת ההרצאות בהשתתפות פרופ' אבישי ארליך וד"ר אפרים דוידי, נערכת בימי ששי 18.11, 25.11 ו-2.12 בגדה השמאלית, רחוב אחד העם 70, תל-אביב, החל מהשעה 10:30. הסדרה בתשלום: 50 שקל (או 20 שקל להרצאה הבודדה או פי יכולתך). ההרצאה השנייה תתקיים ביום ששי הקרוב,25.11. ד"ר אפרים דוידי ישוחח על "המחאה האנטי-קפיטליסטית בעולם והמחאה החברתית בישראל – קווים מקבילים שנפגשים?".
לפרטים נוספים והרשמה: info@hagada.org.il


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Efraim Davidi 
To: ActLeft@yahoogroups.com 
Sent: Friday, 25 November 2011, 9:19
Subject: [ActLeft] משמרות מחאה של חד"ש: תמיכה במאבק הבדואים בנגב

משמרות מחאה של חד"ש: תמיכה במאבק הבדואים בנגב

חד"ש תקיים מחר, שבת, מספר משמרות מחאה בצמתים מרכזיים בתמיכה עם מאבקה של האוכלוסייה הבדואית בנגב נגד הפקעת האדמות. זאת, לקראת השביתה שתקיים ועדת המעקב העליונה של האוכלוסייה הערבית בישראל ב-11 בדצמבר הקרוב. המשמרות יתקיימו בשעה 11:00 במרכז נצרת, בכניסה לטירה במשולש, בכניסה לשפרעם, במרכז סחנין ובכניסה לאום אל-פאחם, בכביש החוצה את ואדי עארה. בין הסיסמאות שיונפו במשמרות: הקריאה להכרת הכפרים הבלתי-מוכרים ולמאבק משותף יהודי-ערבי למען הזכויות והדמוקרטיה.

כמו כן, החליטה מזכירות חד"ש לקיים מספר מפגשים ברחבי הארץ כדי לדון על המאבק של הבדואים בנגב ובעקבות העמקת החקיקה הימנית ואנטי-דמוקרטית. הערב, ששי, תתקיים אסיפה במועדון מק"י-חד"ש בעיר סחנין בשעה 18:00. מחר, שבת בשעה 20:00, במועדון אחוה, שדרות בן-גוריון 39, חיפה. ביום ראשון, בשעה 19:30 במועדון מק"י-חד"ש ע"ש אבו ראס בטייבה. פעילי אזור גוש דן והמרכז ייפגשו ביום שני, בשעה 19:30 במועדון מק"י-חד"ש ברמלה, רחוב שמשון הגיבור 15. פעילי חד"ש בנגב ייפגשו ביום שלישי, בשעה 19:00, במועדון מק"י-חד"ש שבשכונת ד', בבאר-שבע. המפגש בנצרת יתקיים ביום רביעי, בשעה 19:00 בבית הידידות ברחוב פאולוס השישי, במרכז עיר. בעכו, במועדון חד"ש-מק"י שבעיר העתיקה, ייפגשו ביום חמישי ה-1 בדצמבר, פעילי העיר והגליל המערבי. ביום ששי, בשעה 18:00 יתקיים המפגש במועדון מק"י-חד"ש באום אל-פאחם; ולמחרת, בשבת, בשעה 18:00 פעילי שפרעם והאזור ייפגשו במועדון מק"י-חד"ש שבשפרעם. במפגשים ישתתפו מזכיר חד"ש איימן עודה, הפעיל לזכויות הבדואים יוסף עטאוונה וחברי מזכירות חד"ש נוספים.

פרטים נוספים בדוא"ל: info@hadash.org.il

על השביתה שהוכרזה על ידי ועדת המעקב:




THURSDAY, 19 MAY 2011 16:35

Next Week in Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Beer-Sheva: Marx Forum 2011

The fourth annual Marx conference devoted to “Left Perspectives on the International Crisis of Capitalism” took place in Tel Aviv on May 16 and 17, 2010, under the auspices of Hagada Ha'smalit (Left Bank) Alternative Cultural Center. In addition to 25 panelists, approximately three hundred people participated in the meetings and discussion.

Summaries of lectures were published in the Hebrew website, Hagada Ha’smalit. A video film on the conference was produced by “Social TV” collective and an audio version of the part of the proceedings appeared on the website of the Alternative Information Center.

The next edition of the Marx conference will be held in Tel-Aviv (Saturday, May 28 at Hagada Has'malit, Ahad Ha'am 70), Haifa (Wednesday, May 25 at Emil Touma Institute, Lochamei Ha'Guetaot 27) and Beer-Sheva (Monday, May 23 at Multaka-Mifgash, Shlomo Hamelech 7)) with the participation of MK Dov Khenin, former MK Tamar Gozansky, former MK Issam Makhoul, Prof. Moshe Zukerman, Joshua Simon, Dr. Ofer Cassif, Dr. Efraim Davidi, Ranin Nicola, Uri Weltmann, Noah Levy, Saffa Abdo, Att. Yossi Wolfson, Daniel Rosenberg, Lior Kay Avishai, Eyal Rosenberg, Asher Levy and others.

It is not every day that a sizable group of academicians and activists meet to develop a dialog, to debate and to cooperate in furthering their common aim of maintaining and developing the intellectual and political status of Marxism in Israel.

Among the subjects to be discus: the never ended capitalist crisis, the popular revolutions in the Middle East and class strategies, the danger of fascism in Israel. An also: workers' struggles in Israel, the Israeli Economy and a session devoted to Marxism and socialism in our times. The large participation of many young people and students is noteworthy as their special interest in the practical side of labor struggles, especially the movement for the establishment of worker committees as part of a new drive for unionization.

The agenda is far too ambitious for the framework. Despite these difficulties, there is a sense that the annual Marx conference is becoming a valuable asset to the work of the left in Israel. The organizers have received addition requests for the analysis of different subjects, and there are additional people in academia who can be part of the future Marx annual conferences.

The work of the forum is based on a group of activists from academia and the Left Bank College. Hagada Hasmalit (Left Bank) is an alternative cultural space which has been active for a decade in Tel Aviv and is supported the Communist Party of Israel and Hadash (Democratic Front for Peace and Equality). The Left Bank also maintains the leading Hebrew language site of the militant left in Israel.

For contact and further details:


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Efraim Davidi
To: actleft
Sent: Thursday, 8 September 2011, 9:05
Subject: [ActLeft] מכון אמיל תומא- יום עיון- ספטמבר ועתיד השאלה הפלסטינית 10.9.11

ערבית אחרי העברית
המכון ע"ש אמיל תומא ללימודים פלסטינים וישראלים
מזמין את את הציבור להשתתף
ביום עיון בנושא:
ספטמבר ועתיד השאלה הפלסטינית
לזכרו של ד"ר אמיל תומא
יום שבת 10.9.2011
באולם מכון אמיל תומא, רחוב לוחמי הגטאות 27, חיפה
11:00-10:30 התכנסות ורישום
11:10-11:00 דברי פתיחה – וליד פאהום
11:30- 11:10 "אמיל תומא ותרומתו לשאלה הפלסטינית - כמנהיג וכהיסטוריון" -
זאהי כרכבי
11:30- 13:00 "ספטמבר, המשבר ועתיד הפתרון של הסכסוך הישראלי – פלסטיני"
ד"ר גסאן אל ח'טיב - דני רובינשטיין - עסאם מח'ול
13:00 – 13:45 הפסקת צהריים
13:45 – 15:30
ההתנגדות העממית מול מכבש הכיבוש והניאוקולוניאליזם –
מה יקבע את עתיד הפתרון?
ד"ר ח'ליל נח'לה עמירה הס .– פדווא ח'דר (ח' הלשכה הפוליטית של מפלגת העם) – ד"ר אפרים דוידי
15:30- 15:45 הערות וסיכום


[Fsmed-general] May Day 2011 Appeal by the Communist Party of Israel

Efraim Davidi davidief en netvision.net.il 
Lun Abr 25 15:27:40 CEST 2011


An Appeal for Worker's Unity

In face of the Rule of Capital


May Day 2011 Appeal by the Communist Party of Israel


The Communist Party of Israel (CPI) applauds the ascent of class struggle,
as manifested in the important, prolonged strikes by the social workers,
doctors, and the employees of the First International Bank of Israel (Bank
Benleumi); as evidenced in the waves of organizing at factories, in private
companies, and in the public sector; and as expressed in the campaigns
against privatization and in favor of expanding social spending.


The social workers and doctors, as well as the daycare workers at the
Na'amat centers who went on strike, combined a demand for wage increases
with demands to improve social services for citizens. By insisting on
applying the collective agreement to workers employed in privatized social
services, the social workers have accomplished an important step toward
consolidating class unity.


The government and the employers continue their close collaboration in
implementing privatization policies, with the privatizations of the Eilat
port, the  national rail company, the Israeli electric company, the
education and health systems heading their agenda. In close collaboration
with the employers and the leadership of the right-wing Labor Federation
(Histadrut), the government has been able to achieve a continuous erosion of
wages, while the profits of the financial sector soars and Capital takes
action to limit the right to strike. The leadership of the Histadrut, headed
by Ofer Eini, has signed damaging collective agreements, which apply to 400
thousand workers in the public sector as to tens of thousands of social


In recent months, we have been witness to popular uprisings both in Europe
and in the Middle East. Millions of people in Greece, France, Spain,
Portugal, Italy, and in other places, have been holding demonstrations
against "economic recovery" plans and against cutbacks in social spending.
The workers and other downtrodden social strata are refusing to pay the
price of the global economic crisis, and to underwrite the globalization of
Finance and Capital. 


   Popular uprisings against tyranny and oppression in Arab countries have
already led to changes in the leadership of Egypt and Tunis, and are still
underway in libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, and elsewhere. The popular
uprisings have changed the discourse: no regime and no autocracy can
continue to ignore the rights and desires of the peoples. CPI condemns the
NATO aggressive armed intervention against Libya.  


The right wing social and political government led by Benjamin Netanyahu
continues to trample workers' rights, while insisting on expanding
settlements, instigating military provocations, and refusing territorial
compromise in exchange for peace. The government thus imperils Israel's
citizens with the awful possibility of yet another futile war. The Netanyahu
government is panicking about the General Assembly's anticipated recognition
of an independent Palestinian State in the June 4, 1967 borders, slated for
this coming September. Instead of viewing this moment as an opportunity to
reach a political settlement, the government has been using threats and
applying pressure to prevent the two peoples a future of peace and decent
neighborly relations. 


CPI reiterates that the only path to a just Israeli-Palestinian peace is the
evacuation of settlements, Israel's withdrawal from all territories occupied
in June 1967, the establishment of a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem
as its capital, alongside Israel, and a solution to the refugee problem in
accordance with UN resolutions. 


The right wing circles in government are exploiting the intense social
polarization and economic distress, on the one hand, and the unresolved
Israeli-Palestinian political conflict, on the other, to enflame racist and
antidemocratic sentiments, and to pave the way toward a quasi-fascist
regime. To do so, they have exploited tactics such as racist and
anti-democratic legislation in the Knesset, expropriation of land belonging
to Arab citizens (the repeated destruction of the village of El-Araqib in
the Negev, for example), the violent repression of demonstrators, home
demolitions, and threats of transfer of Arab citizens out of Israel.


CPI warns that continuing occupation and discrimination and the enflaming of
national antagonisms and hatred toward Arab citizens, which feeds the
increase of racist sentiments among Jewish youth, intensify the dangers to
what is left of our democratic sphere. Therefore, a joint Jewish-Arab
struggle undertaken by men and women together is necessary to defend
democracy, equal civil and national rights for the Palestinian minority in
Israel, gender equality and overcome all forms of violence and


   CPI calls its supporters to mark May Day 2011 with mass events organized
by Maki and Hadash, and to participate in mass rallies by Jews and Arabs,
joined by workers, residents of underprivileged neighborhoods, students,
migrant workers, youth movements, left-wing parties, social and
environmental NGOs and women's organizations.


------------ próxima parte ------------
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