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Hebrew University
Correction to a story from 2008 regarding Professor Amiram Goldblum of the Hebrew University


On July 13, 2008 Israeli channel 2 news presented a story about the return of Adel Hidmi, an Arab student who was convicted for terrorist activity, to the department of Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory at the Hebrew University. The return of the student to the university was decided by an internal committee.


Professor Amiram Goldblum, the head of department at the time, was not involved in the decision making.

Channel 2 wrongly involved professor Goldblum and a year later issued a correction and apology.

IAM was not aware of the correction and this was brought to our attention only recently. 

We wish to apologize to Professor Goldblum for involving him in this story.


According to the Hebrew University department of media relations, Adel Hidmi was convicted for being a member in a terrorist organization and was in jail for 3 years. Upon his release he requested to complete his doctorate degree at the Hebrew University. The University objected to let him enter the laboratories and Hidmi was forced to complete his studies based on the experiments he conducted in the past. Hidmi has brought in his doctorate thesis recently and it is now under evaluation.



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